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Tai Lopez is an Entrepreneur, Investor, and Author with a net worth over $50.000.000!

Among other businesses, Tai also teaches business topics through his programs:

  • The 67 Steps
  • The Accelerator /Money, Entrepreneur, Persuasion)
  • Traveling CEO
  • The Real-Estate Program
  • Social Media Marketing Agency
  • Mentorbox

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    Investing in Strategic Freedom with Ryan Holiday

    The Obstacle is the Way (book)

    American Apparel brand Tai Lopez book list

    This is 1st world problem (not everyone has that) but they can’t say no to money. Figure out how much you really need it – Ryan doesn’t live the lifestyle that would require him to make a ton of money every month. He prefers to spend time doing other things that he enjoys more, instead of making an extra $50k/month if he doesn’t have to make it with Tai Lopez book list.

    “Not every profitable customer is profitable.” – Joel Salatin

    Profit has to be measured in more than just numbers – perhaps that customer gives you headaches.

    Sometimes if you make more money short-term, you can be less happy and eventually make less money long-term, because you weren’t spending time on your greatest work.

    “Creative people have to say yes until they can say no.” – You need to work to pay the bills until you have enough that you don’t have to work if you don’t want to using Tai Lopez book list.

    Ryan Holiday is a college dropout and that worked in his favor because he didn’t have $200k of student loans like other people – that’s like a mortgage that you need to pay every month and is slowing you down for years!

    Tai Lopez is a college dropout as well.

    “Investors trade short-term pleasure for long-term rewards.”

    Ryan’s mentor was Robert Greene. He read all his books and then he offered to work for him for free and got a job – he learned how to be a researcher and a writer at that job.

    The principle is to get your foot in the door – meet them and ask them for an interview. People like talking about themselves. The hard part is to stay inside that house – make them interested in you as well, you need to become interesting and have a great work ethic. Once you meet a few successful people you will get passed around to others quickly along with Tai Lopez book list.

    #1 Who can you interview that would get your foot in the door?

    #2 How good of a work do you do when you do free work for somebody? Only good work gets you to better and better opportunities – how willing are you to do your best for free for 1-10? Use feedback analysis, ask others how well you did to make sure.

    #3 From 1-10 how good have you been postponing present financial pleasures (spending money)? What can you do to become a little more stoic?

    Intrapreneur Transition with Neil Patel

    Neil Patel started a lot of companies and is a rock star inside his industry.

    Not everyone can be an entrepreneur – people have families, or you may just not be a good fit for that and you work better inside an organization.

    If you are passionate about something you will spend more time on it, and you will be less likely to give up on it – you need to spend at least 10,000 hours to master something. If you don’t like flying, you won’t spend that much time training yourself on how to fly.

    You need to spend your time-solving problems, and stop looking around about where other people are making money – don’t switch countless times, just continue to do what you’re good at reading Tai Lopez book list books.

    Neil started when he was in high school – keep your costs down (low bills), keep your job and test on the side (make a website, blog, do experiments…)

    Once you figure it out and you are sure about it, quit your job – take baby steps towards completing Tai Lopez book list.

    The corporation takes a good care of their team members, they don’t want them to quit and go work for their competitors, so if you have good ideas and want to test things out, you can be an Intrapreneur inside a corporation.

    70% of billionaires worked for somebody else before they went on their own – make someone else wealthy first, it will be easy to make yourself rich after that.

    Less than 10% of the people can be entrepreneurs, but everyone can be good inside an organization.

    Everyone asks if they can work for Neil – he ignores those people. Tell him how you would make his services/products better and then ask – you have to be proactive about it.

    You have to be a team player, if you succeed together, you will all get rewarded with Tai Lopez book list.

    Warren Buffett thought that after college it would be very difficult for him to stand out because there are so many amazing people out there, but the truth was as he realized that it’s not that hard to stand out – people are lazy!

    #1 What is an example of you either applying for a job or reading an application to your business where either you didn’t stand, somebody else didn’t stand out or something really stood out? Show me something I haven’t seen before, show me some initiative. Plan before the moment comes!

    #2 Are you an Intrapreneur or an entrepreneur in nature using feedback analysis?

    Getting Your Shoes on in Real Estate with Gary Keller and Tai Lopez book list

    Gary Keller created the biggest real estate organization in the world!

    Most people don’t understand money – most of them know how much shoes or a movie ticket costs, but when it comes to their homes they don’t know.
    They don’t know anything about the things and appreciate in value over time.

    Gary’s take on this is that you are wasting your time reading money books, instead, you should find people that are very good in this area and follow them, do what they do.

    The way to evaluate things is by comparison – there is no difference between shoes and real-estate. You have to be really good at seeing a good deal and a bad deal. It always starts with knowledge – you need to learn all of this – books, mentors…

    Gary rarely reads a book from cover to cover, that’s how he wrote One thing, so that before you finish the book you got everything that you needed, and you get all the important lessons easily. You can stop reading halfway through.

    Millionaire real-estate agent (book) is also on Tai Lopez book list

    Millionaire real-estate investor (book) included in Tai Lopez book list

    Flip and…

    If you want to understand money you have to read Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki.

    When you have money you have a choice to passively or actively invest.

    Passively investing is the stock market, banks, trust funds and lending money – you won’t get a big ROI. The problem is that there is nothing you can do about it, and if you have little money to invest you will never get rich with that strategy.

    It’s far better to buy a piece of real-estate with that money, but you have to carefully select what you’re going to buy, or you will lose!

    #1 What real-estate books are you going to order today?

    #2 How many minutes/day are you going to commit? You need to get out there and research value of houses.

    #3 How are you going to passively invest your money? Stock market, 401K, banks…

    Financial Planning in Real Estate with Cole Hatter and Tai Lopez book list

    When people talk about making money, inevitable the debate of real-estate comes up.

    #1 place where you can find an American citizen’s money is real-estate. It’s a nice tax shelter, and you can make money flipping it or renting it out. Never stop doing real-estate using Tai Lopez book list.

    Obviously, location is key if you want to rent or resell – why would you buy somewhere where there will be no customers?

    In 2008 people were downgrading, and people with the most expensive real-estate had no customers because wealthy people downgraded to a middle-class home along with Tai Lopez book list.

    When Colle Hatter started at 21 he was a broke fireman, so he needed to borrow money. He found private lenders – people who made a few million don’t want to stick them in their banks, they are more interested in lending it to you, because they will make more money (12-15%.)

    You can get a bunch of mortgages, but you will still typically have to invest 25% of your own money – that’s where you will use private investor’s money.

    Basically, Cole uses 2 lenders – the first one pays 75%, 2nd one pays 25% – he doesn’t finance any of it with Tai Lopez book list.

    The trick, of course, is to know what the value of the property is – avoid properties that cost more than 15x yearly rent.

    Don’t act rich even if you have money – be intelligent. Instead of buying a new car, buy a used one and rather invest in Tai Lopez book list.

    From 2003-2007 there was very easy to get a loan, so everyone saw that people have money and they jacked up the prices.

    Cole likes US properties and hasn’t owned any properties outside of it because they have a huge variety and you can buy any type of it.

    Real-estate doesn’t have as quick crashes as the stock market does because the market is so massive, so you can see signs in advance.

    “When people get greedy I get scared when people get scared I get greedy.” – Warren Buffett and Tai Lopez book list

    When you see people buying houses left and right be very careful when people are very careful and can’t get loans your tactic changes.

    #1 Why have you been intimidated by real-estate? Maybe you read an article about people who lost money… get rid of the fear and false intimidation.

    #2 What’s your strategy to get loans (private investors and banks?)

    #3 What will be your strategy? Flipping, buying for long-term…

    #4 What are you not going to invest in? You can get anything that you want, but not everything.

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