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Tai Lopez is an Entrepreneur, Investor, and Author with a net worth over $50.000.000!

Among other businesses, Tai also teaches business topics through his programs:

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    Step 56: Floating Across the Pacific On a Raft and Why Sitting Bull Liked to Be Shot At and Tai Lopez Reddit

    When you read books about being successful you will get unlimited ideas- clutter in your brain. People are pushing the ideas in your mind from day 1, which sometimes good, but there is a lot of baggage.

    The greatest thing you need to have if you’re pursuing Entrepreneurial Lifestyle (all 4 pillars) is courage; life has momentum (entropy- people are getting fatter; more obese people than starving people, so it’s negative momentum), with wealth (an average person saves 2%, so they’re making other people wealthy).

    If you want to know quickly how successful a person is asking them how much they care about what their neighbor thinks of them; you need to be a little different and need courage (do stuff other people won’t do) for Tai Lopez Reddit.
    Tai’s grandmother met Hitler in person and her intuition told her he was going to do something crazy; the natural thing to do was to stay in Germany where the family leaves, but grandma went on a boat to America where she didn’t know a single person and escaped the war. She had a courage.

    (movie) Unbroken- crashed into the middle of the ocean, 3 people spent about 50 days there. He stayed cool under pressure. There are people that had luck, but people that live around Tai Lopez did what they need to do; went and met people that mattered, weren’t paralyzed by fear…

    The bull was the warrior that had no fear, he sat down slowly and smoked while others could shoot him. 3-year-old Indians took a bath in cold water; teaching kids to be brave. You can teach yourself to have courage, that will change your life (sometimes you need to back down, but most people have too much fear) only retreat when it’s the obvious logical choice and Tai Lopez Reddit.

    Read biographies; that’s courage and Tai Lopez Reddit.
    There are genes for courage, but you can adjust them if they’re not courageous.
    Take little actions and get momentum.
    If you think you have courage go to toast masters, take an acting class or go to an open mic night; most of the things that people fear are social.

    People think there’s a magic formula; the formula is doing the things that you already know you should be doing.

    What’s an example of an opportunity that you missed out on because you were afraid?
    Not making consistent videos that would build that YouTube account and get me more sales.

    Who is someone you look up to that you can study?
    Matt Pocius, he’s 19 and didn’t let his age stop him, he could retire right now, that’s how well he did.

    What is a practical action you can take today to start rewiring your brain?
    Run every day in the morning and then take a cold shower and work out for 20 minutes and read Tai Lopez Reddit.

    Step 57: Unstumpability & Sherlock Holmes’s Sleuthing on Tai Lopez Reddit

    Optimism is good, overoptimism is not; anything in overly sufficient quantities is not good.
    If you ask an architect he must know at least as much or 10 times more as me. He must be able to stump you; just like if you want to be wealthy or healthy you must be unstoppable.
    Which doctor would you choose; the one that just knows about the hearth, or who has curiosity and knows more things about the human body, not just the hearth.

    Flip it on Tai Lopez Reddit – if you want to sell a product ask yourself “if I was the customer, what would I want to receive?”
    Be the person that you would want to be a mentor to, to want to invest in. Look in a mirror, “if I was a girl, would I want to marry myself?” Become less stumble.

    Ask somebody to ask you any 3 questions in your industry and check if you can solve them; if not, up the curiosity factor.
    If I’d meet any of the billionaires (Gates, Oprah, Branson…) and ask them anything in their industry they would solve any question, that’s why they’re there.
    (book) Curious; if you’re not curious you won’t be able to to have drive and passion for solving hard problems- “if at night you can still form a coherent sentence you haven’t worked hard enough”
    You must become more aware, and the evidence is clear; knowing your environment, even knowing what every keyboard button does.
    On day 1 click every single button on websites that you spend a lot of time on. Don’t jump on the track and run a marathon on the first try; rewire your brain to be curious before it really counts. You need to say that your brain is not the same as it was 2 months ago

    Pass your tests and everybody else’s tests; you don’t need to be unstoppable in history, art music…everything (it would be great), but have at least an introductory knowledge of those things, but you need to be unstoppable on your one thing.

    Know everything about your body; metabolism, amount of sugar, protein you need, calories, ideal waist size… these are the basics, and the benefit is almost infinite when you think about Tai Lopez Reddit.
    Know it about wealth; accounting, investing strategies…
    Know it about love; what’s beauty, how to deal with people, cognitive biases…

    This topic might stomp you, but they don’t need to stomp you forever.
    I may not see a lot of guys that have it all, but these people exist and it’s inexcusable to not know something that important.

    Be so good they can’t ignore you on Tai Lopez Reddit.

    What is an example of a question you or someone else asked you that you don’t know the answer to and you should have?
    I don’t really know enough about how the human body works- about all the enzymes and how they are created.

    What keeps you from searching a little more?
    Laziness, instead of going to sleep and then wake up with will power I too often entertain myself with movies that don’t have a lot of value.

    What is a practical area that you are going to learn a little bit more of today?
    I will learn how to learn a little bit more, I think that’s a very important thing to improve.

    Step 58: Death By Faint Praise and Charlie Munger’s Grandfather- what you never want to hear someone say about you on Tai Lopez Reddit

    Charlie is a lucky man and one of the most successful people- when you find one of the rear opportunities, seize it boldly and don’t do it small! (grandfather was his mentor)

    We’re patiently impatient; we’re patient that we have 10-year goals, but we don’t do things today; you should be impatiently patient- you do things quickly, right now!

    One of the myths is that we will have many opportunities; “don’t stress yourself, there will also be another opportunity”; this might be the only one (you’re not strong enough to defend yourself, you don’t attract this person into your life…), you don’t know how long you’re going to live.
    What if on average people get 3 big opportunities randomly spread, how does that effect my life? Understand your mortality; you will eventually die, you won’t have unlimited opportunities for Tai Lopez Reddit.

    You get many little ones, but not many big ones (impressing somebody very important) and not every day is a sunny day.
    From 1-10 you have a lot of 5 ones, but 8-10 are rear; you put in 100 units of energy and get 1000 back.

    Death by Faint Praise; the way you become a general is that other generals sit behind the table and talk about kernels and say “that guy is pretty good” (not the best of man kind); you are often just passed by, by being pretty good, and nobody wants to promote people that are pretty good, not being impressive enough.
    If you think your life has unending opportunities realize that most people live for a brief amount of their life, and most of the time just pass time.

    We act like mortals when it comes to small opportunities (we fear we will fail, when it’s almost impossible to die of starvation), but act like immortals when it comes to our desires, what we really want (we don’t put in the time and the effort to be so good that we get noticed).

    Arnold needed muscles before he met bodybuilding coaches and film directors; prepare for what’s difficult, when it’s easy. When everyone was passing time, he was living, building muscle, and talking about Tai Lopez Reddit.
    When the generals talk, be so good they can’t say anything else, but; “that person is amazing, he’s the best.”
    Let a little fear be there, not paralyzing- most of the things that fear me shouldn’t, but there are things that should petrify me. By the thought that I will pass by the scarce opportunities by not putting in the work before they happen.
    When the rest of the world is falling apart in every area, watching Shows and eating fast food, you should be doubling down- make a commitment that I won’t be overlooked by any lack of awareness, effort, and unstumpability; this is my time.

    I must be impatient- doing it today, to double down; put in more hours, more reps and sets. “Satisfaction comes from knowing you did the best you could do.”
    Bach was so good we can’t ignore him; over 200 years after he’s still in many movies. We don’t remember the people that didn’t refine their skills, we never will remember the losers. Being ignored is worse than failing, dying without impact.

    Perfect your body and brain before the director steps into the room and be ready, so the death by faint praise will never be said about you.

    What is an example of a big opportunity that you are pretty sure you missed?
    Being a professional athlete or posting on Tai Lopez Reddit.

    What is the reason that you think you missed the opportunity?
    Not starting at a young age, so there are guys who are now my age and are already successful, while I’m average.

    In the area that you want to succeed in what is the thing that you need to double down on in order to be ready for the opportunity?
    Knowing everything I possibly can about health and wealth and to also have amazing communication skills.

    Step 59: The Diligent Celebrity & Meeting the King of Tai Lopez Reddit

    A lot of habits unconsciously move us in the opposite direction.
    “See a man diligent and skilled, he will stand before kings, not before average men.”
    Everybody wants to be a star, even introverted- at least in our groups be known. Why do we not get it? There’s a lot of reasons people will tell you.
    This quote tells you something different. If you’re skilled and diligent in what you do- if you deserve it, you’ll stand in front of kings.
    There’s never a Lakers game that would let play a guy who doesn’t know what he’s doing.
    Divide soft and hard skills. People tend to have more soft skills (intangible)- they often exaggerate how creative and persistent they are. When you make a list, don’t have over-optimism, but if you want to be a local celebrity (acknowledgment that you’re a person who deserves respects; many people think they’ve above that and don’t need it). That’s like saying you don’t need water, you might drink just other things, but there will be side effects.

    I will need to have more skills, diligence is one of them, persistence… but don’t just have those. Tangible skill may be playing the piano.
    Be a local celebrity on health; soft skills to stay motivated, hard skills to know how to lift weights. Have an ability to stand in front of 1000 people, be interesting when you step into a room, know social games (tangible skills).
    Knowing more languages will increase your happiness, social life…
    “A man has to know his limitations”, but you can still be a loyal celebrity with languages. Reading is a tangible skill.
    You need to be well-rounded; you may be great at computers, but if you don’t have social skills to meet a lot of people that matter, you’ll not get anywhere.
    There’s not a lot of people know how to learn- the pace of learning is so slow that they will die old before they get smart.
    Don’t live your life just for yourself or just for other people.
    Every list is short in the beginning, but grow it through Tai Lopez Reddit.

    To be respected is important for people’s psyche. The simplest way to earn respect is to write out intangible skills, tangible skills.
    Intangible skills- motivation, curiosity, willingness to learn and invest time to get better, being teachable and being able to teach others, being humble and honest on Tai Lopez Reddit.
    Tangible- being able to play guitar, Life Coach, NLP Trainer, Advanced Hypnotist, speak English (2nd language), and learning German and Spanish.

    In what area can you start striving to become a local celebrity?
    In teaching other people, in becoming a great trainer and coach.

    Among your friends what is an area that you can be seen as a local celebrity? Being interesting, being able to talk about any subject and be very impressive to be around.

    Step 60: The Dutch Big Gulp

    I’m doing the most important thing- re-framing and rewiring. Now readjust the pace of success. Get used to finding opposite answers (or seem that way).

    “We’re too soon old and too late smart.”- remember what the Dutch said

    No matter how old a person is, he has at least one regret; how much better would I live if I knew this 10 years ago…
    Jonah Hill wished he didn’t worry so much because things work out as long as you’re on the right track.
    Many people wish at the end they lived a little bit better, and the other extreme is now wishing you knew everything at 9, there’s realistic pace; PI vs. IP.
    Patient Impatience (I wish I knew this already)- I have 20-year goals, I’m just 18 and I shouldn’t know that much about money, I’ll know when I’m 40. Don’t act like you’re immortal and don’t be so patient.

    Some people sip a beer (patient), but you shouldn’t act like you’re immortal. People have big goals, they say I’m unhealthy and broke now, but they still sip; they want to start next year and learn a little bit about it- don’t patiently chase the mirage across the world until you’re too old to enjoy it. Then there are people that learned how to gulp. They can get a lot into their system quickly- take that example for your everyday life and skill building; you don’t have all day to sit around.

    Learn to gulp- when everybody else is reading 1 book/month, you do it faster, when everybody else is learning/working 40 hours/week, you do 100 hours and you’ll do 1 year in 4 months. Gulp it!

    There’s a protection mechanism, so it doesn’t go through the wrong pipe and hits your lungs (becomes deadly)- there’s time to throttle.
    When people finally find the time to read, they can’t get through it, when they start playing the piano and they’re not good at it the first week they quit- they’re impatient; they were patient before, and now they’re impatient.
    You need to gulp in the beginning, start now! Then later, once you’re already in there realize that we’re impatient, so start to throttle; be quick (to start), but don’t be in a hurry- it might take 18 months, be patient.

    If you want to play piano, start today! Buy a keyboard and start learning now, then be patient and realize it will take you 18 months.
    If you’re broke and don’t like your job, start a part-time business right now, but don’t quit your job right now, start exercising today, but not expect to lose 5 pounds/week.
    Trying to lose too much weight too fast will be unhealthy- don’t do the marathon the first day, be patient, but you need to do your first workout today.
    People think they will go from Donald Trump debt to prosperity, that’s dangerous- don’t try to skip the steps!
    PI- not doing anything, just being employed, but then thinking you have a billion dollar idea (before even having $1000 idea)
    Years of struggle will be the most beautiful time of your life, once you look back on them especially on Tai Lopez Reddit.

    You can change over night in a sense that you can start momentum, but you can’t get married tomorrow (with an amazing person), learn Spanish, play guitar- Rome wasn’t built in a day.
    Whatever you need to be doing, do it now- to rewire your brain and never procrastinate; 75% of people who make a resolution, quit after one week, and they waited until the New Year to start (patient).
    If you only make a friend today but don’t make 1000 friends, you’re not adjusted right socially and will attract weird people or not have a deep connection with them, but you can start today with 1 friend.

    He who is faithful with a little will be trusted with a lot- first get out of debt, then get to financial independence. There’s no greater tragedy than the fact that other people are making more money than you, but take it slow, build a consistent pattern.

    What is an example of when you set a really far off goal and did not follow through?
    Wanting to do the 50 pull ups test, didn’t follow through, but I will now.

    What is an example of when you did it the right way?

    Learn more about Tai Lopez Reddit.
    Building my learning habits, learning at least 4 hours/day- have to do it more now!

    What is something you have been holding back that does not need to be held back?
    Taking action on my knowledge right now, because that’s how you learn faster.

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