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Tai Lopez is an Entrepreneur, Investor, and Author with a net worth over $50.000.000!

Among other businesses, Tai also teaches business topics through his programs:

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    Compelling people

    (studying compelling people; we’ll call it compelling factor increases with those common ingredients)

    Definition of an Entrepreneur- makes the world in their own image

    Everybody has a slight idea of a good life (what would be my image of what I consider good life)

    1. Eventually, everyone’s health degrades, but are you thriving now? (Arnold looks 20 years younger)
    2. Wealth- to not be dependent by somebody else (not having to stay anywhere you don’t like)- Tai Lopez wanted to be a bird, whenever you are, if you don’t like it you go to the sky and disappear
    3. being around people he knew for a long time (love, also social life)
    4. Happiness- Challenging (the brain is built around overcoming challenges, if you would win a billion dollars, you wouldn’t be happy eventually), when people say it’s not what you do, it’s who you are that makes you happy (they don’t get it); not scientific

    De beers (gold in Africa) gave him 100 million in 1800’s, and he committed suicide (no challenge), he was happy when they competed against each other.

    You can have great vision (long-term), not goals (short-term, must be attainable), never focus on maximizing profit, it’s unrealistic- set goals that you will reach (not “if you miss them, you’ll still get to the moon”).

    Rom had goal 270 pounds, but could get to 550 pounds, so goals must challenge you, but achieve them.

    Descartes (break the world down to understand it)- math, simple from 1-10

    Strength 8 (associated with masculinity)

    Warmth 5 (associated with femininity)

    Should you be feared, or should you be loved to get what you want? One should wish to be both, but it’ difficult to be both in one person (saint and mafia guy in one person).

    The more you’re on one side, the more the other one fades (Al Capone bribed so many cops he could go into a court and keep smashing the judge in the face, and then leave- the less he will remind you of a lover); keep reading books, here you’ll hear what few people will ever hear in their life.

    So every time you move towards warmth you lose strength and people might listen to you less, people take advantage of you. On the other side, being too aggressive back fires also (Machiavelli) realized that, so who’s a nice person, but you wouldn’t want to mess with. President can be nice, but then his bodyguards are armed, so he has both things.

    Arnold was taking pictures with people, but if it took too long to set up the camera he had the look of “I will do this, but I will throw you through the window if it takes too long” look, so people would prepare their cameras first.

    1. Ability, skills (you see in military or in business people who were put as a leader because their dad is a boss or some strange reason, so you know they’re not that good and immediate impulse is to not listen to them.) People will try to dissect you (“see, there’s plastic on the key, it’s a rental!”), whatever you’ll be doing, there will be people like that, and the only way you overcome it (cynicism) is to show them competence (if they only see Tai’s commercials, they don’t think he’s great, but when they see him teach, they come to the other side.
    2. Willpower- tenacity (fewer people have willpower than competence; as you age you will have some abilities or you will not survive, any 40 years old is good at something, but willpower really separates people.) 50% of people stop at the first wall (obstacle), 80% at the second wall and at three walls 90% of the human population is no longer tenacious at anything: dieting, working out, going to a boxing class, making money, starting business. So 7 billion people are standing at the third wall, and the rest is ahead, most of them were exceptional at willpower when they were 5, but I can still cultivate it.

    Like lift weighting; you lift, you’re soar, then you do better next week (takes 3-7 years to get really big).

    Charisma- the ability to master the tension to project both are so rear that we celebrate, elevate and envy those people who manage it, the ancient Greeks called it the divine gift, from which we get the word Charisma. In today’s world, it’s also called leadership potential, “cool” in social settings and even just “it” in the entertainment business (She’s got it).

    When you were 12 years old, what made a kid cool? (every room you walk into is going to try to put you into a pecking order- in school everybody knew who was popular, who was the clown…)

    Cool is esteemed value (emotional stability- when you’re hiring, buying a business, meeting with a costumer and he’s not ready to buy, trying to get investors) you have to be cool under pressure, you have to have willpower, because everyone knows that if you get emotional and be like “I spent one hour with you” you will lose Charisma, that projects you’re not warm, you don’t care about them…

    Skills like physical strength, social skills, technical skills, hard wisdom (scars- had a billion dollars, then lose 9 billion, then got 10 billion back); that’s much different than “I just graduated from college, it’s my first business and you should listen to me”, they won’t!

    Will is ability to move forward, strength is not about physical capabilities, it comes from will.

    1. Hormones; testosterone (exercise, lifting heavy things- picking a bolder and holding it for 20 minutes, moving it around, same for mental, lift heavy things), estrogen (14-20 times more in women), adrenaline and cortisol. (TEACH)

    More testosterone will make you recover faster (it doesn’t build you muscle), estrogen is the complete opposite.

    Index digit ratio

    Brain is the biggest drug dealer. Realize that in business.

    If you speak in public you get cortisol boost, also in traffic.

    Ninja trick when you travel (they pretend they’re dead with lowering metabolism- meditation), things with lower metabolism live longer (tree, turtles), things with high metabolism die a lot faster.

    Lady in the airport was tricked by the system; rushing by the x-ray machine, so she could wait on the plane longer; try this- be the last one on the plane, and the last one off.

    Cortisol ages us, being cool under pressure means no adrenalin or cortisol!

    Work on funny things to project warmth, for strength you have to toughen up.

    Avalanche; the guy didn’t display strength or warmth (ran away while leaving family behind), he was not cool under pressure, just say to yourself; “be cool under pressure”; you’re strong if you’re cool and warm (coming back to family), say to yourself: CUP.

    Number one thing is speak slower, or you project you’re not strong. Bill Clinton, Obama… speak slow.

    Essential Drucker chapter 3

    Most business people think they’re at the center of the universe, and expect other 7 billion people come. Yell out the great idea that you have, nobody will came to you and buy- they live in their own, with their own wants and desires. The biggest mistake is you saying “I like Hamburger” and then be a competitor to everybody that sells them and everyone will come to you and you’ll be wealthy.

    Product must be different, or they’ll buy just something else. It has to be compelling (strength; built around ability, and warmth; fulfills a need that they want). Being more aware will double your “coolness”, being on these calls.

    Estrogen is an attachment drug (you attach to someone; a guy that marries the first girl), testosterone is a conquer drug.

    Sports is the best thing for boosting testosterone (The professor in the cage; why do we watch violent sports); it’s the way to show and build ability.

    YouTube is harder to get exposed, on Twitter or Instagram you need to look good for one second. YouTube is the best test of your ability; making a good Tweet is not nearly as hard as talking for 20 minutes once a day. YouTube will take a life of it’s own when the content is compelling enough, frequency matters, be very consistent (test how often). Time is important (where your audience is), what really matters is the quality of what you’re saying.

    PVP (V is vitality)- nothing that’s not compelling will go viral, but it’s never been easier (most distribution), but only the best compelling will go viral, if it doesn’t go viral start at looking the compelling nature of what you’re posting, people like Ferrari pictures, too complicated things don’t get as much exposure (people don’t get it).

    Have a great mixture of novelty and familiarity.

    “High level of success is doing the things that most people know they should do, but don’t do it.” (I already knew that, but the quote is about already knowing, but not doing).

    Don’t reply (name), on Twitter, they don’t know what you were talking about, most people don’t even know how to see the thread.

    “How did you get that picture?” It’s novel (never heard of it), but now familiar, you don’t know what he’s talking about.

    Best messages get the same amount of favorites and re tweets. Never had success with promoting tweets.
    Drucker; You need Innovation goal (strength) and marketing goal (warmth).

    Auto Insurance 17 times.

    Start to act like you want to feel, and you will feel that way (depressed person fixing body language).

    EC- embodied cognition (if you don’t feel strong, act like it and the body will shape your thinking process)

    Usually, you feel strong, and then project strength, but this is in reverse; you project strength, and you will start thinking and feeling like it.

    In casinos, people who projected that would gamble more money away; they felt strong, so you might not always want to do that.

    Don’t go crazy on all the little things; Clint Eastwood is the best guy to study strength (power smile); tensing your eyes, warm is keeping the smile (don’t project too much warmth that you’re like “happy feet”, you’ll be cheesy; good for kids, know your audience)

    “God may judge you on the inside, people will judge you on the outside.”; if you’re always in the suit you’ll project too much formality and not enough warmth, people won’t connect as much.

    (basketball game; dude elbowing him and then acting aggressively); if someone is staring at you, your natural instinct is to hide (same if you’re staring at a woman), when you’re compelling, know how to move around.

    Bill Gates, Mark…have so good life, they don’t need to have a suit, or have awesome body language.

    Hip centered, breast forward (women), head first (nerd walk, or deep thinking- instead of walking openly), be congruent, switch postures to be compelling. (add to the book, congruency makes it convincing)

    It’s time where I need to project authority, but now yell (cool under pressure; “dude, if you keep doing this, I will knock you out”); full attention

    Clothing, handshakes (you can’t fool anybody too long, they’re cool but people will rather invest in someone who knows what he’s doing). If you’re naturally being aggressive, don’t do too much eye contact. Don’t do it in an authoritative act (when firing, hiring…)

    These are raw ingredients, mix them for the audience that you’re dealing with at the moment (stage is authority already)

    (LA party for a friend with 10 entrepreneurs in a contest, when you’re not being introduced and not on a stage; no authority, you can do those things than to shut them up).

    If they’re passive-aggressive, you can reply to their aggression (I’m doing this better in less time, why are you even excited?

    Very few times when will a guy try to fight you back if you reply with aggression.

    Work on your weakness (warmth or strength), most marketing should be warmth based, but if you make it not as warm, it makes them pay attention.

    Head walk project intellectualism.

    “Pick the right race horse for the race course.”

    The first question is “who is sitting in front of you?” The best way is to practice (every waitress).

    It’s easier to read people’s negative things than positive things.

    APA; 12 neurotic factors (group in 3 categories- negative)

    • dramatic (everything is bigger than life)
    • eccentric/ weird (Taken 3 couple; Asian horror movie and skinny purse guy)
    • fearful (afraid of everything)

    Start identifying neurosis; if they’re dramatic, let them be and sell, cool under pressure while they’re being fearful.

    You want normal people around you, and we all have some weird things, but make them as normal as possible (not neurotic).

    Trustworthy; sell what you know!

    Instagram is very compelling; pictures are good from the beginning.

    Tap into primal need of humans; cars (fast traveling), food (fat, salt and sugar), hotels (shelter)…

    People want to eliminate risk; insurance (people will trade money for things that might not happen)

    Deal with coworkers with strength (but built around competence, if he knows more you have a problem)

    Don’t have goals that are about things; objective is making more money, goals should be emotional (than I can relax, buy a car…) You won’t fulfill objective without an emotional goal.

    The more potential they have to change your life, the more you should prepare; only one good first impression.

    Out of 200 invited close friends 20 came and learned a lot (for free), others overslept, went to the beach… out of 800 people that paid, 3 didn’t come; you show up if you pay.

    Total Recall

    Arnold broke out of social control, nobody lifted weights by then. By doing that, you start to live. The definition of Arnold’s living is not building your winning definition on social conditioning. Most people never realize what’s like to really live.

    Everything on this planet reproduces. The way your brain works is you think you’re the center of the world (brain control). Unfortunately for us, there are other people in this world, which is competition.

    It basically means you’re against the world (not even just against other people, we have 50% of same genes as banana).

    Most people in history died from bacteria. (Game of Thrones- cut in battle).

    Mom loves you, but not as much as herself, everybody cares about himself more. 50% of genes are from your mother, cousin has 12,5% relation, half brother has 25%).

    When you don’t understand the world, you’re always traumatized.

    Maggie movie; he said, “I don’t do it for money, I’m already rich.” for Arnold the hardest part was love and social (he had health, happiness and wealth); he’s related to Maria close to 0%.

    What keeps two people together is a child, because they shared DNA (50-50).

    If you could pick anyone to walk in his shoes, there’s almost nobody better than Arnold, but still, he struggled with other people.

    The reason why others laughed at you in school because they don’t care; no relation.

    If you want to beat a hacker, you also enter a code that constantly changes (that’s why HIV does; for every code that you unlock, 10,000 other codes are created which destroys the immune system that’s now unable to find common diseases; that’s what happens to old people).

    It’s not always bacteria coming to get you, sometimes it’s your family. 100 times more likely is that step mom will be meaner than mother, so choose wisely.

    What Arnold did is, he stepped out of that. Most people can’t step out of everything unusual. Even if you move to a similar type of country it doesn’t count; not many people move from city to a farm, from 1st world to 3rd world country, you live in a world that doesn’t value what you value and keeps you stuck; moving from Chicago to New York doesn’t change anything.

    Social control works backward when it comes to health. The world will tell you it’s against being overweight (doctors), but commercials are based on fast food; whatever you see (primary)

    Grandmas grew up in other social controls, and don’t eat fast food; you live a whole life in social controls you grow up- if you grow up around poor people (authority; family, friends say money is the root of all evil) you will live your whole life poor.

    “Money is the root of all evil.”- that means that countries with no money would have no evil. People don’t want competition in money, so they say these things to keep you in control and make you think in the same way.

    Smart human activity can create a better forest than no human activity.

    You wouldn’t say chainsaw is the root of all evil (murders), but chainsaw is not a thread, money is connected to power and is a thread to them and they don’t like competition.

    The most powerful man had 1000 wives, and the guy below him had 500, the difference is huge.

    Is there any reason why people around me don’t want me to have power? Yes, that means power over them.

    Arnold took control, had a natural instinct to not care about social controls. Some social controls are good (not driving 200 miles/hour, not punching everybody in the face…humans are naturally violent when threatened).

    Skinning people alive (and having no money); money is the root of all evil.

    How can you teach if you don’t have to control over yourself; far professors.

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