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Tai Lopez is an Entrepreneur, Investor, and Author with a net worth over $50.000.000!

Among other businesses, Tai also teaches business topics through his programs:

  • The 67 Steps
  • The Accelerator /Money, Entrepreneur, Persuasion)
  • Traveling CEO
  • The Real-Estate Program
  • Social Media Marketing Agency
  • Mentorbox

Tai Lopez ScamTai Lopez Scam Review

67 steps is an on-line program by Tai Lopez that consists of 67 lessons to improve your life.

By purchasing the 67 steps you also get additional bonus videos on various subjects.

The entire program isn’t focused specifically on health or money – it’s basically made for anyone that would like to work hard in order to improve his life.

Tai Lopez teaches us that in order to really “make it” in life we need to master:

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Love
  4. Happiness

Tai Lopez Net Worth

67 Steps are designed for people that are on the rise to success, he only wants you to get in if you are one of those like-minded individuals that are willing to put in the work to improve those 4 pillars.

What this is NOT:

  • A get rich quick scheme
  • MLM – Multi Level Marketing
  • The infomercial, how to flip real estate guide, how to trade Forex…

Tai Lopez Review

These are real life lessons that will help you to achieve what you want.

We could sum it up by saying – “give the man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and they are fed for a lifetime.”

It has been proven that our brain needs around 66 days in order to change a habit which is exactly what 67 steps is going to do for you.

P.S. I was one of the first Tai Lopez success stories:

Tai Lopez - Mitja Dolinšek SEO Marketing Success Story


Step 31: Delegating to Shalini & Sam Walton’s Over-the-Shoulder Style- how to manage people and Tai Lopez Ted Talk

“The man who can manage men, who can only manage things, but the man who can manage money, manage all.”- if you can only manage things (manage machines- you’ll make less money than if you manage the people who manage those machines), but investors have most money.

Learn how to manage other people, and after that learn how to manage money. Everybody needs to learn that, wherever you find yourself, your ability to form allies, groups and put yourself sometimes in charge or below somebody who’s in charge, yet you will always find yourself in a place where there’s a need for management, and it will be most important about Tai Lopez Ted Talk.

We can use inversion with Tai Lopez Ted talk; how do you make people not do certain things?

At every turn you will have to manage people to treat you in a certain way. Controlling people in a positive way so they make an outcome that you want to happen.

Delegating to Shalini (business books are big on getting an idea and getting other people to do everything, but that’s not how it works- most of these people had an active role in their idea.) Learn about Tai Lopez Ted Talk.

If someone does something to you that’s bad, then the first time it’s shame on them, but if it happens twice, it’s shame on you (if you don’t manage the situation if it’s not in your best interest). Listen to Tai Lopez Ted talk.
You will be poor if you want to spend 4 hours/week working, and other times waste on the beach while you leave work to other people.
Shalini was an outsourced worker, if you just leave her to do the work, she will probably take advantage, you have been there and get some opinions first, have a little bit of knowledge and insight first.
Change the oil one time, you don’t have to master anything, but know generally how it works.
If you’re going to live in a house, do the chores by yourself first, on a farm everybody knows how to do almost anything there.

This only apply to things that are important, that you do often and are integral to your life’s success. You can still go to a doctor, you can open up a book, and understand a few things, so you’re not delegating to Shalini (to people who have their own interests). No one has that much interest in you as yourself, don’t expect that from other people. Have you seen Tai Lopez Ted talk?
You need to know that if somebody needs 40 hours for a 5-hour project, something is going wrong.

Don’t micromanage; at every moment telling everyone what to do, but do like Walton did, look over the shoulder; let people work, but every once in a while peek over that, and have a general understanding, so you know what you’re looking at. “Trust, but verify.”

“You get paid in proportion to the difficulty of the problems you’re solving.” Every above average individual wants to rise above, and it’s not that hard if you know a little bit about everything around you. Take an hour to learn about bathroom replacement, fixing cars… Don’t act like an expert, that’s an air of the “diligent”; knowing just enough to be dangerous – Tai Lopez Ted talk.

What is a nightmare story where you delegated something and didn’t look over the delegated person shoulder?

What are some things that you need to build basic everyday life knowledge in? In Tai Lopez Ted talk.

In your primary career, what is something you are delegating without enough knowledge? And you are going to commit to getting more knowledge?

Step 32: Slot Machine Probability & Chasing the Mirage and Tai Lopez Ted talk.

If you’re off by just a little bit when you’re shooting for the moon, you’ll be off for 1000’s of miles. It’s about Tai Lopez Ted talk.

When you’re 15 you think everything will be great, but 20 years later, did everything turned out exactly like that in the 4 pillars?
Maybe the philosophy is wrong, maybe we had false convictions, we felt something strongly, followed it blindly, but it was not correct.

English soldier had the chance to kill Hitler in WW 1, but couldn’t pull the trigger, because he had arms up, so Hitler thought he was sent from God to do his work, he was deranged, he took that as evidence, that something larger than him wanted him alive to fulfill the purpose.

As much as we like to point the finger to other people and the way they’re wrong, but look at yourself, throw away some of your convictions like Warren says.
We all learn from wars, if we’re great is because we’re standing on shoulders of giants.
Most of us are chasing Mirages (imaginary place, you think there’s water in the desert, but there’s none.) We need to know things, but in the past, everybody was certain something is true; it’s OK to have slaves, certain the Earth is flat which is what Tai Lopez Ted talk is all about.

We might not have these false convictions, but if we’re not careful, 100 years from now people will look at us and say that we were sure about something that was not true. Learn from Tai Lopez Ted talk.

“Try live for a week with fewer convictions, and more investigation, the world needs fewer opinions and more observation.”

Instead of being sure of things (wanting to date somebody, follow that diet, quit the job and start a business…), first understand that it’s not black and white, you’ll not figure it out exactly. Listen to Tai Lopez Ted talk.
You’re never going to know it exactly, have the ability to create two opposite universes; one keeping your job and the other one opening the business since that’s not possible because we’re not big enough it leaves us with the uncertainty that you need to accept – Tai Lopez Ted talk.

There are two slot machines that represent two choices if the left one takes 10 pulls to win, and the second one takes 20 pulls to win (random), which one will you choose? The first one of course. But sometimes in life, you have to make a choice, but sometimes in life, you win on the first try with the second slot, while the left one doesn’t win; you did the wrong thing and you won, make sure you don’t get confused in that. People do that win politics, diet….everything; they point out the right slot and say: “see, that one won.” but they’re incorrect, so even when you’re losing it’s still better to stay on the left slot machine.

There’s nothing certain, but figure out which diet or which girl, which business is the left slot, while you’re being paralyzed by black and white, wrong and right thinking. In the world of uncertainty, you’ll have a hard time bringing certainty into all things. Examine Tai Lopez Ted talk.

This is called Epistemology; how do we know that we know something which is what Tai Lopez Ted talk teaches us.
Without delusion, and blind spots and without saying “but it could work with this person), you have to go with the numbers. Especially in dating, people are chasing a mirage, it’s a dangerous game; “maybe she’ll change”. Slow and steady is better than trying to be cool and going for bad decisions.

See clearly the chances you have, step out of the cave (shadows are not real humans), there are times where you’ll take big risks, but not unnecessary ones.

This presupposes that you might do the right thing and still not get anything, it’s like being little kids saying “Mom always rewards me when I’m doing my best”, you could put your time in, do everything, but no one acknowledges you, you don’t get anything; but know this- building skills, getting better and better will always be a good slot machine to bet on. Doing it long enough, that eventually that somebody will find out what you did, and your life will be better.

But that’s why we love getting rich quick schemes, because you could just push a button and win a lot, but you won’t! You have to give the world time to catch up, doing it over and over.

The “if” poem; stick with it! Stick with Tai Lopez Ted talk.

What is your thing that you have been able to stay with the past the 18-month plateau?
Knowledge, learning and implementing, building good habits…

Whats an example of something you gave up too quickly on?
Exercising, but I’m doing it again now, living by example.

What is the clear path that you know you should take but have not taken and what is your resolution to get there?
Continuing to study, learn and teach other people. Make sure to watch Tai Lopez Ted talk.

What is an improbable “horse” that you have been betting on?
Sports betting; it worked short-term, but I’ll stick to what I do best.

Step 33: Teaching Pigs to Fly & Pushing on Strings and Tai Lopez Ted talk.

You have to have application; “you have to gain knowledge and then apply it.”

You can’t teach pigs to fly and it bothers the pig, and you can’t push on the string, you have to pull the string.

There are people around you that are doing something that is not of their or yours best interest and must change. You can try to teach them.

Pigs are people who don’t know and don’t want to know. You must separate pigs and innocently ignorant into two categories. Don’t put them together. Pigs are to be avoided, you can’t teach them anything and it will bother them, they will bite you. Tai Lopez Ted talk is one of the most popular TED X talks.

Pigs will eat the pearls (best knowledge that you acquired), and then turn out on you; they will get mean, and be careful not to think that you shouldn’t teach anybody anything because of that, just don’t teach pigs, just put them in categories, it’s not judgmental, it’s just reality.
I’m innocently ignorant, and I teach those people, while pigs will use time, energy and opportunity cost they will take, and even leave you at the end.

You may want a million dollars/year and read and study more, but it’s like a string- you can’t just push it, you need to let it come to you at times, you can’t always conquer, sometimes you have to seduce (Voltaire)- not all things can be conquered, let life come to you- but there’s a fine line when to persevere, and when to quit – Tai Lopez Ted talk.

There’s a fine line between impatience and over patience, I don’t know where it is, but I better find it before my dreams die.
Serenity Prayer; accept things that are unchangeable- some pigs in life, some strings that can’t be pulled.
You have to be wise about this, know who is who.

A story about pushing pigs that didn’t want to go anywhere, and they squeal- people are the same, we’ve all been pigs, and we have to come around to it.
Teach others and leave pigs to have so much pain (not feeding pigs), so they will naturally come.
If the reward is in their old thoughts they’ll not change, you have to change the reward (feeding pigs on other location so they come there). They need pain and discomfort.
Pay people on performance, or they’ll not try hard.
Every year remove one person, some people will not align with you and there’s no solution. A model (ultimate pick up artist) has 50% success rate, even him! Fire people, let people out of your life if it doesn’t work out, who cares. Not too quickly, don’t burn all the bridges, know the difference.

What is an example of a person that is never going to come around and be able to be taught?

How are you going to go about cutting them out of life?

What is an example of you pushing on a string? Tai Lopez Ted talk.

What do you think you need to do to get the wisdom to know the difference?

Step 34: Bill Gates & The Ten Dark Years- overcoming the media cognitive bias

4.9 billion web pages; we’re surrounded by media everywhere, also stories, inaccurate mindsets, so we think we have control over our brain, but that’s not really true.

Riveted (Jim Davies)- you’re being entertained, but getting messages at the same time. You get all sorts of ideas based on that, you’re even dressed how media tells you to dress. One way of the other you do that. We will never be able to completely detach from our senses.

People forget the story of Bill Gates, our brain is not adapted to go backward very well, especially not about other people. Every media is telling you about Bill Gates today, they don’t tell you about him before; started at 12, and for more than a decade he disappeared from the map; he locked himself in an office and built the software. He never took a day off, which is 3650 days without resting; the 10 dark years- Picasso’s best work was developing for 10 years, Mozart, Beethoven…their best work took 10,000 hours just like Tai Lopez Ted talk.

From Alexander the Great to Aristotle, everyone believed you’re not equipped to know how to live and you were supposed to learn it.

Those things you don’t learn young, you’re doomed to learn at some point, or even worse, never. One type of people conquer the fear, the second type suffers and dies from it. Some people learn how to live, some suffer and die.

Even Kobe Bryant put his 10 dark years, from 7-17 until he signed the contract, Jordan started at 13 (wanted to play Baseball at first), put in 10 dark years and at 24 he dominated – listen to Tai Lopez Ted talk.

You see how long it takes, but when you go to media they tell you in can happen quickly, but a fence that is built fast, falls down fast. When it comes to long-term 4 pillars goals, it takes time. Even in romance a lot of smart people speak about companionable love, you have to go through things with them, that’s why it’s important to get old friends back, people you already went through the 10 dark years with Tai Lopez Ted talk.

No matter for how much time you go to gym and practice, it still needs time to build muscle memory and strength.
Media lie only shows you the end result, so your expectations are too high, because you didn’t put in 10 years, so either with business partners or dating, you need to lower expectations for now.
Go through your life and see if the expectations are too high short-term, have high expectations in the right time frame.
“The temptation of giving up is the greatest right before you succeed.”- you’re about to quit, but you need to stay a little bit longer. Give it time to reach that level.
Unrestricted growth is called cancer for your buddy. Don’t watch TV or even YouTube. Read biographies instead.

What is an example of something you have had an unrealistic time frame for health? Tai Lopez Ted talk knowledge.

What is an example of something you have had an unrealistic time frame for wealth, love and relationships, happiness?

What is a more realistic time frame for these goals?

Step 35: Ignoring the Ninety-Nine, & The One-Tenth Rule

Ignore 99/100 people, but when you find that one person, do everything they say. What’s natural to us is to be democratic, if you have 10 friends you ask for advice, you would listen to majority, but what you REALLY should do is listen to that one person that knows, you begin to listen more and more to them as they stand the test of time, until you do everything they say in Tai Lopez Ted talk.

Narrow down the books, the small percentage you should read from all masses.
Stephen Hawking narrowed down science, he may now know how to be social.

Tai is not suggesting that one person should be your mentor, but the ratio should be at least 1 in 100. Even when it comes to books you should ignore most of them, but when you find those few books, read them over and over.

You have a choice between listening to a person who had several successful businesses and a person who read 2 articles and written one. They might be right, but the odds are low. Be elite when you choose who you let into your brain – Tai Lopez Ted talk is safe.

Every extreme has another extreme; killing could also be good.
Employees influenced in decisions of their bosses, they should learn from the experts.
You can end up dead if a brain surgeon or your buddy runs an operation on you, but the odds are better in one case. People should earn my trust when it comes to me listening to them.

You don’t have all the time in the world, and you don’t have the time to listen to anybody.

I will probably have 1/10 of the skills that the person I’m learning from has, that’s why you have to study from the top players. That’s why we’re talking about billionaires because they will still be 10 times better. If I learn from my neighbor who’s pretty good, 10% of that is pretty bad.

Philosophical changes are the best, they’re effortless once you escape the grip of your mind. They don’t take a lot of time, just get away from the stubbornness.
Humans are not very good at ignoring if someone screams as you, your ears have no choice, they will listen. You have to be pickier about who you let into your space.
Humans talk about other people 80% of the time, mostly completely irrelevant to you, cut those people out- if you feel weird about spending time with a person cut them out or show them Tai Lopez Ted talk.

Keep in mind that the enemy of great is good, Tai calls it the good life, but it really means the great life. 1-10 rank your 4 pillars; average those out, and that’s your life and that’s what you’re going to remember and be remembered for. Most people live a 5. Throw the average things out the door.

Be careful about sources of information you’re taking in.
When it comes to health, wealth, love, happiness, who are you listening to that should be ignored? That’s average or lower…bad slot machine.
All the family majority of friends.

When it comes to health, wealth, love, happiness who are you going to start listening to?

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