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Tai Lopez is an Entrepreneur, Investor, and Author with a net worth over $50.000.000!

Among other businesses, Tai also teaches business topics through his programs:

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    Step 41: Sam Chupp & Making, Watching, Wondering and Tai Lopez Wikipedia

    Amish- group of people that came from Europe that lives the old-fashioned way; they’re not different that everyone was 150 years ago.

    3 types of people; make things happen, watch things happen and wonder what happened.
    3 modalities of life (you will move to different modalities in different areas of life, Casanova’s chameleon); default modality of most people is wondering what happened. Ask people things to prove this- they don’t know anything around them.

    The wondering state is easy testable on Tai Lopez Wikipedia.
    This is about the mindset, the spirit; I’m somebody that’s always curious. You must either participate in the conversation and you’re meeting people, or laying back and listen, learn- that’s OK.
    All that people do is “pass time”, you want to live instead.

    If you don’t know things, you won’t be impressive; you’ll be talking to someone who can change your life, and they will notice you’re not interesting and not do it. You’ll go through life in a haze, not even knowing what you missed out- like attracts like.
    You should get pleasure from just knowing something, that’s the difference between us and animals- they don’t learn, and that’s why they don’t create the fire.
    “Lord of the Rings”- that should be a movie! Do the inversion, what would make you an impressive person? The more you move up the chain, the harder it is to impress people, they’re making things happen, and they’ve done a lot.

    “I’m not a technology person”- that’s just a rule you invented, now technical things around you. Be a rule breaker- click every button you can. There’s no reason one gender should know some things more than the other gender.
    Become more interested in physical things; how the gravity works, how fireworks…also on biology (how protein, fats…work on your body), watch your body more and make it happen with Tai Lopez Wikipedia.
    The fourth thing is social interactions- why do people fall in love, why men put on belly fat (3x why) and read Tai Lopez Wikipedia.
    Money- know about it; ask 10 questions on taxes.

    Know about intangible things; music, art, happiness.
    (book) The story of the human body

    What is something you have always been bad at being in a state of wonder?
    Physics, chemistry, and Tai Lopez Wikipedia.

    What is something that you have been good at making or watching? Teaching concepts, abstract things, general ideas that most people don’t know.

    What will you learn and focus on most? You should focus on Tai Lopez Wikipedia.

    Step 42: Donuts, a $250,000 Check, and General Eisenhower & Tai Lopez Wikipedia

    25 main biases that cause us to make mistakes.
    (movie about avalanche)- the husband hates himself for not having courage, everybody thinks he should have known better, but did it anyway, so what are the criteria that followed and made you do this stupid decision?

    One of the biases is called weighting – you can read about it in Tai Lopez Wikipedia.
    Assistant got the donuts, but not the check (“Oh, maybe I’ll do it tomorrow); you can’t take priority of donuts over the check.
    “You can get anything that you want, but not everything”- and certainly not everything at once.
    Develop the ability to prioritize your life.
    The Rock works out and runs, so he’s already done everything before 7 am. It’s not just about yourself, other people will push you to do other things.

    Our brains are fairly decent at planning and realizing things; if somebody bumps into me and I punch him I may overreact and he didn’t do it on purpose, so the whole crowd could go against me, but if somebody does something on purpose you decision may be different- that’s a game theory, it’s a simulation (if, and)- you have to prioritize.
    Don’t have the donuts prioritization. We’re made of energy, so knock down the hard things in the morning, so if you have something hard to do jump right in and it’s almost done with Tai Lopez Wikipedia.

    Procrastination is the main reason of not prioritizing; it’s a little bit harder to do some things, so we rather do things that are easier all the time.

    Have a little list and change it every day- another bias is commitment/consistency. The mistake of doing something else is as bad as not doing it at all. It is not easy to do first things first. Learn about Tai Lopez Wikipedia.
    What are the 3 things you’re going to do today? Ask yourself is this as important as I thought it was and secondly, what’s now more important?
    Get excited by change- there are those who conquer the fear, and those who die.
    Do not be driven by others agenda, unless it’s the law of physics (their agenda is to read a book from cover to cover). Priority is to get good ideas in head, but need to do other things as well- so I may only read 12 pages and get a golden nugget.

    Don’t be driven by rules that are imaginary. It’s better to read 10 books and get a golden nugget, then to force myself to get through one book if I hate it.
    Don’t buy donuts before you pick up a check, and the priorities of 4 pillars will constantly change.

    What is an example of something you recently mix weighted and what were the consequences?
    Learning something that is not helping me at the moment as the main thing, instead of building my business faster and get that part handled.

    What are your four simple things in each of the pillars and which should you do first? You should read Tai Lopez Wikipedia first.
    Health- run for 20 minutes, do pull ups and push ups, Wealth- create a lot of YouTube videos for people to see, Love- get 5 close friends that I consistently talk to, Happiness- meditate daily, reward myself for a productive day, stop at whatever I’m doing and just be grateful for being alive.

    How do you need to alter your day so you do the most important things on your list first?
    Record content as the first thing in the morning, outside when the sun goes up. Everything is located in Tai Lopez Wikipedia.

    Step 43: 20% Weird Factor, the Cabbage Mind, & the Treachery of Scoundrels and Tai Lopez Wikipedia

    Of all the ways that people feel happy, the highest return is interacting with other people, and the way you do that is what will make or break your life.

    Hanging with people that are more than 20% weird will not be good for you.
    (the anti-social guy that disappeared from all the deals and Tai never heard of it again)
    Don’t hang out with people that bite you in the back; that is weird and insecure (Jesus guy) – Tai Lopez Wikipedia.

    One type of weirdness is great- inventors, creative types, and everybody are weird in some way, but a lot of these things combined is not good. Learn about Tai Lopez Wikipedia.

    Also stay away from people that have Cabbage mind- the only reason they do or decide on something is that their mom does the same thing. If there’s a reason or a story of why you’re Christian, or liberal than that’s fine, but just being that way because that’s the way it is or your uncle said that is wrong. Avoid too strong decisions on things you don’t really know- strong unfounded beliefs; that’s a sign that their mind doesn’t work properly and they don’t want to admit they’re wrong because they’re insecure and think it makes them look bad. Read about Tai Lopez Wikipedia.

    Everybody’s different, somebody might only be able to tolerate 5% weird factor, some can handle 30%, but if they dress weird, eat weird and communicate weird, you may want to consider again. Normal people may not be always better than weird, but the odds are better.

    Einstein smelt really bad, that’s a weird factor, but sometimes that guy is a genius, mostly not.
    Know that I may be a little on the far side; not allowing no difference (marry somebody different, you already know yourself), you can’t be well rounded as a person, but you may be well rounded as a team. Find your middle ground. How much insecurity do you tolerate? Where can I find Tai Lopez Wikipedia?

    Take a person that comes to mind that is critical to your business, what is their weird factor, 0-100%?

    What is your weird factor?
    19% for Tai Lopez Wikipedia.

    How are you going to deal with the insecure people in your life?
    I coach them, I help them.

    Step 44: Six Pack of the Mind and Tai Lopez Wikipedia

    To change the world, you have to change the mind of people, to change that, you have to give them curiosity.
    The reason we have hard times is not just external things; not just accidents, your boss, diseases- they affect you (war, violence, divorce), but each of these things begin with our mind, and there are 25 cognitive biases- things that make us make mistakes. The way our brain is wired is not very effective.

    47 days on the boat without food- controlling the mind.
    First things first- six pack of the mind
    Misweighting- are your thoughts aligned with what’s needed most in your life right now, or were you distracted about what a stranger thinks about you, what you’re going to wear, about a song…watching TV that has nothing to do with your life?

    Instead of thinking about how to build skills, becoming sharp, learning a new language… how many minutes were spent this way?

    Elliott focuses on how he could have a better relationship, how he could have better health when taking walks listening to fascinating books, having a non-job, investing in friends, has rituals… he has priorities, he precooks his meals. It’s a battle every day, but the reward for pulling it off is great- most people are penny wise and dollar foolish.

    Use memory to benefit a purpose, don’t use it to know every celebrity and to whom they’re married to. By knowing exactly how much the gas costs you may save a few pennies, but how did you spend the majority of your money? Start at the big things.

    Misweighting bias is in every person no matter how smart they are; multimillionaire focusing on choosing cheaper pencils and saving $15/month. It took him 30 minutes and energy on that, think about marketing that you spend $50,000/month on. The same amount of energy and time is used, but the difference may be $10,000/month; look at the opportunity cost on Tai Lopez Wikipedia.

    The new way to think about is not saving $2, but thinking about where you can save $1000 or more with Tai Lopez Wikipedia.

    Cutting coupons (penny wise), but spending $50,000 on a pool that nobody uses (dollar foolish). People spend money on shoes, but not buy Poor Chalie’s Almanac. Listen to Tai Lopez Wikipedia.

    “What are you talking about, you want me to spend money on books?” A book that has everything that one of the smartest men in the world learned in 40 years, but instead buying shoes that aren’t worth anything in a year.

    Most people instead of doubling down the best friends and alliances, they treat everyone the same. People feel weird not reading through every page, or watching TV Shows that everyone else watched; why wouldn’t you rather worry about living a terrible life?

    “People are worried about all the wrong things.”- they worry about some exotic disease killing them, while obesity has about 1000 times more chance of killing you. How about you saying that you don’t want to eat processed food, be dollar wise.

    Write out an example where you have heavily mix weighted things?

    What is an area that you have under-invested in?

    Think specifically in one area, how much time each day are you going to commit to prioritizing that area? Add a list below for today’s priorities.

    Step 45: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony & The Tyranny of the 1st & 15th of Tai Lopez Wikipedia

    The vast majority of people’s lives is dominated by money. Most people just think in the future about the next payment for rent, car, paycheck; that’s scarcity and not having financial independence, days blur together when you’re free because you’re not worried about certain dates in the month.

    The simple way is to change how you understand money, the tyranny (“this is an inevitable part of life, can I scrape by my rent?”), what is the opposite of monthly bills?
    The solution to everything is income and minimizing costs.

    Every person wants to rise above (extraordinary)- how do I create income that’s not one time? Income must turn into clockwork, just like expenses already are.
    If you grew around people that live from paycheck to paycheck, around people that eat fast food, that’s your 2nd nature, you need to change the understanding and change habits, or you’re more likely to do like them.
    People used to take money, warriors had money, then explorers had money, then kings had it (you had to be born or you were never wealthy- not many chances of advancement), then banking faze, families, corporations…but now it’s a new time; investor/entrepreneur is what you need to do to rise above.

    Having less than $70,000 will get you more stressful hormones, above that is financial independence, when you’ll barely scrap by.

    We live in the best of times; opportunities is above what you can even take advantage of. This may also mean you’ll have to read a book, while everyone else will be watching TV, not buying a new car, so you can have 3 new cars in the future.
    An entrepreneur is a creative innovator that recreates the world in his own image.

    In what ways are you under the tyranny of the 1st and the 15th?
    I have expenses that I need to pay, I’m still in scarcity level.

    In what ways have you adopted the old ways of making money?
    Working for money, instead of money working for me.

    What is something you can do right now to start making more money?
    I can get more clients that I will help in exchange for money.

    Step 66: Elvis Presley & the Persistent Widow and Tai Lopez Wikipedia

    Jesus would tell the story of the persistent widow that visited the judge every day until she was served justice.
    The manager took Elvis on tour- called every day at 6 am in the morning, he did that almost for a year.

    People are looking, but not seeing the fundamentals- persistence. Work on fundamentals.
    He got Elvis to agree and get a million dollar loan. He also made sure it was completely sold out, it was perfect.
    Don’t listen to media bias; they do stories on rich and famous when they’re there, instead read the biographies. Every story eventually comes down to persistence, but there’s no class is a school called persistence.

    50 cent said that people get bored too easily and don’t stick to one thing- get rid of that.
    All persistence is not effective!
    The balance between adjusting and persisting. Build persistence on knowledge and tested judgment.
    “… I fear a man who’s done one kick for a thousand days.”

    What is an example of something you were not persistent enough with in hindsight?
    Exercise- not being consistent enough to achieve something extraordinary.

    What is an example of something you stuck with too long?
    Just learning and not applying- I should have implemented before.

    What is something you are going to stick with for the next 67 steps?
    Learning and implementing business knowledge, communication and health on my Life Coaching Business.

    Step 67: Annihilating the Amygdala & MPFC Mastery and Tai Lopez Wikipedia

    If you’re not a little embarrassed about your product when you launch it, you’ve done it too late. People don’t demand perfection unless you’re in an airline business.
    Few customers will complain, and if 5% of people don’t write you complaints you’re nobody.
    Of course, you want the ungrounded complaints from weird people on Tai Lopez Wikipedia.

    If you don’t control the fear in Amygdala you’ll never do it- son, father, and donkey.
    You cannot please all people all the time.
    You don’t hear the whispers, but you get the urge to do something.
    You have no chance to starve to death in the US, but you have the same brain as cavemen and they could- that fear dominates decisions.

    But people don’t fear a bad life- wasteful life which is what Tai Lopez Wikipedia teaches us.

    Seeing clearly is the greatest gift you can give yourself- fear the things you should really fear.
    People are more concerned what another person next to them thinks about what they listen to, what they wear, instead of worrying about living a bad life.

    They are scared of being scammed in seminars, but every scientist in the world knows you’re degrading your life if you’re eating at McDonald’s, but there are no protestors about that.
    Why do we know who Kim Kardashian is? Nobody knows who Sam Walton is and that might just change your life!

    The ultimate scam is what you’re scared of right now- that’s the greatest thing that happens to you.
    Don’t come with your billion dollar idea, make the first book for the trash, it will not be that good, so get it over with a couple of times.

    Fear of the horse that used to help horse will now kill him because he will jump in front of the truck instead of just being steady. If you put a horse next to a freeway and let him watch trucks 2 hours for a month his brain will rewire, he will not even hear them.
    You can’t scientifically get completely rid of the fears- but we have the ability to almost eliminate them. First, the fear will go to Amygdala, and then it will go to MPFC and see if there is a better memory of this sort of situation- so the only way to do it is to chain yourself to a post like a horse and face your biggest fears.

    Have a thinking session instead of meditation- think through your fears. What’s the thing I should be afraid of most? Most businesses fail because there’s not enough money.
    Have 6 months of savings at least.
    I need a margin of safety in my life. It can be cash, will power, brain power…

    Be afraid of aging. Most people are afraid of aging because they think they won’t look as good- be afraid of losing the drive; most people had their billion dollar idea by 44, so kick it in gear fast!
    Give a weird amount of money to charity. Get Tai Lopez Wikipedia today!

    There are two economic responses- making $1 million/day; half the people would retire and go to a movie (opportunity cost).
    When you give to charity you rewire your brain- makes you think of ways to work.
    Introverts have to get exposure therapy- nobody cares about you! When you’re older you’ll wish you had more attention.
    Flow is when time stops and you do exactly what you were supposed to be doing.
    The problem is we’re not creating enough, running out of money is not what you should fear, running out of time and creativity is scary- time moves only forward. Discover Tai Lopez Wikipedia and read it!

    Donald Trump had 9.2 Billion of debt, and people committed suicide for a million of debt when real-estate went down in 2008. You need to have emotional stability.
    Men who are tough, stable get social status- lose a million dollars and say you’re OK, that’s cool.

    The world is throwing junk food, traffic, mean people at me like in a war, who do I want as a tranche mate?- a soft person (“I had rich parents, I never did anything.”) or a scared person that survived.

    Don’t wish to have a soft person next to you, someone, who had it easy, that’s why you shouldn’t be soft as well.
    (Book) The upside of the downsize- your brain is pretty good or your genes wouldn’t make it this far; people that are depressed have a reason, they’re not going anywhere! You need downtime, you don’t need medication to self-dilute yourself.
    There was never a time where people would be rewarded for being a survivor.
    This generation is the worst, but it can be great if they toughen up. Make sure you are well informed about Tai Lopez Wikipedia.

    The hard is what makes it great- build memory happiness.
    Elon Musk- “I’d rather put parts of glass in my eye than do it again.” But it’s worth it, he would do it again, because that’s what makes a great story.
    “To get what you want you have to deserve what you to want.”
    Do some things that traumatize you today, break the patterns.

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