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Tai Lopez is an Entrepreneur, Investor, and Author with a net worth over $50.000.000!

Among other businesses, Tai also teaches business topics through his programs:

  • The 67 Steps
  • The Accelerator – Money, Entrepreneur, Persuasion
  • Traveling CEO
  • The Real-Estate Program
  • Social Media Marketing Agency
  • Mentorbox



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    Tai Lopez Net Worth

    Tai Lopez net worth is projected to be around 50 million dollars in 2017.

    Tai Lopez net worth on Forbes isn’t exactly accurate – the other websites say that it is only around 5 million dollars but Tai actually lives in a house that is worth more than that!

    In 2016, it was around 40 million dollars!

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    Reddit Tai Lopez is one of the most viral Reddit posts – you should check it out! Another viral one is Instagram Tai Lopez where he has millions of followers!

    Do a simple experiment. Start reading a newspaper every day. An even better experiment would be reading multiple newspapers every day. Here are some suggestions:
    • Financial Times (it will give you a non-US opinion which is ALWAYS good)
    • USA Today (it might not be the greatest newspaper, but a lot of people are reading it which might be useful because there is a good chance that are clients are reading it.) Be on the same page, have the same perspective.
    • The Wall Street Journal
    • New York Times
    • A local paper – depending on your location and Tai Lopez net worth.
    • An International Paper – perhaps an Indian one to get even more perspective on what is happening. Remember that almost half of the world’s population lives in Asian, so reading an Asian newspaper is very important.
    Warren Buffett is reading newspapers for more than 6 hours per day. It doesn’t get any more advanced than this. Don’t always get other people’s interpretation of the news. It’s better to hear the news directly from the newspapers, otherwise, the stories get interpreted through somebody else’s mind and get distorted.
    There are two advantages to reading newspapers and books.
    1. You learn from Tai Lopez Net Worth – you can also learn how old is Tai Lopez on Wikipedia!
    2. Your house transforms into a huge library that gets people’s attention and gets them talking. It is also intimidating and demands respect.
    Anytime something doesn’t look exciting you should get excited because normal people will skip it. It’s probably something that is actually important, not something that is distracting you with big pictures and irrelevant news from something that is important. Find what nobody is doing and do that. If everyone is trading stocks, buying real-estate or creating apps, the competition is already huge. It’s hard to compete with that many people. Luckily there are always opportunities that people miss because they think they are not that exciting.

    Tai Lopez net worth Forbes

    Tai Lopez net worth on Forbes isn’t exactly accurate – the other websites say that it is only around 5 million dollars but Tai actually lives in a house that is worth more than that!

    You can use Social Profiles to immerse yourself in different areas – following successful, healthy people.
    Oprah never imagined herself making more than $4,000/month, that’s what she perceived to be true, not she earns around $100,000 per hour.
    Are you relentless?
    Michael Jordan doesn’t give testimonials, however, he made one for Tim and his book, the same thing applies for Kobe Briant, who was also coached by Tim Grover.
    Feedback Analysis – Tim knows that his programs work based on the results that he’s getting.
    Closer/Cleaner – which one of those are you?
    The opposite of Feedback Analysis is being Stubborn with no reason. Sometimes even Michael Jordan was stubborn, but he was right at those times!
    Cleaners show up every day and hit their goals consistently. If your income is going down and you are doing the same things as you did before, you are stubborn and have to change about Tai Lopez net worth!

    Tai Lopez net worth 2016

    In 2016, Tai Lopez net worth was around 40 million dollars!

    Free Cash Flow is your Bank Account Balance (what’s the difference between what it was a month ago?) When it comes to the language of money, you have to be precise, know your numbers in detail!
    Net Worth, on the other hand, is what you would have if you sold your house, cars and everything that is worth anything and put all your money in one place – what’s that number?
    If you react out of fear, you will make a mistake – for example, if you see your net worth getting smaller and smaller. Fear is a good tool to have if you harness it.
    Michael Jordan was cool as ice when he was shooting in front of tens of thousands of people and he analyzed his opponent constantly.
    Measuring your waist is the best measurement of your health which is what Tai Lopez net worth also talks about.
    Tim talks a lot about harnessing your dark side and your fears – Cleaners Own It!
    Rockenfeller had around $600 Billion Dollars if we calculate the value.
    In any recession you can make a lot of money – if you buy a home for $400,000 and then as the recession comes it’s only worth $300,000 – sell it and buy a $200,000 home, because when the recession passes, it will be worth a lot more, and you will actually make money!
    As the value drops, you have to buy more and more inventory – preferably real-estate should get so cheap that the houses would be just GIVEN AWAY.
    In a situation where all the people that bought a house for $600,000 would commit suicide, because it’s now only worth $1 (exaggeration), Cleaners (which hopefully you are as well) will buy all the houses that they can because they are CLEARLY WORTH IT!
    Eventually, all markets will reach the market equilibrium – the spot between what people are willing to sell for and others are willing to buy.
    “A fool and his money are soon parted.” – when others are freaking out, stay calm and collected.
    Ask yourself – how do you typically react to bad news? There will always be an upcoming crash – every 5-10 years.
    That’s when Rockefellers become who they are – the crashes happen to the masses, but there’s a lot of money to be made at those times.
    If you religiously read newspapers, you will be stupid! Read books instead. People who make the news don’t know anything, that’s why they have the job that they have – all they know is how to talk in front of the camera or write an article, if they would actually understand the situation, they would do something about it! Just think about it – Tai Lopez Net Worth is 50 million USD!
    Media will sell you fear – the only reason why you should buy a newspaper is if you want to make money on the people that trust the media. The worst thing you can do is take financial advice from news reporters, if they knew what they were talking about, they would be millionaires, rather than writing articles to get a low salary telling people what’s happening – Tai Lopez net worth.
    Always be careful about listening to people who are trying to sell you something – brokers, salespeople, the media… instead, you should listen to someone who is truly wealthy and doesn’t want to sell you anything.
    People who have been through difficult recessions are typically the best – it’s like being on a cleansing diet, it will help you save and spend on only what you need, it will make you smarter and better!
    A lot of people are afraid of crashes, you should be looking forward to them.
    When the stock market crashes, people are cashing out and looking for ideas to invest – that’s when entrepreneurs get funding.
    What you should be really afraid of is living a crappy life – rate yourself from 1-10 on your current levels of health, wealth, love, and happiness.
    You should have at least 8, but get to 10 just like Tai Lopez net worth.
    Another fear you should have is that smart people would think you are dumb.
    Spend time learning math – ratios, percentages, and averages (the language of money.)
    As long as you are successful you will be lonely to a certain extent – a lot of people will not understand you, so you will need to find people that actually do.
    “The limits of your vision, limit your world.” – if mistakes are acceptable to you and that’s your standard, you will most likely make them!
    Pick a sport and watch it a few times a month – don’t follow all of them, because there’s not enough time that you should just watch other people perform. Watching a sport will make you think about how hard elite athletes work and hopefully motivate you to work harder, just like the book Relentless should.
    23andme.com – find out about your ancestry and about Tai Lopez net worth.
    Most people fear about the wrong things, but not fearing anything isn’t good as well. Usually, the things that you fear don’t matter, and the things that you don’t fear actually matter a lot.
    Just like people fear about what they read in the newspapers, but don’t fear about having a bad, low-quality life.
    Be afraid of missing out on amazing people not becoming your friends! A good strategy to keep these people around you is to read more – have a few quotes from the book Relentless and show them how interesting you are!
    The second you start talking about books, even the smartest people will think you are interesting.
    There is memory happiness and momentary happiness – you should fear not having any memory happiness, which probably means that you haven’t done anything hard yet and haven’t had the chance to persevere through the difficult times (rich spoiled kids.)
    70% of Billionaires started as Intrapreneurs.
    Status is the most important social skill. Improve your personal qualities to raise your status!
    The kind of women that you want will be impressed by high-quality life – status, reading books… RAISE YOUR STANDARDS AND BEHAVIOR!
    Instead of trying to trick people and artificially trying to demonstrate “your status” just change who you are and truly become a higher status individual.
    Dr. David Buss – if you only have one textbook, have his textbook, he is the master when it comes to teaching and explaining status.
    Status is perceived value – get it by improving your health, wealth, love, and happiness.
    Do Hexaco and Mayer’s Briggs tests.
    The best way to improve your memory and retain more information about what you learn is to record a 60-second video with your phone after you are done the reading – Tai Lopez net worth.
    When you start out, most of your money should go into your brain – then become an Intrapreneur and save money, get more status…
    There are trillions of dollars right now that you can get access to by raising your status and are owned by private institutions. The reason why most people can’t get it is that they have no status.
    Warren Buffett reads 5 newspapers a day, but not like others do – you cannot psyche him out (hype mentality), when people are afraid, he will buy a lot of companies.
    The main thing he reads is financial reports.
    It’s not a good idea to be precise with a particular book, instead, buy them all and read them quickly, instead of learning from a single book on how to do taxes, buy 20 books on that subject.
    Dan Miller – Psychological Influence (great book for Persuasion.)
    Getting More – Tai Lopez net worth
    Be very careful with sacrificing health – it takes a lot of time to get back, your productivity will suffer as well.
    Sacrifice Social Life rather than Health. If you don’t hang out with friends for two months, your best friends won’t just leave you like that.
    For health, just don’t eat processed food – that’s good enough! Add a lot of vegetables with that and you will be great!
    Will Smith said that you only need to do two things to be a badass – “run and read.”
    If you run you will learn that you have to keep going even when your body is telling you to stop and read because there were a lot of smart people before you that have a lot of smart things to teach you.
    Walk for 15 minutes after you eat and your blood sugar will drop twice as fast. Also, everyone should have a garden.

    Smart Pricing (book) to learn about pricing and Tai Lopez net worth.
    Doctors would now like to eliminate the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” because apples now have so much sugar that your teeth will slowly decay.
    It’s very hard to use willpower – the best way to stop procrastination is to get in a group of people that are not procrastinating.
    Your brain needs sugar – you can’t go on a zero sugar diet forever, but Tim Grover is talking about eliminating refined sugar.
    What do you think is preventing you from being a cleaner? (being insanely focused)
    To test your focus, start reading a book for just 15 minutes without getting distracted.
    From 1-10 what’s your Focus Level? 10 is being able to stay focused for 3 hours without a problem.
    If you are an 8, you can read sitting down for one hour completely undistracted. Then Explain why you picked that number.
    Be careful about picking a high number if it’s not true – the biggest problem is being overly optimistic.
    The Gym test – from 1-10 how focused can you be? A 10 can stick to a plan without problems for a year while a 1 just goes to the gym one time and then forgets about it – Tai Lopez net worth.
    People are always too slow with new things – learn how to use Periscope NOW (watch successful people live.)
    Seek for people who are 10’s – Bill Gates locked himself in the room and worked for 10 years without taking a day off! The result is being 16 times the richest man in the world.
    If you are looking for a perfect mentor stop right now! Tim trained over 300 professionals and every one of them had a dark side.
    If you are an 8, 9 or a 10 your income will go up, otherwise, you are delusional.
    If you are a 10 in the gym, you should have 8% body fat, Michael Jordan had 4% body fat.
    Biceps are a muscle that looks good, but it’s not that useful – people with big forearms will be good fighters or people who worked on a farm.
    You don’t want to mess with people with big backs, low center of gravity, big forearms and destroyed ears and noses.
    Big people are usually good boxers, but if you see a small guy with a low center of gravity he will break your neck.
    Learn from everyone that you meet – don’t look for saints, there are people with a dark side that have a lot of lessons for you to learn.
    You can’t optimize all 4 pillars at the same time – even Elon Musk is primarily focused on Space X.
    It’s advised to handle your happiness last because it’s hard to do, but also connected to other ones. The social part requires you to have status, which you have to earn first. As your status increases, you will naturally attract people business partners and potential mates.
    You can’t start with health – the #1 problem is inflammation which is caused by stress, but usually, stress comes from not having financial stability.
    Don’t sacrifice your health, but focus on your wealth first to avoid all the stress as fast as possible.
    It’s also harder to get wealth, so it will take you more energy to get it.
    It’s not just about working harder, because coal miners work harder than restaurant owners, and get less in return.
    70% of people’s body pains are caused by their weight – Tai Lopez net worth.
    The best thing you can do is Immersion – imagine that Warren Buffett, Bill Gates or Elon Musk would invite you to work with them and teach you everything.
    If you go to Silicon Valley, you will get programs that will quickly teach you a lot of things – there are usually 10,000 applications, but they will only take 10 people – there are better odds for you to get into Harvard. Great job for Tai Lopez net worth.
    But if you do make, you have to be completely immersed and spend as much time with these successful people as you possibly can!
    Do exactly that – imagine you are one of these candidates and spend all of your time learning as much as you can.

    Premium Book Summaries about Tai Lopez net worth

    No Hero: The Evolution of a Navy Seal by Mark Owen

    Bounce: The Myth of Talent and the Power of Practice by Matthew Syed

    Folks, This Ain’t Normal: A Farmer’s Advice for Happier Hens, Healthier People, and a Better World by Joel Salatin

    Where Good Ideas Come From: The Seven Patterns of Innovation by Steven Johnson

    The Vault: Advanced Business Coaching Calls – Tai Lopez net worth

    The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

    Managing Oneself (Harvard Business Review Classics) by Peter F. Drucker

    The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Gary Keller

    Sam Walton : Made in America My Story by Sam Walton – Tai Lopez net worth

    The Happiness Hypothesis: Putting Ancient Wisdom to the Test of Modern Science by Jonathan Haidt

    A Few Lessons for Investors and Managers From Warren Buffett

    Social: Why our brains are wired to connect by Matthew D. Lieberman

    The Story of the Human Body: Evolution, Health and Disease by Daniel Lieberman

    Switch: How to change things when change is hard by Chip and Dan Heath

    The Evolution of Desire: Strategies of Human Mating by David M. Buss

    On the Shortness of Life by Seneca

    The Bulletproof Diet by Dave Asprey – Tai Lopez net worth

    Implement this book, don’t just read it!
    All we can do is work with the current information that we have right now – perhaps in 50 years scientists will read this book (health related) and determine that some information is not correct, but that doesn’t matter right now, we can still learn a lot.
    If you know a lot about diet, nutrition, and health – put your ego aside and try to get as much as possible from this book.
    Nobody knows everything, all we can do is to join the club of people who are curious to know about health and how everything works.
    There are a lot of people who have different types of diet and perform at the greatest level, health, and especially diet is one of those subjects when we typically have the most Black & White Mind! We have to eliminate black and white thinking and search for commonalities – what do the best athletes and people who are in great shape do, and what can I learn and implement from them right now to improve my diet?
    On Page 25 – 3 Brains (it’s a hypothesis) – Tai Lopez net worth
    • Reptilian brain – Fight or Flight (this part of the brain uses calories no matter what you do, even if you are just sleeping all the time.)
    • Emotional brain – does whatever it wants “in the moment” (it sees ice-cream in the middle of the night and eats it.)
    • Neocortex/ Human brain (more logical.). Tai Lopez net worth is amazing!
    On Page 47 Dave Asprey talks about Grass Fed Food – Argentina was a pioneer in this.
    Ruminants – animals with multiple stomachs (cows have 4.)
    When a cow is born it eats grass, but later on, it’s taken some place else where it eats grain (70% of grains are being fed to cows, not humans), but the problem is that it’s not natural for them to eat high energy food. They start to deposit fat faster because of that – they are mostly fed with corn.
    This is obviously a massive oversimplification, but it’s hard to describe all of these complex systems, and it doesn’t do us a lot of benefits, we are just focusing on results here and learn about Tai Lopez net worth.
    Grass fed beef, butter, milk have a healthier ratio of Omega 3 and 6 fats and the meat changes its structure. The same thing would happen to us if we would stop eating healthy and start eating something that we are not naturally planned to eat.
    Science is now catching up on this concept and professional athletes have implemented that in their diets.
    These studies may not be completely accurate – for example, they say that people who eat a lot of eggs aren’t as healthy, but the question is, which eggs?
    Eggs can be different just like there can be a huge difference between two individuals – one of them might be extremely muscular and healthy, the other one massively overweight. We can oversimplify that these two individuals are the same and for the same reason we can’t say that if that study applies for certain eggs, it applies to all eggs – Tai Lopez net worth.
    Most studies are being done with conventional agriculture. Most of their funding comes from big companies that will want to confirm their own theories, which might actually be completely false. What do you think about Tai Lopez net worth?
    A lot of people are just looking for organic food, but that’s not good enough – it just means that the cows weren’t injected with certain growth hormones, but these cows can still be just eating corn. Instead, search for the term “Grass Fed Finished.”
    Read Salt Sugar Fat. It talks about how underfunded these studies for nutritional level are, so there isn’t enough information!
    When people give advice that you shouldn’t eat beef they are right, but they are talking about grain fed beef!
    eatwild.com is Tai Lopez net worth recommendation.
    If you don’t have enough money to constantly afford grass-fed beef, it’s better to eat less beef, but when you eat it – eat grass fed!
    The best way you can do this is to go to a few different farms and get everything that you need there. Avoid supermarkets!
    “Vote with your checkbook” – if you want something to change, stop going to McDonald’s or if you go to fast-food restaurants say that you want to buy grass fed burger there, even if you have to pay more.
    If restaurants will see that you and your friends are only eating that specific type of meat, they will respond to that demand – the only good protests are when you hurt people’s checkbooks and Tai Lopez net worth.
    Most people, however, just pick the cheapest burger and sacrifice their health to save a few pennies, but we know better than that!
    People in the oil business have a lot of money, but if everyone would stop going to gas stations, things would quickly change. The same way things would change if nobody wanted processed meat anymore – Tai Lopez net worth.
    Luckily, there are some meats that are almost always grass-fed.
    Pastured chicken (not just organic), pork (raised in the forest), Guiney…
    Eat a lot of grass-fed butter – Dave also recommends it a lot!
    Egg yolks have to be very orange color if the inside is yellow – don’t eat it!
    Most of the animals in New Zealand are grass fed as well – get lamb and beef there.
    Pay attention to your salt – make sure it’s the right kind and it should be sea salt. Dave recommends pink Himalayan salt.
    The vegetable is extremely healthy, and you should eat as much as you possibly can!
    If you look for common beliefs in the health area, every group (bulletproof diet, vegetarians, big bodybuilders…) agree on eating a lot of vegetables!
    Do it as much as you can, but don’t keep it below 4:1 ratio, if possible get it to 8:1 ratio!
    When someone tells you something that you don’t agree on – figure out why he said that instead of attacking his beliefs right away – health is especially a delicate subject – Tai Lopez net worth.
    Dave doesn’t like fruits very much, except very small fruits (especially different kinds of berries.)
    Page 58 – Eating a lot of sugar will restrict dopamine reactors, which means that you will be less happy. It’s the same thing that happens with drugs and alcohol – you have to take more and more for the same effect.
    The greatest producer in the world is sugar cane – think about Tai Lopez net worth!
    To have the same buzz, people have to drink 3, instead of 1 Coca-Cola. You will feel less pleasure.
    A lot of supermarket products are mislabeled – be careful about those, usually grass fed products are more yellow/orange than grain fed ones – butter will be yellow eggs will be orange, don’t buy it if it’s white. Think through Tai Lopez net worth.
    When you eat healthier food, your emotional brain stops interrupting you as much and you will feel full sooner (eat less food and stay healthier.)
    A big part of his theory is the fact that the #1 problem that we are facing is inflammation which can especially be seen when we hurt ourselves in many different ways – and one of the biggest reasons that we are inflamed (if we put stress aside) is eating wrong – mostly processed food.
    When it comes to sleep, I personally wouldn’t mess with it – just use your wake time effectively – Tai Lopez net worth.
    There is some science around the fact that people who fast, need less sleep – do that with caution at your own responsibility, because there are a lot of children with stunted growth, because they didn’t have access to food all the time, but if you are an adult you can experiment with it if you want.
    That’s not an exact science, but smarter people do tend to sleep more – Albert Einstein had to sleep for 10 hours every day. When you increase your work schedule and learn more, you will probably need more sleep for Tai Lopez net worth.
    If you work a lot you will have fewer problems with insomnia – also walk a lot, we are designed to move!
    Go for regular long walks while reading about Tai Lopez net worth.
    Try to go to bed early and wake up early – if you haven’t slept enough, make up for it with a nap later, but wake up early! Sleep in a dark room without any electronics in it.
    Try to breathe fresh air, don’t be in the middle of a city all the time – your body can filter it, but not as effective for you to be able to handle those types of environments that talk about Tai Lopez net worth.
    Use an app that will tell you when the son has good benefits based on where you are and go out at those times.
    Drink plenty of water – Tai Lopez net worth!
    Don’t forget about stretching – Karim Abdul-Jabbar was one of the first basketball players who did stretching and yoga, and he had almost no injuries!
    Testosterone makes us harder to stretch, but your goal should be the ability to do the splits.
    Lebron James and Kobe Bryant are incredibly tall and massive, they can sprint fast, but they can also do the splits – it’s very important to continuously stretch yourself. Ask yourself about Tai Lopez net worth.
    Do what the experts and professionals do – go straight to the top for advice.
    People want all these insights and entertainment, but forget about the results – focus on these fundamentals, forget about all the “hacking,” just get these basics right and actually apply them today!
    Born to Run (book) – these guys were able to run for 100 miles with no joint problems.
    Remember Physics – everything has a side effect, every drug! You don’t need them, you can be a learning machine without them and beat almost anyone that way – just like Tai Lopez net worth.
    For every action, there is a reaction – for vegetables, drugs… you just want that reaction to be great, and with drugs, you will get negative side effects sooner or later – Tai Lopez net worth.
    Weight resistance is perhaps even more important than cardio – you will actually age slower (regular weight training)!
    Stress will destroy your health, so make sure you take care of your financial life if you haven’t already! Eliminate people who are damaging you and leeching off of you, bullying, negative people…
    Get your social life together! It works for Tai Lopez net worth.
    If you are successful, but it destroys your social life all the benefits of money will go away. Meet people who are on the same path and have similar goals and connect with them.
    If you are one of those people who can’t sleep, wake up at 4 am and go for a run – you will fall asleep in the evening without a problem.
    If you have been eating bad, not exercising and had addictions for the last 10 years, you won’t change that in one month – anyone who tells you otherwise is selling you something!
    Whatever you do, avoid extreme ideologies (black and white mind)!

    Plants need food, which is dirt and it’s something called “parent rock.” “The best soil” is called limestone. Tai Lopez net worth talks about it.
    If parent rock isn’t mineralized (plants can’t eat it, nutrition density), whatever grows there isn’t really the best quality. Volcanic and desert soil is amazing – if you want to explore further into this, study where this density is high (Southern Chile, Argentina, some parts of Europe…)
    Look at where the food is from, the plants will not be the same. Also, deep-rooted plants will be healthier because they can dig deeper to search for minerals.
    A lot of herbs and nut trees have deep roots, while corn is very shallow.
    Remember that anything can be a crutch – heroin, marijuana, alcohol, and even books & material possessions. You don’t need books to get the knowledge, there are a dozen different ways to do that, make sure that the things that you do don’t become a crutch for you. Try to eliminate them for a few weeks. If you have no problem doing that, that’s a good sign for Tai Lopez net worth!

    Step 61: The $495,000 Honda Accord and Tai Lopez net worth

    One of the problems with formal education is that it destroys curiosity, but textbooks are extremely valuable.
    Everything entails a cost that you do because some things are seemingly free (going to dinner to somebody else) – but everything we do has at least only time cost.
    There’s lack of appreciation when it comes to opportunity cost- should you go to college, marry this person… what is the tangible and intangible cost of that decision? Have you heard about Tai Lopez net worth?
    One of the hedge fund managers makes 2 million/hour, so if he goes to see a movie, it costs him 4 million dollars- that’s expensive.

    We have a brain that came from the time where opportunities were limited, nobody made a million dollars/hour, we’re in big trouble now because the world demands we understand in the moment and long-term opportunity cost (cost of capital that you could use for other things in the next 50 years).
    Spending creates wealth, that’s the only thing that creates it – Tai Lopez net worth.

    It’s not what you spend, it’s what the value is. Sometimes the most expensive things you buy will be the best- buy the good tool, cheap tools are cheap for a reason.
    The better you are at investing, the more expensive the movie tickets and shoes become for you! Tai Lopez net worth grew with his investments.

    The average person spends $33,000 in debt for their car. If you would take those $30,000 and invest in another opportunity maybe you would be better off.
    A lawyer that represented Jeff from Amazon had a chance to buy $100,000 of shares, but he didn’t- you would also be wealthy with McDonald’s; the brothers cashed out and didn’t stay partners at McDonald’s (annually $100,000,000). The true cost is more than meets the eye.
    The rule of 72- divide the interest rate and divide by 72 to get how long it will take to double the money.

    The true value is different than people think- the rule of 15; multiply everything with 15, which will tell you the true cost.
    RRD- rust, rot and depreciate. Listen to Tai Lopez net worth to become wealthy.

    Knowledge is nothing, only knowledge that adjusts our instincts counts.
    For example, fat doctors that smoke- you’re born alone, you die alone- use your knowledge, adjust instincts for yourself.
    Know the things that are worth less than the price tag- the value of fast food is much less than you pay for it. You think you buy things cheap, but the health depreciates, or maybe kids suffer to make you something. Listen to Tai Lopez net worth?

    Whatever you buy from now on, think about the true cost- energy, time and money, what could you do instead?
    Of the last 30 days, how many of those did you tap dance out of bed?
    Pitbull- every day above ground is a good day.
    Social measure- how many people would care and show up at your funeral, how many people would help you if you went bankrupt, how much money do you have- units of freedom.
    “Vote with your check book.”- if you want to change the world fast, influence a million people to start spending money somewhere else.
    Stop spending money, live for example and then get 100 other people to join you- a month after making Supersize me, McDonald’s disabled Supersize menus.

    Money is a tool, and like any tool it’s dangerous in the hands of fools. You will only create more money by spending money- that’s what banks do, they spend your money- you create wealth for them.
    Even if you have money under your bed, it’s being spent by inflation.
    You must have your rainy day reserve (3 buckets) – but deploy the rest.

    Compare what you spend to other things you could buy. You’re always creating wealth, but often not for yourself.
    “You can get this car for $100/month.”- well what else can I get for $100/month?
    $267,000 is not a good investment if you don’t know what you’re doing in college- that could have been worth 5-10 million, because the more capital you have the more you can create it. How much is Tai Lopez net worth?

    Make everything you put out be 10 times more valuable than you charge for.
    If you can get your money back in 1-3 years you’re crazy, not to do it, anything more you may want to think about it.
    150 friends, family and associates is optimal to regulate relationships.

    Rise above the mass of men who lead lives of quiet desperation- don’t keep up with the Johnsen family; if they have a car, that doesn’t mean you need it too.

    What is an example of something that you bought that the law of 15 makes you realize was too expensive?

    What percentage of your spending is on things that depreciate?

    What is a change that you can make to have more financial freedom?

    Step 62: $20 Billion Gift from Strangers & Building Forgiveness into the Land – Tai Lopez net worth

    Mike Tyson Error- creating success, then falling down
    Contrast bias- if you’re used to making a million/year, then dropping to $100,000 you will freak out, the same thing happens with health, friends… it affects the way you feel when you wake up. What about Tai Lopez net worth?

    Keep a little fear, you can fall back- once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic- if you’ve ever been unsuccessful, you can be unsuccessful again.
    Donald Trump’s friend sold the company for billions of dollars and lost momentum, he couldn’t do it again.
    Warren was asked why he keeps $20 Billion in cash- he never wanted to rely on kindness of strangers, you must build forgiveness into the land; you have to build things that have wide margin of safety. If you’re a farmer, you can build it in a way that if it doesn’t rain for a week, everything dies, make sure you keep something, keep cash- build forgiveness into the economics, have a buffer. You should have at least 3 months of your expenses saved minimum!

    There’s no forgiveness built into the system that has only one accountant. You will find yourself begging on a rainy day.
    If you eat a lot on holidays prepare yourself before so your health doesn’t fall apart then. Do what’s difficult when it’s easy.

    If you don’t do cardio for a month, you will have the endurance of somebody who’s 10 years older. Have a gratitude journal- memory happiness.
    Store a lot of “social stock.” Read about Tai Lopez net worth.

    If you would give a gift every day a world would be better- and the gifts will come back. When you make a mistake, you will be forgiven. Double down on the friend you have a lot of companionate love with.
    Build it, so that when you mess up, the system doesn’t collapse (either you mess up or the system does- Nelson Mandela).

    Go to the comedy club, there will come a time when you won’t be able to. Watch something like that once a week, you’re building a bank of happiness, so you can withdraw when you need it, just like Warren can.
    This is the time to start, it’s the youngest you’ll ever be – Tai Lopez net worth.
    Abdul was stretching when nobody stretched and was able to play 20 years, while others that are big, usually destroy their joints- he was doing yoga in 70’. There’s an Indian bodybuilder that’s 101 years old with a 6 pack, while 80-year-old people can’t even walk.
    People have thin forgiveness factor in 4 pillars, stretch it out! Comedy, meditation, wealth, good diet, nature walks…

    Where is an area of health, wealth, love/social, and happiness that you have not built forgiveness into?
    Not enough cardio, I must lower my hearth beat, not enough saved money, not enough friends that I can count on, people that would give me a place to stay if something happens to me, perhaps I go completely bankrupt, not enough meditation and laughter- comedy.

    Step 63: Alexander the Great’s Aggression and the Truth about Your Age – Tai Lopez net worth

    He was very effective at getting what he wanted.
    We may not want to copy all his traits, but some were extremely good- mentors, conquering the world. From 19-31 he conquered most of the known world.
    IP vs PI.

    It’s very hard to predict 10 years in the future, know what your goals for today are instead- tomorrow is not as clear, things can happen (chaos theory). People on the rise move towards their goals every day, Hollywood has a lot of supply, and almost no demand.
    Don’t be somebody you wouldn’t invest in.
    Bulletproof diet still doesn’t really reverse age, you’re your youngest you’ll ever be today.
    Alexander walked to India without any machines while meeting hostile people- he’s a good role model.

    When it comes to your life, the statics don’t matter- only you matter, not how long will other people live. Just because statistically most 18-year-old people will live long, it doesn’t mean you should wait until the next year to do something, you don’t know if you’ll be alive then.
    Understand age in a different way- maybe 80-year-old grandfather will live longer than you.

    You know something today, not everything, but enough to start today. Multiple micro actions are better than one big action. Start now with what you have.
    It usually comes down to a weird combination of fear and abundance- too much or not enough.
    “The chains of habits are too weak to be felt, until they’re too strong to be broken.”- It’s a fool’s game to try to change habits in 20 days that you were building for 20 years. Learn more about Tai Lopez net worth.

    Start as you’re going to die tomorrow, but stick with it like you still have 20 years.
    The opposite of fear is abundance, in our fear we act as if we’re immortal; not wanting to do anything.

    We’re not abundant with time, so use that to be impatient, while using abundance to stick with it.

    What’s an example of a long-term goal you had for health, wealth, love, and happiness that should have been done much quicker?
    Health- do 50 pull up, and 100 pushup challenge.

    What is something you can start impatiently right now and how are you going to break it into bite size chunks?
    I will learn for at least 6 hours/day now that I have time over the summer and finish the best courses and books I can find, waste as little time as possible and implement what I learn – Tai Lopez net worth.

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