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Tai Lopez is an Entrepreneur, Investor, and Author with a net worth over $50.000.000!

Among other businesses, Tai also teaches business topics through his programs:

  • The 67 Steps
  • The Accelerator /Money, Entrepreneur, Persuasion)
  • Traveling CEO
  • The Real-Estate Program
  • Social Media Marketing Agency
  • Mentorbox

Tai Lopez ScamTai Lopez Scam Review

67 steps is an on-line program by Tai Lopez that consists of 67 lessons to improve your life.

By purchasing the 67 steps you also get additional bonus videos on various subjects.

The entire program isn’t focused specifically on health or money – it’s basically made for anyone that would like to work hard in order to improve his life.

Tai Lopez teaches us that in order to really “make it” in life we need to master:

  1. Health
  2. Wealth
  3. Love
  4. Happiness

Tai Lopez Net Worth

67 Steps are designed for people that are on the rise to success, he only wants you to get in if you are one of those like-minded individuals that are willing to put in the work to improve those 4 pillars.

What this is NOT:

  • A get rich quick scheme
  • MLM – Multi Level Marketing
  • The infomercial, how to flip real estate guide, how to trade Forex…

Tai Lopez Review

These are real life lessons that will help you to achieve what you want.

We could sum it up by saying – “give the man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and they are fed for a lifetime.”

It has been proven that our brain needs around 66 days in order to change a habit which is exactly what 67 steps is going to do for you.

P.S. I was one of the first Tai Lopez success stories:

Tai Lopez - Mitja Dolinšek SEO Marketing Success Story


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    The Accelerator Persuasion Overview and Tai Lopez meme

    The Self-made Billionaire effect – 75% of all the billionaires spent the majority of their life in sales
    People treat money like it’s the life or death resource.
    Reciprocal altruism (Bill Gates, Richard Branson…) – I give, you give back

    It’s easy to make $50k/year, but it’s not easy to move to the top level of the financial pyramid.

    This program is about getting to the financial impact level – not only will you need reciprocal altruism, you will also need to create value.

    Creating vs. capturing value

    Not only creating value but also having the ability to get customers to pay for it.
    A lot of people create value inside their mind with an idea, but they don’t get them outside their head and act on it.

    Peter Drucker – there are two things that a successful business has to do – Innovation and marketing! (innovation is not enough; you need to capture it – persuasion is core!)
    Use this knowledge for actually good ideas, don’t persuade people to buy garbage.

    When you’re at the bottom the only way is up, when you move up a lot of people stagnate (bodybuilders, marathon runners, businesses…)
    The number one reason why people reach plateau is that they focus on ideas, and forget about persuasion and capturing that value.

    There are a lot of ideas, scripts (Hollywood) – but the hard part is persuading millions of people!

    Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg weren’t the first, but they knew how to persuade and do Tai Lopez meme.
    A lot of people had their stores online, but nobody evolved into Amazon. They might get their friends to buy their products and a few other people, but they are unable to get that traction and get larger crowds to trust them and buy from them.

    Most people aren’t audio learners – you have to be interactive to learn – answer these questions, focus on visual and kinesthetic learning as well!

    Buffett after college thought he would be in the world full of amazing people (who were successful) and couldn’t stand out, but it wasn’t that way – persuasion doesn’t mean they are smart!

    Goals are tricky things – they have to be tangible and specific, don’t say you want “more money.”

    What is #1 why you weren’t persuasive before for Tai Lopez meme?

    What’s the best thing you have ever learned that worked for you?

    What would you call winning? (doubling closing rate, acquiring a million customers…)

    The Framework for Persuasion and Sales

    Jeff Bezos – hard to leave the job and risk the money to build Amazon, but the second you get the framework right, it becomes easy.

    A lot of books are not valid anymore – the world has changed in the last 100 years, even 10 years!
    Old sales things aren’t cutting edge anymore for Tai Lopez meme.

    F1 hybrid (why two specific people are attracted to each other, to have children that are better, more evolved…)
    Biology and mother nature laughs last; we are heterogenic for a reason.
    We can work out all the time, take all the vitamins and we will still have less energy at 98 than when we were 8 years old.

    The same thing applies to sales – there are personality differences with people that you are going to try to persuade.
    Scientists call it the study of personality Psychometrics.

    Frameworks are solutions to dilemmas and solutions in our lives (cocky and funny when approaching the women – not all of women will like that, they are not all the same and that’s why not all of them will be intrigued about how cocky and funny you are.

    At the very least, there will be 4 categories of people that we are going to cover in this program.

    Attached – Levine (Anxious, secure, avoidant and anxious/avoidant)

    The reason why “cocky & funny” works is because the people that get advice have 0% results, and 25% is better (the only way is up.)
    Just like if you have 0 income – you either die or you go up. Any advice works with those people.
    This technique will work on roughly 25% of women, the other 25% will somewhat like it, the third category will dislike it and the last 25% of women will absolutely hate it about Tai Lopez meme.

    Casanova was persuasive in business also – he also persuaded the jailor to let him out of jail (and he came from nothing).
    He said that you need focus and make friends with the right people (powerful people.)
    Have strict self-control and play the chameleon!

    The chameleon doesn’t latch on the 25% – the chameleon adapts like Tai Lopez talks about in the 2nd step of 67 Steps – Darwin’s adaptability. It’s not the strongest or the smartest that survive in a certain environment, it’s the ones that are most adaptable to the change.

    There’s never one way to persuade all people – same lines, same modalities, the same attitude will never work on every person…

    This doesn’t mean that you should be unauthentic – the chameleon doesn’t turn into a dog, it’s always a lizard, you don’t say something to the first person, and the opposite thing to the second person.

    Trying to be someone who you do not don’t work.

    Modulation – moving through different modalities and parts of your personality.

    Coaches are good at this – they yelled to one guy and are sensitive to the other guy (whatever works for the individual).

    What is your dominant way of personality? (Action, practical, social, emotional)

    What is an example where you used “the one size fits all” and it didn’t work?

    What kind of personality does your family have?

    The PASE System Understanding Personality Types

    Build on a central thesis – don’t build on a sand, build on the rock, on the best system (not a random YouTube video).

    Psychometrics – personality types for Tai Lopez meme

    • Force of will doesn’t work – (it will be 25%), “buy my stuff, it’s great”
    • Persistent (also 25%) – persist until success; these things miss out on cognitive biases, personality types…
    • Empathy…

    People are not homogenous, don’t just have a hammer and think everyone is a nail – people are not the same.

    At a minimum you need 4 tools – everyone will respond well to one of these tools, fine with the second one, not that well with the third one and not at all with the fourth one – match the personality type like Casanova.

    We have a lot of personality systems:

    • Hexico
    • Mayer’s Briggs
    • Anxious, dramatic, weird
    • Audio, visual, kinesthetic
    • Tai Lopez meme

    You need 10,000 hours to master a skill, and this is a skill and it is the most important one.

    If you’re nice to a few people and it works that doesn’t mean you should be nice to everyone – aggression will work on other people.

    Practical – down to earth, slow, Tai Lopez meme

    Action – fast pace, aggressive, energetic

    Social – like being around other people for no reason, meeting people even if you’ll never see them again


    Everyone has one dominant side, one that’s week and two in between.

    Identify your type. Why do you think so?

    Closing the Sale with Tai Lopez meme

    Persuasion; social; sales which are either marketing (open) or closing.

    Michael Jordan in the eye of the tornado – becoming calmer when everyone else is freaking out (6/6 championships)

    Calmingly saying that the Lamborghini doesn’t have a warranty (so it calms you down) – you buy a car once in 5 years, he practices 10 times/day – the salesman always wins when you buy a car.

    Closing must be cool under pressure – Rockefellers and other Tycoons.

    Reptilian is the first brain, then it’s the emotional and logical – reptilian is fear based, you need to use neocortex.

    Customers are fearful for buyer’s remorse – seeing something better come up after they bought something already.

    One of the biggest cues of status is staying cool under pressure – also in dating, never be fearful.

    Giving refunds – people buy more likely along with Tai Lopez meme.

    Let them know you understand them, but then ask them why they thought this could help – make them visualize the benefit.

    When didn’t you stay calm under pressure like Tai Lopez meme?

    Binary Decision-making the Lollapalooza Effect

    Procrastination is the number one obstacle – everything from investors to yourself (taking action, not delaying)

    There’s only so many types of personalities, and other animals have it as well (cows)

    25 cognitive biases – you need to understand these along with PASE system (some biases effect more action people, some are more relevant for emotional people)

    Decisions are binary – yes or no, if you say for example yes a new option opens up; I will eat breakfast (yes), eggs? (yes or no)

    At that crossroad there are cognitive biases – that’s why McDonald’s is so successful, people watch the Kardashians, staying in an abusive relationship… People make bad decisions even if it’s logical they shouldn’t; the reason is being stuck in patterns and stuck in one or more of those biases.

    Understand the most important cognitive bias – the last one (Lollapalooza effect); that’s when more cognitive biases are operating on people, then people don’t even have free will, they just do it like Tai Lopez meme does.

    1. Reward (from smoking) – grandpa drove by reward, smoked, died
    2. Pain (stopping smoking, the pain wasn’t death) – grandma was more fearful, didn’t smoke, still alive

    Richard Kuklinski – action oriented, fearless (not driven by pain – jail)

    Know what motivates you by Tai Lopez meme.

    Are you more reward or more pain driven?

    What’s an example of the lollapalooza effect?

    What’s the reaction to not knowing all the cognitive biases in this lesson?

    To Know is to Sell with Tai Lopez meme

    Wanting to increase conversion rate in selling is like wanting more dates – it’s not possible to search for one pickup line.

    Above tactics, there are systems/strategies/frameworks.

    Tactics like what to say if a person says it’s expensive might work from time to time.

    Strategy – Casanova, personality types, modalities, Knowledge of product (know and believe what you’re selling)

    1. Know specifics – details (knowledge); unstoppability
    2. Conviction (right/wrong) – believe in that product, believe it’s the best thing people can get.

    Strength Based Persuasion with Tai Lopez meme

    Great speakers know how to balance strength and warmth.

    Authority= Authenticity; you get it by being you (commander that was saying he’s brave but didn’t don’t get respect)

    The other side is building strength or blending in.

    Warmth= Empathy (feeling for the other person, knowing how they feel)

    You need a combination of this. When you’re too nice, people take advantage of you.

    Do you naturally have more authority or empathy?

    When did that backfire on you? (too blunt or too nice)
    What do you think you need to work on to get in the middle ground (strength based persuasion)?

    Never be Closing with Tai Lopez meme

    Always Be Closing is not correct.

    It wouldn’t work for you; you wouldn’t want to be close wherever you go.

    If you wouldn’t respond to it, don’t do it.

    1. Don’t give the appearance of being a taker, appear as a giver!
      1. About 60% of people perceive you the way you perceive yourself, others misperceive you; a good ratio is 3:1 or 5:1
      2. A basketball coach gives 3 compliments before he receives one, a guy with a lot of Instagram followers gives 3 free videos before he posts an ad for a program
      3. Make people glad they visited your site even if they don’t buy – free things
    2. Closing should be integrated through the entire call, not at the end – at the very first minute perhaps ask what their budget is (don’t have a 3-hour call before you ask that) – if they stayed at the very end they know what they were going into, if you don’t mention anything they question your motives because you do such a big buildup

    Don’t always conquer, sometimes seduce – they’ll sell to themselves

    The cost of the first sale generally takes all your profit, you make a profit when people buy from you again and again, and they do that if they want your product, not if you push them to buy the first time.

    Money is made when you don’t have to buy advertisement and still get clients.

    Coca-cola doesn’t close, they never say “buy this now”, they show athletes and celebrities and then you close yourself.

    What’s an example when you’ve saved your closing until the end and it didn’t work?

    How can you integrate that better?

    How can you increase give vs take ratio – even when you’re just talking to them?

    Persuading with the Doubt-Avoidance Bias

    For most movies, there is a clear good and bad guy. Life is not as black and white, but we still love it.

    We want to remove doubts and present minimum doubt; you need to allay their doubts – “what would make you not buy?”

    People don’t want to bring up the price or not talk about their limitations…

    If there is no doubt if in your voice is conviction results will be better – Tai Lopez meme-

    No one will tell you everything in their mind, you only have control about the doubts in your mind (which will lower your closing rate).

    You need the passion for what you sell or people will detect it and doubt will linger in their head.

    You need to see for yourself the quality of the product you’re selling – look at competitors.

    Understand the details – if the ask you a question and you don’t know something, it creates doubt; people must ask you 3 question about a deep topic and you need to answer them; don’t let them stump you.

    If you wouldn’t sell that product to your grandma, don’t sell it!

    The Psychology of Attracting Investors

    You need to sell to your customers, sell yourself socially, negotiating deals… but you also need to be persuasive with investors.

    All these Blackstone Schwarzman private equity people were very persuasive and aggressive and they own everything (real estate, food industry…)

    60% of people see you the way you do. They see you in a different way.

    When you’re raising the money they will look at you with a power lens – he sees you as someone below him.

    A power person doesn’t see you. FMRI machine reveals that they don’t care for weak people, there’s less empathy. When you don’t see something you don’t have empathy.

    You can give any kid power (even if he’s the nicest guy), he’ll still act like that, we’re wired like that! The same way rich and powerful people don’t feel empathy and their brain works differently and they have a million other things on their mind.

    Just because you’re empathetic it doesn’t mean they are. And being normal won’t work as well because they won’t see you – there are thousands of people writing them daily. Read about Tai Lopez meme.

    The story in their head – powerful people don’t come unprepared, do research; talk about what they think about, talk about space and electric cars with Elon Musk or you will remain invisible.

    Speak to their agenda, step into the character that they are looking for. You can’t force powerful people to do what they don’t want.

    Powerful people don’t care if you are semi-successful. But pain is good because it forces you not to make these mistakes again.

    What do these people want? Some want just money, some want fame – you need to figure that out and appeal to that.

    Learn about Tai Lopez meme.

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