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Tai Lopez is an Entrepreneur, Investor, and Author with a net worth over $50.000.000!

Among other businesses, Tai also teaches business topics through his programs:

  • The 67 Steps
  • The Accelerator /Money, Entrepreneur, Persuasion)
  • Traveling CEO
  • The Real-Estate Program
  • Social Media Marketing Agency
  • Mentorbox

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     Tai Lopez Bio

    Elon Musk raised 2 Billion dollars just for Tesla and Tai Lopez Bio.

    Investors will want to know who you are – they don’t invest in plans (those can be created from scratch).

    Micro Investor Formula – there’s an order to earn investor’s confidence (doing the right things in the wrong order is also wrong).


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    Instead of asking a girl to marry you after 5 minutes (you did the right thing in the wrong order.) Have a micro date instead, so if you don’t connect with her it’s not a disaster. If it goes well you go to the next level – the same principle applies to investors.

    People didn’t start anything in their life, they have no skills and want 10 million dollars. Raising too much money, in the beginning, will be your prison – you won’t know how to use it, and you’ll waste it, which is dangerous for your success.


    Tai Lopez bio 2017

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    How do I secure investors at a micro level step by step? How do I raise $500 from somebody?

    So the most important thing is doing actions in the right order.

    90% of successful people used investors – just read Tai Lopez bio.

    Everybody usually starts with friends and family – get $500, pay them back quickly and give them more so they’re excited. That’s a lot better than wanting a million dollars on the first deal.
    Pick an amount that’s not big for them – billionaires have $250,000 monopoly money.

    Pay them back quicker than they expected and a little more, they will get mad at you for less.

    It’s not about the money, it’s about trusted investors – so when you need more money people know you over deliver, pay quicker and you’re a great guy to work with.


    You release dopamine, trust drug… they may only make $100, but they will feel like a winner – just like Tai Lopez bio.

    If you borrow 10 times more and they expect more, and even if they earn a lot more than $100, but you still under deliver, the chemicals will not be released, even fear will be released instead and they’ll never want to work with you again. Same with dating- over deliver, get them laughing more than they expected.

    If you over deliver, people will trust you and recommend you to others, it’s a lot more likely that they will also agree to invest larger amounts in the future. We’re always preparing for the future.

    Have a pool of people that you can borrow from. Don’t borrow money you don’t need or will waste

    Identify somebody that you could invite to be your investor, and borrow the money that you can afford to lose. It’s different with people that will actively join your business and work with you. You don’t need to go to lawyers if you borrow from family. There are also a lot of fundraising sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo at Tai Lopez bio.

    Tai Lopez bio – biography

    #1 Who is somebody who’s either actively in your business or family member that can invest in you?

    #2 What is the amount of money that you know that you can pay back and know that you won’t lose?

    #3 What should you use the money for that actually have potential to bring the investors’ money back?


    Tai Lopez bio – Beverly Hills Lifestyle

    It’s good to have specific advice, but sometimes you need to break through your roadblocks that are keeping you from making money.

    The Magic of Thinking Big (book) Tai Lopez bio

    “Big Possibility” Mindset about Tai Lopez Bio

    “The Wanter/Wisher mindset” doesn’t work- “I want this and that…”
    “The world doesn’t respond to the need, it responds to the seed.” – Jim Marone
    The smart farmer plants the seed in April to harvest in October.

    Wanting won’t do anything for you, a belief will (believing that you can do it.) When you believe that you can do it, how to do it will reveal itself.

    You have to see in the future what might happen, believe that you can achieve it and then generate enough willpower to do it.
    Warren already believed he will be wealthy at 7, but he wasn’t a dumb farmer, he started at 7, and read every book until age 11. People who just want and wish for the lucky lottery ticket, end up with nothing – learn more about Tai Lopez bio.


    You have to go back and fix the old ways of thinking – a lot of people still wish that they didn’t have to work and would just hit that lottery like Tai Lopez did when he was 10, but he let go of that idea completely and replaced it with valuable concepts instead.
    These principles will keep you poor – believe that big things are possible for you, but they are not in these quick schemes.

    Once you do a $10,000 deal, the mindset switches and when you do it 100 times it becomes very easy and your goal becomes $100,000 deal. We are talking about your circle of possibility and Tai Lopez Bio.

    Put things in the realm of your possibility (from a bad car to Ferrari) and then putting it to work.

    If you’re making $1, try to make $100, then $1000, $10,000… figure out what it takes, how much more leads you to need, how many more sales, what are the numbers – plan a seed, put it to work! Sometimes the reward is 3 months later, sometimes it’s 30 years later.


    #1 Give one example of something you only dreamed and wished for that you never got.

    #2 Give one example of something you never imagined of getting but now you’ve got it. Tell me a success story.

    #3 Give one example of something you never tried to imagine because it was outside of your realm of possibility. Be specific about Tai Lopez bio.


    Investing in the Stock Market and Tai Lopez Bio

    This is an overrated and underrated area. People traditionally associate it with making money.

    It’s overrated because you won’t make as much money as they would think, most people at best make 7%/ year. It’s underrated because you still want to learn a few things about it since they apply to a lot of other areas, the stock market is an exchange, trade of value. It’s how businesses get investors.

    Some people make it more, but that’s lottery thinking again – you want to know the rule, not the exception to the rule which is what Tai Lopez Bio is all about!


    Unless you spend the majority of time on it, it won’t be your major source of wealth. After taxes (-2), after fees (-2) and after inflation (3%) you make nothing.

    You get tax advantages in some countries if you invest in some 401K companies. It’s a good source of passive growth of money, but even without any taxes and inflation, it would take 10 years to double the money. Unless you start with a decent size investment, you won’t get anywhere.

    There are some day traders, some systems, but there’s nothing consistent – you will not get from broke to a millionaire. You can’t learn from luck, don’t follow people who are exceptions to the rule and got lucky, you need to learn what the rule is in Tai Lopez bio.


    It’s not a wealth creation system. If you go around the world and ask who got wealthy with $1000 investing in stock market, you will hardly find anyone, while people that had $1000 and started a business had better chances, you would find thousands of those.
    If you think you know something, a great test is to teach it to others – give others a talk about stock market – people think they have a lot of knowledge, but they can’t get it out there.
    Either you’re born rich, or you get there with a business, that’s the rule that Tai Lopez Bio teaches us.

    Use stock market for tax benefits (tax advantaged retirement plan).

    Diversify in the stock market to preserve wealth and protect it. You get rich by focusing!

    If you focus on one stock, the next Google you will lose eventually, and there are always stories about people who bought things very cheaply and got rich, but it’s a huge risk.

    Most people think “it’s safe to invest only in the next Apple”, it’s not it could have a big potential, but if you lose don’t cry about it.


    You need to decide whether you want to diversify or focus – the risk is different (do you freak out if people don’t give you $100 back, do you still think about it after 2 years? Then you have low-RISK TOLERANCE).

    Being a private equity manager is another thing, but that’s a career choice – Blackstone as an example.


    Mark Cuban was paid in stock and listened to the advisor who told him to protect against the loss, and the stock dropped from $200 to $7. If he wouldn’t diversify, we would have never heard of him. And Yahoo was a big company like Google, Apple – all of them can fail, it’s never a sure bet. It’s like Titanic – you think it’s too big to sink, those are the last words, and the next thing you know is when Leonardo is making a movie about your money sinking to the bottom of the ocean.


    The best thing you can do is to invest in Index Funds (American Funds, about 10 decent ones.)

    Money- master the game (book) and Tai Lopez Bio

    See stock market clearly – it’s one of the tools.


    People that made the most money were business men or having a great team.
    You have control over that, but with the stock market, you don’t have that control.

    It’s better to have predictable businesses that pay no matter what recession comes.
    #1 How are you investing in the stock market through tax advantage plans? Get a local accountant to help you depending on your location.


    #2 Are you risk tolerant or not? Is $100 loss haunting you?

    #3 Are you more interested in safety through diversification or wealth creation through concentration?


    Speaking the Language of Money with Mark Cuban and Tai Lopez Bio

    Ideas without execution are worthless – Mark Cuban is an action taker.

    How to win (book)

    As a kid, he loved to read about business (biographies of successful people.) When he went to university he took the hardest classes first – he snuck in the more advanced ones. Mark wanted to see if he could do it, so he forced himself to learn all these things. Learn more about Tai Lopez Bio on this website!


    When he would get a computer job he read the entire manuals and master that as well. When someone invents something they totally understand it, for everyone else it’s a fresh start.

    He slept on the floor, he had nothing to lose and he also knew how to sell.

    Mark also learned everything about finances and accounting which is the language of money – you need to talk in numbers and learn math.


    If his 6-year-old son Jake wants something, he needs to answer a math question.

    You need to be able to win, to do that you need to know everything that they know and more to understand what they are talking about. When you walk into a room of accountants you have to understand them. If you don’t, then read Tai Lopez bio.

    You need to be able to go to any business and figure out how they work, what makes them money and what their important metrics are.


    Snapchat had to go from topless pictures when boys are trying to talk to girls, to figuring out how they could make money.

    Everybody has ideas and they think it’s the best and get all excited, but then you don’t know what to do about it. You have to start a company, develop a product/service.
    As long as you don’t do that you are just making excuses.


    “Sweat equity is the best equity.” – Most companies don’t fail because they lack money, but because they lack brains and ethics. Most people don’t want to do the work.

    You need to work while they are sleeping and partying – wealthy and successful people in any area did the things that everyone knew they should do but never did.

    If you are growing your business, you have customers and you can get a lot of connections with people that can give you money (investors.)

    Mark Cuban used to say that if you give him money you will get it back and if he can’t pay you he will watch your kids, wash your cars and do whatever he can, to repay you.

    #1 What steps are you taking to turn your idea into reality and what’s the next step?

    #2 How are you keeping up with the latest trends? What are you reading, what’s your methodology?

    #3 How can you raise more money for your business besides getting money from your traditional investors? What other ideas do you have?

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