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Our proven strategy will help you dominate your competition

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“Positioning yourself as an experienced specialist is essential for you to increase your perceived value to your marketplace. Once you have identified your market, become the authority in that niche. Specialize yourself for that market and be the best at serving it by creating the most value.” – Mitja Dolinšek

“Mitja Dolinsek has proven that his Search Engine Marketing knowledge is not limited to Europe, he can do just as well outside of it. Mitja did a great job ranking in the United Arab Emirates, and I recommend him in any market regardless of the location.​” – John Robinson, Digital Marketing Consultant ★ Dubai, United Arab Emirates


“If you are looking to expand your business by dominating Google, let Mitja do that for you. One of his main advantages is being one of the best Experts when it comes to ranking Internationally, Mitja is not only ranking in the US market but also in Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Dubai and many other countries outside the US. There are only a few people who REALLY understand SEO, and there are even fewer people who do that outside the US market.” – Bernard Derrick Lee, President of Charlotte Search Engine Consultants ★ Charlotte, North Carolina

“Mitja is a skilled SEO professional who I met in a highly recommended closed Facebook group of professionals and entrepreneurs to grow and accelerate their business through proven business strategies and innovations through digital and social media. Mitja as an SEO expert helped me establish position my company for increased sales. I highly recommend Mitja to any professional who’s seeking a boost and an increased presence for their company profile.” – Troy Fabien, Commercial Broker at Miami Assets Realty ★ Miami Beach, Florida


“Mitja has learned SEO and marketing from the best people in the industry, which I believe is one of the main factors why he is so successful in all aspects of SEO. Continual learning and daily improvements are making him more exceptional each day.” – Matthew Gardner, NLP Coaching & Hypnotherapy ★ Toronto, Canada

“Mitja is helping a lot of businesses to not only survive, but thrive by getting them on the First Page of Google so they receive more clients and expand their business. He is the best at what he does in his country (Slovenia) and specializes his skills to fit the needs across many European countries. He also has credibility inside the US by knowing some of the key people in the Digital Marketing Industry and learning from them.​” – Panisa Kuehm, Digital Marketing Specialist & CEO of Flamingo SEO ★ Newport Beach, California


“If your business needs more of the most valuable asset around–customers–then you need Mitja’s services. He will bring your online presence out of woods and place you exactly where you want to be… in front of the customers that are actively searching for your goods and services.” – Tochukwu Fred Igwilo, Search Engine Marketing Expert ★ Baltimore, Maryland

HQ Solo ads

We dominate our competition with the best HQ solo ads experience on the market.

Solo ads for any country

Our HQ solo ads work in every country but will be of course sent to English speaking users.

Premium solo ads

Tier 1 Unique Solo Ads

Solo ad

Solo advertising

A Wholly New Top-Tier Risk-Free Traffic Source That Is Full Of Open Minded Opportunity Seekers!

Eventually! For You, Visitors Supply Gets You Possibilities Who Actually Have To Purchase – Scalable And Can Not Get Saturated!

What’re Solo-Marketing?

Solo ads is a brand new highly-scalable PPC (Pay-Per-Click) traffic supply.

It is not exactly the same as many other red tape-intensive self-serving PPC networks such as

Facebook Google Adwords and HQ solo ads in 3 significant ways.

Leads that are warm solo advertising

That is true 100% of the time.

HQ solo ads marketing leads are delivered in a higher state of preparedness to you personally to buy.

And while most prospects you get with conventional PPC sources are doubtful and analytic…

HQ solo ads chances are exceptionally mental.

No Red Tape solo ads

Another cause HQ Solo ads have grown to be the favored alternative for results-driven advertising master’s is ordinances and guidelines.

HQ solo ads have none.

The excellent news is that can’t get “smacked ” or “ prohibited” with advertising… EVER! You’re safely shielded against bullshit.

Instantaneous Results

You might not have to make do with any of that stuff with Domen HQ Solo Ads. We would like you to get FAST RESULTS as opposed to becoming stuck with time-consuming head-numbing set up procedures.

The initial obstacle you hit against is the never-ending hoops you need to jump right through to get your provide recorded on the network and accepted by the mods, which can take only hours, maybe not times or weeks.

Conventional Ppc sources are sluggish.

Ads which are solo is a double-edged sword. It can function as the greatest stage that ever happened to your internet business. But if you’re not attentive, you can certainly lose tens of thousands of dollars on bogus clicks.

HQ Solo Ads

Get Shielded

One of the aforementioned benefits of HQ Solo ads is a dearth of provisions and regulations. Why? Because since no one applies management over the HQ solo ads industry it is now the Wild Wild West. Sly conmen who shove on inferior quality visitors down their throats take rookies advantage.

Lead generation is the most time consuming, however the least rewarding day to day actions for most net marketers.

Hq Solo ads sources that are valid are between and substantially few and you need to be on your guard when choosing the perfect HQ solo ads source for you.

Watch the short video below to find how we are protecting you against failure by holding every one of the risks squarely on our shoulders with some matter we call “HQ Solo Ads Insurance.” What Makes Our Visitors Finest Degree!

HQ solo ads are amazing!

To them it no longer an issue of much? “ or ” should I?”, it’s about “When can we start and “How shortly may I get the money?”?”

You won’t locate any out of contour leads here. Forget about coaxing deadbeat tire kickers who question everything because they ought to choose between buying your merchandise and paying rent.

High Preparedness To Buy Solo Ads

These prospects are bursting with desire to begin and grow their internet business. They’ve been on the net for long enough to feel intelligent about their buying choices.

Handpicked Prospects

100% Finest-Grade

Our traffic is only Tier-1 and consists of visitors which are 90% from 10% and the United States, Canada, Great Britain and also New Zealand Australia.

Risk-Free Guarantee HQ solo ads!

You get the conversions you’ll desire or you don’t pay. Because we consider you shouldn’t be the person who endures all the danger on protecting you against a lousy Solo, we insist.

Delay! How Will You Ensure Conversions?

It enables us to cherry-pick the top possibilities… in peak emotional state… at an ideal time within their online marketing journey.

After having served hundreds of thousands of consumers since 2010 across an array of business opportunities we enable the US a game title-changing possibility-qualifying advantage which is out of grab 99% of PPC networks and HQ solo ads agencies.

Which Offers Convert Finest Jointly With Your Traffic?

Here’s a rapid glimpse in the most popular offers we’re running right now:

He is also joyful to answer any additional problems you might have about us working together.

Which Payment Types Does One Take?

We work predominantly with PayPal. Nevertheless, we’ll be happy to concern a credit card invoice if PayPal isn’t an option that’s right for you. We take VISA and MASTERCARD.

Free Solo Ads Buyer Education Message

Discover the 5 expensive misconceptions about solo advertising. Get 4 hints the way to prevent spending money on traffic that’s fake, cut your cost per lead in half and double revenue all on your own solo ads. I’ll additionally discuss the 6 queries you have to request every solo advertising vendor before purchasing from them.

Beloved Champion & Fellow Entrepreneur,

’s has known by everyone the internet success strategy appears something like this:

Solo Advertising are just one of the VERY BEST techniques to cultivate your email list. Forget the tension and time of obtaining a specialist at traffic creation.

Request a proficient online marketer what’s one business asset they Can’t live without, and they’ll tell you, their email list.

Welcome To My HQ Solo Ads Page!

That gets the very best results…, if you’re striving to find superior clicks, at A Manageable cost

Later You’ve Come To The Proper Page!

When You purchase HQ Solo Ad From You Can Expect:

Only High Quality Targeted Traffic HQ solo ads!

Super Charge Your Listing to Your Capture Page with Instant Traffic Immediate.

Over-Delivery of Clicks Guaranteed (aka. more clicks than you paid for)

Fairly Receptive List in the Make Money Online, Company Chance Market, & Web Marketing, Home Business!

Great Prices, Astonishing Results!

You may BE CERTAIN I send Top Quality Clicks! I’ll be an authorized seller of the highest position and most dependable HQ solo ad directory on earth!

Tired of struggling to create traffic that barely converts?

Quit worrying about visitors, I got your back!

Build your email list, and see money in the press of a button solo ads.

HQ solo ads are an effective fashion of marketing that’s email. They’re sent to a certain bunch of double opt-in subscribers who’ve given their express permission to be emailed with offerings that they’re inquisitive in.

These e-mails comprise one standalone advertising which ends in a higher probability of them clicked on being read and to see the advertised site.

Ads that are solo features you will adore:

Immediately reach lots of prospective customers

Focus on ONE provide.

Brief and streamlined electronic mail body pulls on reader’s attentions.

Lists are generally for English-speaking subscribers from countries such as the U.S., United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and normally cleaned of rallying

Email addresses list is often updated with new (clean) subscribers.

HTML format including images, colors, and typefaces which make plain text or ads be noticeable in the group.

Free Solo Advertising

Like, in case you chance to be an advertiser, you should use free solo ads for plenty of purposes:

Generate leads by promoting a splash page with all the opt-in kind that assembles your lists automatically.

Drive visitors to your own internet website to raise ranking HQ solo ads to the page and standing.

Create interest in your MLM application to build a down-line of members/subscribers which could create a remaining revenue for you.

Boost your business brand popularity.

Declare new and service products.

Send special reductions or time-limited offers.

The free solo advertising sellers, not all are successful, reliable, or professional.

Sometimes they deliver you quality clicks (leads), sometimes don’t.

That’s the reason you must carefully check the reputation of the vendor(s) and continuously track each campaign. ClickMeter supplies you with important tools to handle and monitor solo ad promotion efforts: real-time and dependable tracking, innovative redirection choices (including affiliate hyperlink cloaking), location URL monitoring and click fraud detection.

Best HQ solo ads are listed by finest HQ solo ads sellers.

Free Solo ads vendors use ClickMeter to:

Share real-time reviews with their customers.

The quality of the clicks they sell.

In addition to receiving a number of the very most spectacular and reactive traffic in the sector, you may even expect the following advantages from among the absolute best solo ads you’re going to ever receive:

Actual E-Mail Traffic Simply

I usually do not use, visitors exchanges, pop-ups, pop-unders or any other kind of underhand traffic strategies.

Pure Focused HQ Solo Ads Traffic

Actually, there are no actual other links in the email except yours as you’d expect.
Fast Delivery
Delivery within 72 Hrs of the Beginning Date of Clicks. This could be decided by the quantity of click bought, although it’s conventional that clicks will shortly be delivered inside the very first 24 hrs.

Solo ad provider

Personal Guarantee
My Private and eXCLUSIVE GUARANTEE that you will not receive any subscribers from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria plus an entire slew of other places that are unwanted.
Prompt Coverage
SIGNS of your entire along with DISTINGUISHING Clicks RAW Utilizing Both ClickMagick or Quality Click Handle. (All clicks bought are according to EXTRAORDINARY visitors merely).

Only The Very Best Solo Ads

The simple truth is, you may rest assured that I’m really going to manage your HQ solo ads as after all… it’s my listing although it’s my own offer I’m delivering it also!
Get Simply the Very Best Solo Advertising that could function with MMO Biz Ops, Network Marketing, Business Tips, Paid and Free Visitors, Social Media, Fundamental Internet Advertising, and much more.
Can It Work?
All clicks purchased don’t contain clicks which could come from a Subscriber/s who several examples and are Unique.
Top Solo ads providers that are alone mean that. It’s your advertisement simply, normally in the kind of a link to your own website, or affiliate link, with both your personal handwritten e-mail or an e-mail that’s been composed by us (at no additional cost). It’s subsequently sent directly without any other solo advertising comprised to our subscriber base.
Getting Started
Once compensated, you’ll afterward be taken automatically to some fast kind that is made to give all the information we want to us. Merely press sends done.
Getting started is exceptionally simple. Once you’ve discovered how many Extraordinary clicks you need us to send to your own offer, click on about the most effective means to cover. We take most Charge PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin and Cards.
That’s it, it truly is really that easy!
Within 2-4 hrs you’ll afterward be given your own e-mail with your own click tracking hyperlink. Then you’re able to view as your clicks come in with a complete data, for example, geographic place, I.P. fishing gear, device type, browser type plus much more mo-Re in-depth information.
Nevertheless, MY solo advertising traffic is Clean and extraordinarily open. How? When you buy solo promotion from me you happen to be getting…
Remarkable and the open IM/MMO visitors reachable the sector.
English speaking visitors merely to your own offer. 85%-90% come in the United States of America, IR, CAN, AU, NZ, Great Britain, and Europe. The remainder is observed around the earth.
Purchasers Checked – Every Advertising bundle is Assured to have exceedingly engaged purchasers.
An Ample amount of over transportation to make sure your satisfaction.

Best Solo Ads

“***What’s a Solo Promotion? HQ Solo Ads Keys to success:
This phrase h-AS probably been thrown around rather a lot, in case you’re a novice on the web advertising. And you’re probably wondering….What merely IS a Solo Promotion? Which are the marketing keys? How precisely can my company grow?
Rules to Making An Effective Solo Ad Campaign
Attempt and maintain the subject line appealing, agreeable and short. Think of headlines that are aged from marketing companies that enticed one to open their e-mail. You’ll need to utilize similar if not the issue lines that are same as these. Along with your unsubscribe, the price will go through the roof!) Solo Advertising Keys Silver Rule
Use language that is certainly innovative through the entire e-mail. An enjoyment fascinating post that’s not a word is easy to read in comparison to a drawn out company post which is dry. Retain your e-mail straightforward and conversational. Use words which are easy and offer information that is PRECIOUS for your own reader.
Ensure you contain links to what’s you’re supporting. Provide options to decide on from to the reader. Everyone differs. One person may desire to examine a post on the most recent techniques that are cooking as well as the other may like to view a video. Your fantastic and want to get.
Be special in that which you’re advertising. Be obvious in your aims of the email. Make certain everything written in your email is composed with an aim. Usually do not confound the reader in that which you’re supplying, or with the things they’ve been reading.
Make sure you understand your marketplace, and what they opted into your list for. In the event the credit crunch page told them that these were getting on a list to get more info about teakettles, don’t deliver them an ad on car parts(common sense matters men, but you’d be amazed). This to unsubscribe from your list and may cause them mark you. And when you didn’t comprehend, both of these things are TERRIBLE. Solo Marketing Keys Golden Rule
To be exact, what’s a Solo Promotion?
That which you’re basically doing is buying targeted visitors to your website or affiliate links that you will be attempting to support. Personally, I use HQ Solo advertisements to carry on to assemble my list and function strongly with affiliate companies to understand which goods are converting nicely (solo advertisements key, list building ?? ). This way I protect my front-end costs to promote all while incorporating to my listing dimension, with affiliate sales commissions. (And occasionally I even emerge money making!) * If I dropped you there, don’t stress only recognize your purchasing HQ solo ads to maybe: A. makes sales, B. acquire emails/names to build your own listing or C. does equally.
A Solo Advertisements is a survey of advertising (a listing “lease” if you’ll) that’s delivered to a whole or part of an e-mail subscriber list
Know the simplest way to make use of the autoresponder to produce also and a message sequence message
Know the very best way to make use of the autoresponder to evaluate new subscribers which are day-to-day
You’ve likely squandered lots of cash on many different paths that others ensured for those who have ever attempted selling your internet business would operate, Bing advertising, for example, Google advertising, bulk emails for rotating advertisements, Facebook marketing. Not one of those is as affordable as solo advertising. Finest HQ solo ads are advertisements where you create the region (or name), human anatomy (or content which you’d like to express to the possible client) and URL (or connect to your own internet website or affiliate offer you’re promoting).
In this category, you’re going to locate the secret tricks used in solo marketing for equally greater choose-in prices (because you’d like to develop your listing) along with Deal Conversions, because after all, you happen to be sending HQ solo ads to gain!

Purchase Solo Advertising

Are HQ solo ads better in relation to the other traditional methods for promotion? That’s already opted in to get e-mail messages from your list owner only because they’ve been sent to some targeted audience. Additionally, they’re a good deal more open to advertising in the HQ solo ads as they’re actively seeking opportunities for the reason that marketplace. As a result of this, your advertisement in the exact same market put in front of these aims crowds may be extremely rewarding to you…if your solo ad STONE! This can be where this course comes in….
This class will train you on all the following:
The Best Way To assemble your list SWIFT with solo advertising which is AMAZING
Cases of HQ solo ads which WORK!
Cases of solo ads advertising that stink!
Where to get wipes which are e-mail FREE OF CHARGE!
The very best way to jump start your business with no prices
And Therefore Significantly More…
Now, enroll and begin your solo marketing promotion the proper manner, although you perhaps not only gain but make 4-5 amounts monthly out of your time and effort!
Who’s the market?
Anybody who’s interested in on the web marketing
Anyone who’s quite new to Marketing
Anyone who’d like to produce profits from solo promotion
Some entrepreneurs swear by soLo promotion. And they’re perhaps not for every business, while solo ad promotion can function, plus they could be a high-risk investment.

What is an HQ Solo ad?
Anyone who’s been in affiliate marketing will have known of solo promotion. But if that’s maybe not your firm, here’s the linky: Best solo ad promotion is e-mail-based ads you buy from other email list owners. They’re generally sent as emails that are committed – so the whole message is all about your promotional material.
But it’s way from perfect. Many companies do them reach. They generally work useful for affiliates and data marketers.
If all goes well, these subscribers will click, and such clicks will shift nicely. Ultimately, you’ll finish up with HQ solo ads conversions that cost less than other types of marketing.
They work like this: A solo ad promotion list you’re fascinated in is located by you. You purchase use of the listing from their website or contact the possessor. You buy either by just how many clicks your e-mail will get or by many subscribers your email is definitely going to be transmitted to.
Having said that, there’s also bunches of entrepreneurs who say they owe their business to solo marketing, that solo advertisements were they got their start. So it’s worth your time plus effort to at least understand the method by which they work.

HQ solo ads

Who HQ solo ads would function for

Marketers that have a small funding.

If you’re in a marketplace where pay per click costs are through the roofing.

If you’re in a marketplace that’s completely soaked with content (including internet affiliate marketing or weight loss).

If you’re about in case you want traffic, or to start an item sent to your page instantaneously. You’ve got no time do, or acquire an audience to write client posts whatever takes more in relation to the regular day or two to view consequences.

Fat warning, a huge

HQ solo ads are often offered by one guy (or one-gal) sellers. You’re coping with all the list owner, to put it differently. Due to this, there’s some danger involved.

But it’s also possible the email addresses were got scraping against applications that are ”. That’s an application that only goes to website from site, accumulating any email address it comes across. Those email addresses have a tendency to convert sick as you are capable of picturing.

There ’s, even danger included because some HQ solo ads lists were assembled with less-than-perfect systems. Or maybe the list owner bought advertisements and converted it using a squeeze page.

Luckily, there are means to tell if you’re surviving having an outstanding list together with an excellent list owner:

It likely is, in case it appears too good to be accurate. Keep individuals that make huge promises.

Ask them what their crap fee rate is. A “typical” trash fee rate is about 0.1%.

And finally – ask them what their list’s typical answer rate is. In case that it’s possible to, try and uncover just what the conversion rate that is typical is for, say an email opt-in power play page. Every email differs. And that’s precise.

Buy Targeted Solo Ads

Use any on-line resource, buddies, and newsgroups you’re capable of discovering to verify that their list together with the list owner is worth your cash. Do a few attentive investigations for the website as well as the list owner’s name. Have a look at their networking reports that are societal. Evaluate newsgroups to discover if anyone’s whined about them.

Begin little. Begin smaller – fairly as little as the list owner will allow you. Be ready to analyze 3-5 lists in a way that’s small before you move ahead with a larger investment.

Don’t assume all testimonial you read online is bona fide. Sad to mention, but some websites are posting bogus testimonials. Don’t believe everything’s great just as you read 10-20 burning reports on somebody’s site.

Obviously, they couldn’t tell the reality to you personally, but you’ve inquired. And you’ll like “I assemble this list by sending them to some power play page” and buying Facebook advertising get a realistic answerback. Consider requesting to see the power play page if that’s the response you get.

Daily they might say. That’s not a complete red flag, as some lists to being sent to that frequently used.

Ask them which sort of offers do use their list. Is this a list that loves free ebooks, or free trials? Do they tend to relish video tutorials or text autoresponders? For people who have time as well as the will to get it done, study crafting the email message you send to what this list replies to, in order that it appeals.

Ask them how challenging they process rebounds. Well-handled e-mail lists remove subscribers after one rebound that’s hard. That wills stretch to two hard rebounds.

A few of the more favorable list owners said “ this and might point one to landing pages that recent buyers have used. They might even reveal to you personally the e-mail creative that was sent with their list. The more information you will receive the better… simply don’t go insane trying the landing page or the copy the email.

Where to find solo ads promotion lists

There are fairly plenty of sites that’ll sell you access to their lists. I’m not going to especially advocate a few of these to you. Why? – say weight loss targeting and – the people you’re who’s actually on the list might not be a match even though you’re in precisely the same marketplace. It’s entirely possible two capable marketers could get different results and send to an identical list, to put it differently.

Obviously, you can also simply use Google HQ solo ads that are “ and you’ll get a slew of firms offering to promote you one. Just follow the notions above, and begin little.
While I only can’t advocate solo advertising sources that are unique, I do encourage you to evaluate several the larger forums in your marketplace. If you’re in internet affiliate marketing, the Warrior Forum is a great selection. Many participants there sell solo advertising some people have had amazing results. And if people are being conned by a person with a horrifying list, because excellent newsgroups are communities, you’ll understand in the newsgroup threads.

As with absolutely any company investment – is cash you can’t manage to get rid of. Promotion is consistently a danger. There aren’t any refunds. Please do a whole lot of money drop simply because you’re feeling impatient.

On whether a solo promotion is going to be worthwhile to you the top way to do the mathematics

Here the mathematics might seem.

Please be warned, yet. The quality of a few of these lists is mindbending poor.

Solo Ads That Work

I’ve checked two scenarios for those solo advertising. As you can’t ever understand what results you’re going to get that’s. If you’re able to, however, get a cost per conversion that does you frighten this may be a solo marketing worth the evaluation.

Check out ClickZ’s CPA calculator should you’d like help computing the cost per conversion.

An option to solo advertising

Create a pleasant ebook or some tutorial set. Consider creating an affiliate tracking system that’s uncomplicated, also – you’re going to need to inspect the sales.

Now get in touch with a few list owners in your specialty. Here’s your pitch: You send my email to your own list, and I’ll give all gains in the sales to you. However, I get to maintain the email of anybody who orders.
You’ll be showing your small $5 goods as well as your brand to a fresh audience.

You’ll be assembling your list – but not with only regular subscribers. That’s a subscriber that is far more precious than someone who’s never bought.

Your list associated stands to make a decent chunk of change.

After even several deals in this way, you’ll have constructed yourself a small but highly-receptive set of buyers. That’s something a business could be built on.

You list associate may want the landing page and shopping cart to be on their website. You may also need to experiment with how much your merchandise should cost. Possibly the list owner desires it to be $2. Or $10. Run the amounts and make as great a deal as you can.


For some businesses, best solo ads work superbly. They’re an affordable option to blast susceptibility to get a product launch or to build a list immediately. And also you will locate several other sob stories of marketers hence getting really terrible results and simply not doing their duties.

If you’ve got an email list, there are lots of strategies to monetize it. It’s potential for you to sell things in your email messages, obviously. Or you also can sell ’ stuff – known as online affiliate marketing to other folks. You then can sell reviews or references of products and services in your email newsletters.

Or you also sell advertising space and can just bypass all that.

You’ven’t, and in the event that you don’t screen a list attentively picked a list that’s satisfied to your own company, do in the event you lose can’t whine.

And please, start slow. You won’t really know how your email/landing page creative performs until you’ve attempted it across 3-5 lists. It may just mean their list doesn’t care for your offer.

Truth be told, this really isn’t a perfect strategy to earn money. I’d preferably you were selling your own products or services. But you’re probably a candidate for selling advertisements if:

  • You’ve got a big list
  • You’re offering content that’s good.

Let’s dig into those qualifications.

What’s a big enough that is “ email list?”

Based on, you’ll want at least 2,500 subscribers. I’d say that’s the bare minimum. Practically, you ought to likely not be prepared to get much income from advertising in your emails until you’ve got at least 10,000 subscribers.

Why 10,000? Two reasons:

The hassle factor. Most advertisers won’t trouble to have an e-mail list that is small. It ’ s tracking just to get quite a few sales and not worth their time to form an advertisement purchase.

CPM (Cost per thousand impressions). That’s the component advertisers and e-mail newsletter publishers utilize to determine how much they’ll pay for an advertisement. Compare it to “successful CPM” which is the count of lots of folks really open the email.

Should finest solo ads are sold by you – aka “sponsored emails” – you might be able to get about $100-$250. You ’d an e-mail list of 2,500 people, a space ad might net you $50. in case your list was 10,000 people, you

Please recall that the $50-$200 amount is simply a rough approximation. And when you’re working with the ad network, what you get will be what the advertiser pays what the ad network bills for their reduction.

Here’s how much the website Practical Ecommerce costs for advertisements in its e-mail newsletter.

HQ solo ads specialist


And additionally though you’re not fulfilling with these averages, you can nevertheless sell advertisements – you could only wish to bill a little less.


How about the great” content element that is “?

Needless to say, you can request your subscribers what they consider. They may give you some ideas for newsletter content that is e-mail, also.

Determining to sell advertisements – or not

Let’s say all three states are met by you. In case you are selling ads in your newsletters? Eh… maybe.

Below are some guidelines for the way to make that pick:

Your credibility will be undermined by selling advertising.

There are typically better ways to produce gains. You should likely be selling services and your private products, not somebody. They could maybe be creating other paid stuff as well as classes that are online.

But if you’re coping with individual advertisers, keep an eye on just how long it takes to manage each advertisement sale. If you end up chasing down advertising copy spending 10 hours haggling over price and chasing down your payment, the advertisement income might not be worth it.

Even if you decide to choose to sell ads, never overdo it. Refrain from placing much more than two ads in just about any email message. Naturally, you’ll see publishers who break this rule… but their e-mails often feel like ads overload.

Only for a good example, here’s an e-mail from CNet. It’s got only one ad, and it’s a small one:


E-Mail ad networks

Here are quite a few businesses that will enable you to collect payments detect advertisers and manage every one of the other jobs involved with monetizing your newsletter, should you opt to market ads.


This can be the big kahuna of newsletter advertising networks. It’s a programmatic advertisements platform that provides retargeting other features and several. They stick to e-mail: media advertisements that’s societal or No website promotion here.

If you’re taken here as a publishing house, that means, your account will likely be ready to serve ads immediately.



It’s a big programmatic advertising network which is also tracking a whole preparation along with marketing service.

BuySellAds also possesses Syndicate. Syndicate will work with bigger publishers. With monetizing podcasts, they also help.

BuySellAds bought LaunchBit back. LaunchBit still exists as another website. They specialize in B2B advertisements. lets advertisers sponsor some truly modest e-mail lists.


Gold Lasso

The corporation manages native advertising in e-mail newsletters.


This actually is an advertising network for almost any digital station, including websites, apps, social media and e-mail messages.

Electricity Inbox’s RevenueStripe

Ever seen those ads that recommend content by the end of weblog posts? That’s kinda what RevenueStripe does (it’s occasionally called “native promotion”), but it places them within an email newsletter. It resembles this:


It truly is against AdSense’s conditions of service to place AdSense ads in newsletters. They could ban your account if they find you.


Selling advertising if you’re a blogger who hasn’t quite tipped into earning bringing in cash, attempting to sell several advertisements, or in newsletters isn’t for every e-mail marketer, but when you’re fighting to monetize your listing could definitely help. Particularly if you’ve got the choice of picking which advertisers you’ll take.

What do you really think?

How’s it helping you personally? Leave a comment and inform us what you think.

There are lots of means to drive visitors to any website and additionally to your site online, practically.

Now I’m going to educate you on about getting visitors that is free from free buy solo advertisements which operate.

There are so many free solo ads that are sites that are free online and you also may really choose which ones you’d like to use for your own advertising online.

Remain tuned. ??

I’m perhaps not really saying there are a few that don’t work.

To date, I haven’t come across a free solo ad site that doesn’t work. They deliver clicks.

For what you happen to be promoting and to find the best solo ads which are free sites that work best for you, what I actually mean is.

You can drive this traffic to any website online, so use this scheme prudently.

If this traffic could be driven by you to an internet site in any market, I’m perhaps not really sure.

The folks using these free solo ads sites online are also individuals who are far open to new business opportunities that are net.

But the one marketplace you may have a great deal of accomplishment with here – is the Internet Marketing, Home Based Business Niche.

And we could say that lots of these would have a website online.

I ‘haven’t examined this visitors procedure that’s free in the website advertising marketplace, only in different niches.

Therefore, if you’d like to understand whether this functions by way of your market, the most truly effective means to find out will be to try it outside for a bit.

Do a little research and split testing and find out what works and what doesn’t.

Then you undoubtedly may still proceed for the home based blogging or business market in case you don’t find accomplishment in your specialty.

There exists An ENORMOUS market in your home based business sector. Content Marketing, SEO, etc from blogging to online marketing…

Getting free traffic from free finest solo ads that work and get you a fantastic quantity of clicks to your links, will t-AKE mistakes and a few trials throughout the learning procedure.

You’ll have to find out about Split Testing Copy-Writing Abilities and.

You may also drive this traffic to your own blog in the event you’d like, by the way. Where you want to push this visitors additionally, but at the close of the day, it is up to you.

What I am talking about will be to use as possible as many solo ads websites that are free to get the very best results.

The mo-Re you do so, the greater consequences, with the most effective e-mail swipe and also an appropriate site you’re capable of getting.

It truly is really all about taking action that’s substantial.

These advertisements sites will permit you to get free credits and a free account to get going.

You also own the choice to update to have the ability and better options to send a solo advertising more often.

The complimentary memberships will only let you send every couple of days to a solo ad.

The majority of them will be from 5 to 1 week. In case that you would like to send an e-mail more commonly, then you certainly need to update.

Updating can actually pay off in a quantity that is tremendous and in case you do this solo ads marketing strategy the very best method.

Just determine the method to get the conversions that are really best and also the most clicks as a free member and proper you get it right, upgrade to get much more traffic!

Here’s what you actually must comprehend and comprehend, to get the best results with free solo ads that are complimentary:

Copy Writing Abilities (e-mail swipe skills)

Capture Pages

Click & Choose-in Conversions

These really are the essentials things should you truly need to get the very best results with promotion you need to learn about. Get-Free-Visitors from Free Solo Ads that Work

You need to comprehend and recognize that there’ll often be people who normally don’t get any results who have any marketing strategy.

This doesn’t mean the scheme doesn’t operate.

That is the perspective you must have in the event you need to get excellent results with this particular online marketing strategy that is easy.

The reason is that these websites will send a lot of emails every single day to you personally. You don’t desire to trash your personal email’s inbox with this.

Another reason you want to utilize another email address for all of these websites is since the e-mails you receive empowers you to get credits when you open them, and you want to find them all in one location.??

Once a week – you can get a good number of potential buyers and tips that are free from these free solo ads which function!

In case that you missed this in the video; it’s very important you create a totally new email when you join with these solo advertising sites to utilize.

You are going to find plenty of people that get excellent results with complimentary free solo ads that perform – and obviously, there are also lots of people who get little to no results at all.

Go to your own email address that is specific, at any given time you run out of e-mailing credits and open a few emails to generate credits that are free. This is the way you are able to keep sending HQ Solo Ads that are free.??

I also highly urge one to get organized and bookmark the links you’ll use all.

You would like to have easy availability to every site, just to get this endeavor quicker and rather more simple.

I believe about getting traffic that is free from free solo ads marketing sites I’ve discussed enough in the video on and above.

I actually trust you have learned something new now when you detect this, and which you take actions that are substantial.

I’ve discussed quite useful and powerful guidance to you personally, the results you get are in your palms.

Go get it happen!

What does one imagine? …

Should you’ve got any experience with this strategy or you have some opinions/questions… depart them in a comment below! ??

HQ solo ads with premium traffic

Solo Ads are quite a simple way to begin getting $50 to $100 per day in as little as 3 months. But if you’re eager to put in the necessary work to construct your solo advertising business. Should you put into the company in just an hour a day you can expect to see some positive ROI in about 6 months.
To begin with solo advertising it’s going to require some monetary investment on your part. The further you invest the quicker you are able to get to the point of creating income from solo advertisements.

Then read my really simplified discussion of solo ads, in case you are unsure what are solo advertisements. Below that are 7 things that I learned from solo ads.

What are Solo Ads?
You go to a site. That website provides a free report if you register for their e-mail list that you could receive. You get the free report and sign up. The owner of the website attempts to grow his email list of folks that have signed up for the complimentary report to be about more or 5,000 or 10,000 subscribers.

He’ll begin selling solo ads once his list has grown to a substantially large enough size. When you sell a solo ad, you send an email to your list touting the complimentary report the solo advertisement buyer is giving away.

There is a link to the free report in the email.

It’s possible for you to price your solo ads at any given level you desire but the budget is normally between $.30 and $.50 per click. So if someone bills $.40 per click afterward a 100 click solo advertisement will cost you $40.

Now that you know what solo advertisements are, here are 7 things I’ve learned.

1. Invest heavily in growing your list as fast as possible
This really is my number one idea because I find that the earlier you are able to grow your list, the earlier you can begin selling solo advertising. The faster you reach the point of recouping your initial investment to build your list, as soon as you reach the point of having the capability to sell a solo advertising.

Yes, you can start off with a little investment and grow your list over a longer time frame. Chances are you might find yourself discouraged and wish to give up due to the amount of time that it’s taking. This is the last thing you intend to do is to give up on your initial investment. The sooner you start to see income coming in the more you will dedicate your time to your list.

2. Understand the best way to click bank as soon as possible
Maybe you have subscribed to an email list? Then you get emails from that list. Over time you might lose interest and unsubscribe from the list.

Whatever the quality of content you provide to your email list, you will have folks that unsubscribe from your list. This is just the essence of the game called solo advertising.

Click banking is the expression used to describe the method of sending other solo ads sellers clicks without selling them a solo advertising. After you have sent the minimal amount of clicks to their list, they are going to then turn about and send the same number of clicks to your list.

This allows you to add subscribers to your list without needing to pay for a solo ad. In other words, it’s a FREE way in which to grow your list.

You may possibly not be able to generate 100 clicks from just one email message when you are building your list. That is good. Let your click banking partners realize that you may just send 50 clicks and are new.

When you’re making your list you must always agree to send your click banking partner clicks first as an indication of good faith that you’re going to fulfill the bargain of sending the agreed upon a number of clicks.

3. Divide Analyze Everything
You must learn how to split examine everything in your funnel. Split test your power play page. Carve analyze your free offer. Split examine the size as well as color and text on your button on your power play page. Carve examine the words which you use in your power play page. Split analyze the headlines on your own power play page. Carve evaluation the wording of the email that you just send to your list.

In other words, split analyze everything.

Why really would you want to do this? Let’s say you spend $40 to purchase a 100 click solo advertisement. You get 40% of the clicks to subscribe to your list.

That is a cost of $1 per subscriber.

In the event, you carve analyze your squeeze page and improved it to the point where 55% of the clicks subscribe for that same $40 investment you’d get 55 new subscribers. Your price per subscriber has now decreased to just $.72 per subscribers.

If you invested initially $2,000 in purchasing 50 solo ads at a cost of $40 each, here is the difference you get by split testing and squeeze your enhancing page.

Conversion Percentage Amount of Subscribers
40% 800
55% 1,100
Let me give you a bit of perspective on the reason why you have to carve test. Enhance the potency of your squeeze page to 60% then it would cost you only $2,000 to get the same 1,100 subscribers.

That is the reason why you split test everything.

5. Invest in tracking applications
Whether you’re buying click banking, selling solo advertising or solo ads, you have to be aware of the exact variety of clicks you’re receiving or sending.

as soon as I started I used a free WordPress plugin called Pretty Links to track clicks. Pretty links allow you to redirect one URL to another URL.  You then give this website to the individual that you simply purchase a solo ad from. When someone goes to this link, Quite a Link will redirect them to your power play page. This enables you to track the number of people who clicked on the link and how many of these people are unique clicks.

Quite Link is a remarkable alternative to starting out with only because it’s free. Eventually, you’ll want to upgrade to commercial software to monitor links.

The reason for upgrading is you will wish to do turnings for your URLs. A turning is how you break examine everything. You may send your traffic equally between 4 different versions of your squeeze page if you purchase a hundred click solo advertisement then. Then you see which one is converting the finest and worst. Lose the worst ones and change your greatest performing squeeze page to see if the conversion can improve more.

The most regularly used commercial software is AdTrackz Gold and Quality Click Control. Of the two I advocate Quality Click Control just because it offers a URL which you can give to folks that buy a solo ad from you that they can look at to see the number of clicks they received and the top ten nations where those clicks came from.

How Long Does it Take to Construct a Solo Ad Email Address List
Should you like to sell solo ads here is a basic truth of life: you’re fortunate in case you get more than 5% of your list to click on a link. The truth is the fact that you ought to expect to get 2% of your list on a link to click.

Should you have 5,000 subscribers on your list and 2% click on an e-mail then you generate 100 clicks. If you sell solo ads for $ 40 you are making $40 per day.

Most people will start selling 50 click solo advertising with a 5,000 subscriber list. That permits you to easily over deliver on the 50 clicks assured. (NOTE: you need advertisement tracking software to do the auto redirects such as this.)

Over time by selling solo advertisements and click banking and reinvesting some of your income into buying more solo advertising, you can grow your list from 5,000 subscribers to 10,000 subscribers or more.

It took me to grow my list to 5,000 subscribers. I wasn’t spending several hours a day on assembling my list. If I had I might have accomplished this goal much quicker.

The period of time it takes is proportional to the period of time on making your list, you spend each day.

Tips from Pros
At this time I’m in the procedure for accumulating “their best trick” from some of the very successful solo advertisement sellers in the market. I’ve reached out to them asking them to share that one priceless part of advice they are able to share with others.

My subsequent blog post will soon be an accumulation of their advice on the solo advertising company. It’s not possible to buy this abundance of insider information so stay tuned for my next blog post so you can get this advice free of charge.

free solo ads

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Clicks are the term used to describe a solo ad. Ads will be sold by a vendor using a guaranteed minimum amount of clicks.

The most common order size is 100 clicks. Some folks starting out (like me) will offer smaller ads with just 20 or 50 clicks. 250 will be offered by individuals with very large email lists to 1000 click ads.

When you purchase a solo advertisement you’ll be able to expect to get 40-60% of the subscribers to register for your email list. You can certainly anticipate getting on average 50 subscribers added to your e-mail list in case you order a 100 click solo ads then. I’ve purchased a grand total of 7 solo ads. At the time I am composing this post 2 of the ads have completed and 2 more are currently in progress. The remaining 3 will run tomorrow and the following day. As of right now, I ‘ve 101 subscribers on my email list. A Pleasant beginning to get that lots of subscribers in just two days.

I placed my first order with Steve Brodsky who is the man that I have been following. My last post Making Money Online Can’t be This Hard Can It discussed a hyperlink to a free report that Steve had published summarizing how he went from nothing to bringing in $100/day in under a month and I strongly urge everyone grabbing a copy. He stated the next day he could run my ad. The only problem was that I had not setup my “ funnel” yet.

Creating My Funnel
The above-mentioned diagram shows just what my funnel will look like. I’m nearly there but not quite. The very first step would be to produce a squeeze page. This really is the one that I picked to use. Step 1 DONE!

The next step is real to make an OTO or One Time Offer Page. An OTO page is really where you offer something for sale to the new subscriber to your list. A PLR merchandise will be purchased by most people and will sell that on their OTO page. The finest PLR products to purchase are ones offering Master Resell Rights or MRR. The subscriber cannot turn around and sell it to someone else although a PLR product permits you to sell it to your subscriber. This really is why MRR is a whole lot more desirable when purchasing an OTO.

I decided at a PLR product from Finest Quality PLR called Leave Your Job. I figured this will be a subject that will speak to more or less everyone. I enjoy Finest Quality PLR because the standard of their work is better than any other PLR product I’ve purchased. To provide you with a notion of how good the quality is the Quit Your Work merchandise is over 150 MB of data that features website, a report, ebook cover designs, audio and videos. So I copied the sales letter that came with the product and created my OTO page. I proceeded to PayPal and created a buy now button. Most OTO offers range in cost from $7 to $17. I made the decision to split the difference and priced my OTO at $12. Measure 2 DONE!

The following step will be to create several emails in your autoresponder. An autoresponder lets you set up a succession of e-mails that’ll be transmitted to your subscribers on given days following the subscribe. I’ve created 45 days of emails that are sent anywhere from 2 to 7 days. The advantage of using an autoresponder is the next email message 3 days afterward and that if a person subscribes today then they will be sent the first email message. Then they’ll get the same first e-mail they subscribe if a person subscribes to my list 3 months from today and the email message that is next 3 days later. I can have thousands of people on my list that are automatically sent the email that is following in the list on the basis of the date they subscribed. Step 3 DONE!

What is Missing in My Funnel
I’ll be fair and let you know that setting up this much of my funnel WASN’T SIMPLE! I needed to have something in place instantly because my first solo advertising was going out the next morning. I spent quite a bit of time googling how to do specific steps to get things setup right. Should you be well versed in setting up an autoresponder, a squeeze page and an OTO page then you will most likely be able to do the same amount of work in much, much less time.

What I’m now missing is steps 4, 5 and 6. Step 4 gives you a chance to still get a visitors email address if they read your initial squeeze page and decide to pass. This would be a completely different power play page offering something completely different. I ‘d 3 power play pages that individuals voted on and I might have decided the second most popular power play page for step 4. That is certainly the simple part. The tough part is attempting to figure out how to make an exit popup on a straight HTML page that isn’t a WordPress page. In the event, you know how to do that then leave me a comment below.

Measure 5 is the town sell that anyone who has ever bought a WSO is familiar with. The down sell will constantly be priced lower than the OTO. So when I get my down sell it’ll cost less than $12, inside my example my OTO is priced at $12. Most likely it is going to cost about $7. There are just two strategies which you can take with a down sell. The down sell can either be a subset of an entirely different product or your OTO. I’ve seen both methods used and I am not sure which one I ‘ll be following when I get around to creating my down sell. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below about which path you think I should take.

The last measure 6 is a string of e-mails which you place into your autoresponder. This chain of e-mails ought to be different than the emails that you send to someone you’re down selling and that purchases both or either your OTO. These e-mails will provide the subscriber with value and will try to sell them after sending quite a number of emails that provide value, an affiliate product. Right now I only have one group of e-mails so I’ll need to work on this and will most likely take my time this weekend to get it setup.

What I’ve Done Wrong
I was smart enough to give every one of the solo advertising their very own tracking URL. I am using the pretty link plugin. With this specific plugin, I can produce a URL that is unique for every single solo ad that gets redirected to my squeeze page. The pretty link will tell me how a lot of folks have clicked on such a link and how a number of those links are unique. The largest error I’ve made is not to have a precise track of the variety of subscribers I’m getting from each solo advertising that I purchased. Everyone who subscribes on my squeeze page is being added to exactly the same list in my Aweber account. I have no way of knowing if that individual can from John Doe solo ad or Jane Doe.

Afterward created 7 different lists in Aweber. Subsequently, change out the e-mail signup form on each one of the 7 squeeze pages to point to one fo the 7 lists. I can readily see by looking at a number of subscribers in each list, just how many subscribers I got from each of the 7 solo ads. Although one solo ads vendor sends 60 subscribers to me but another seller just sends me 20 subscribers then I know who not to purchase from again.

This weekend I’ve already penciled in time on my program to correct set up multiple lists and this error in Aweber. Afterward, I’m able to purchase another half dozen or solo advertisements be able to correctly track how well they’re doing and to go out next week.

A Fast Change that
At the bottom of my Amazon Affiliate Secrets squeeze page, I have the essential FTC information which includes a link to my Amazon Affiliate Bible site.

I was at work when I got the email that the sale had come through. Since my squeeze page was encouraging Amazon Affiliate Keys report then why in the heck not offer my Amazon Affiliate Bible merchandise as my OTO. Can you say duh on my part for not thinking of this from the beginning?

I contained the buy button and jumped on my website when the manager was not looking and spent about 3 minutes putting together a duplicate of my Amazon Affiliate Bible sales page on my website. Afterward, I changed out the link to the OTO page to point to the new sales page that I created. Nicely in less than 3 hours, I made my first 2 OTO sales. With the first sale, I have 3 OTO sales totaling $51!

Most 100 click solo advertisements sell for $40 to $45 so I have made enough money to cover one full solo ad and section of the second solo advertisement. The most effective solo advertising is one where you sell OTOs that is enough to cover the expense of the solo advertisement meaning you’re able to add all those subscribers for FREE!

free solo ads for business

I assembled a list of over 5,000 subscribers to begin making money with solo advertising. last year The issue with all the solo advertising business is it is a churn and burn business model which requires you to constantly add new subscribers to your list to replace each of the users that unsubscribe. Here are 2 ways you’ll be able to make money with solo advertising with no list.
Since this really is a very long post, I’m breaking it into 2 parts. I shall be describing one approach in detail in the 2 posts. In this post, I’m really going to talk about reselling. First, allow me to clarify how a conventional solo ad program functions so you can understand why you may wish to think about an alternative strategy.

Do Solo Advertising Work
It’s not unusual for website owners to search out cost-effective methods to send traffic to their sites. Some of the very cost effective approaches for creating traffic is a solo ad.

A solo ads seller is someone who has constructed a large e-mail list. They’ll rent out their list to site owners by sending a guaranteed minimal number of users to a website. These users are referred to as “clicks.”

Ever time a solo advertisement seller sends an email to drive traffic to the buyer’s website out, they’re going to see folks unsubscribe from their email list. Because of this, the solo ads seller has to continuously add new subscribers to their list to replace those that unsubscribe.

Then take a look at my post how I got my first 100 solo ad subscribers in 2 days if you want to read about how I constructed my list for solo ads.

What’s Reselling
It may take a bit of time as well as a serious sum of money to build your solo advertisement list. Then you definitely can start selling solo ads by becoming a reseller in the event you don’t have a time or the cash to build a list.

Someone that has a list that is very, very large will sell clicks at a set price. The difference is your gain.

Reselling is one of the quickest strategies to enter the solo advertisement business without having your own list.

Solo Master Pro Reseller Program
UPDATE: I started out with a great experience with Solo Master Pro, as it is possible to tell from this first report. Over time that encounters dissipated rapidly inducing me to compose a follow-up the review of Solo Master Pro which you read here. For that reason, I use Solo Master Pro. I recommend that you just read both posts and decide whether you want to use them.

I started to sell solo advertising and recently joined Solo Master Pro.


I joined at the Professional level. Every month at this level you’re given 300 free clicks. I sold my 300 free clicks at a cost of $42 per 100 click solo advertisement.

Selling Solo Advertising
You can sell solo advertisements in an extensive range of places including:

Your own website
Solo Checker
Warrior Forum
Facebook Groups
Skype Groups
I’m currently selling solo ads from my site. This is quite a powerful approach to selling solo advertisements since there is no price connected with selling solo ads from my site.

Solo ads are also sold by me on Solo Checker.


I joined Solo Checker at the Gold level. The gains from the sale of my 300 free clicks from Solo Master Pro covered my monthly membership cost as well as my monthly Solo Checker price. I absolutely adore Solo Checker since I can put advertisements with them and get sales with zero effort on my part.

Another place to sell Solo Advertisements is the Warrior Forum Classified Ads section. The challenge with this approach is that your post can certainly slip off the home page onto 3 or page 2 or worse. So if you are not on the house page you lost a sale, most people looking to purchase a solo advertising will decide something from the house page.

Then you can ever join, there are more Facebook groups. You are limited by most groups to posting every day. You can post that you’re selling solo advertisements once a day in more than a dozen distinct groups. Your advertisement will be seen by people and decided to purchase from you. You will need to possess the subject of posting once a day.

Skype groups manage the exact same fashion as Facebook groups. You place daily that you are selling solo advertisements and join the group. Folks see your post and buy your solo ad.

Benefits of being a Reseller
There are just three significant advantages of being a true reseller

Don’t incur cost of making your own list
Can begin right away
Don’t have to constantly add new subscribers to your list
Low cost to start

The largest gain of being a reseller is it allows you to enter the solo advertisement business without needing to invest time and the money to construct your own list. Most solo advertisement sellers get 1% to 2% clicks from their list. To sell a 100 click solo advertising then you definitely need at least 10,000 subscriber list.

In exchange, you’ll be able to sell 100 click solo ads for $42. In the event you sold one advertisement a day, it’d take you 120 days (4 months) only to break even on your first investment to construct your list.

On the other hand, I could be a reseller and get $7 profit on every solo ads that I sale. During the same 120 days, I ‘d have made $840. Would you rather have again after four months or merely be breaking even?

Begin Right Away

You can sign up as a reseller for Solo Master Pro now and be approved tomorrow. You could start promoting your solo advertisements immediately on Skype Groups, Solo Checker, Warrior Forum, Facebook Groups and your own site.

I signed up for Solo Master Pro after work. I went to bed and when I woke up the following morning I was approved. I promptly applied for membership at Solo Checker and posted advertisements for my solo advertisements.

It took 72 hours from the time until I made my first deal, I signed up with Solo Master Pro. I really made four sales with Solo Checker in my first four days.

Prevent Churn and Burn

With solo advertising, you Won’t ever reach a place where you build a list by sending emails to that list daily, and all you have to do is kick back and earn money. The reality is every time you send out an email then you may lose subscribers.

Read my post about 5 things you have to learn about solo ads to get a real view of what it requires to add new subscribers to your list and the cost involved.

Profit Possibility

Just like anything else in life, the more effort you put into your reseller company the better your profit potential. As I mentioned before you are given 300 clicks Pro.

By selling 3 solo advertisements at $42 each, I bring in $126. My 300 free clicks each month leaves me with $2 in gain and pays for my Solo Master Pro membership and my Solo Checker membership.

The most common size solo ad is 100 clicks. Your solo advertisements can be sold by you at any cost but I have picked to sell mine at $42. I purchase the solo advertisement from Solo Master Pro for $35. That leaves me with $7 profit for every 100 click solo ad sold.

If I sold just one 100 click solo advertisement a day, in one month I’ll make $7 x $210 gain every month.

There are groups on Skype and Facebook that cater to all those individuals who will deliver a minimum of 500 or 1,000 clicks in a solo ad. By advertising in these groups, you’ll be able to double your own monthly profits by selling just one 1,000 click solo ad per week.

The solo ad you can click with a 1,000 brings in $70 in gains. By selling only one of this per week you would earn $70 x 4 weeks gain in a month.

Join selling one 100 clicks solo advertisement per day with one 1,000 click solo advertising per week you could make $490 gain per month.

The quantity of profit each month that you can earn is set by just how much effort you put into selling your solo advertisements. With the Gold membership strategy on Solo Checker, you are limited to selling just 300 clicks per day. If you hustle you could possibly sell 3 x 100 click solo ads daily.

Getting Started with no List with Solo Advertising
UPGRADE: I started out with a great encounter with Solo Master Pro, as you are able to tell from this first report. Over time that experience dissipated rapidly compelling me to write a follow up the review of Solo Master Pro which you read here. For that reason, I use Solo Master Pro. I would recommend that you simply read both posts and after that decide whether or not you want to utilize them.

To begin now with solo advertising without a list become a reseller. Click here to join with Solo Master Pro reseller plan. I’d highly recommend additionally signing up with Solo Checker.

The following thing to do would be to set the price that you plan on selling your solo advertising. The difference between $35 and your selling price will be your gain. I chose $42 but you can sell your solo advertisements for more or for less.

Start promoting your solo ads and make sales. At the conclusion of the month accumulate a check for your gains.

Additionally, don’t forget to have a look at my recent post where 11 tremendously successful solo advertisement sellers share their one best trick on solo ads.

free solo ads in US, CA, GB, AU, NZ

For the last ten days, I’ve been heads down trying to build my on-line list. My aim will be to grow a list huge enough that I am able to make $100 per day. It’s possible for you to also read about my results in my first week of building a list here. Several individuals who have carried through this say they spend a half hour to an hour a day for an entire month before they may be able to accomplish the $100 per day target. I think they underestimated the time they spent daily.
It takes money to make money
There’s definitely some truth in the old adage “it requires money to make money.” I understood what my aim was, my budget and my deadline. To begin with building a list I squirreled away $1,000 cash. This was really going to be my seed money to get my started.

Using my seed money as I could, I went out as well as started to purchase solo ads from as many people. A solo ad is where someone promises to send a predetermined minimal amount of clicks to your credit crunch page. Most folks developed their reputation on their ability to send their agreed upon clicks and consequently, it’s not uncommon to allow them to send you more clicks than you purchased. If you’re satisfied with the over delivery you are far more likely to buy from them down the road and will advocate them.

The rule of thumb is that it takes $1 to get each new subscriber to your list. The reason is that not everyone that’s sent to your squeeze page will sign up to your list. In the event you can get more than 50% of the clicks to signup afterward you’ve got an excellent squeeze page.

How Good Was My Money Spent
As I’ve mentioned my funding was $1,000. For my money, I was able to buy 29 solo advertising. Almost all the solo advertising that I bought were for 100 clicks. There were 3 solo ads that I bought for only 50 clicks each.

The solo advertisements that I bought were for a total of 2,750 clicks. . as I mentioned I received 3,580 and solo ad sellers will over deliver A number of them have unsubscribed from my list although the actual variety of subscribers that I got was higher. I am using Aweber for my autoresponder in the event that you do not remove them from your list, and you charge for the unsubscribed people. I make it a custom to go in so that I shall not be charged for them, and remove these unsubscribed users.

The manner my squeeze page is set up when anyone subscribes I take them to an OTO offer. My OTO offer is my Amazon Affiliate Bible. The great news is that I have made $512.94 from sales of the OTO. In addition, I was able to also make another $12 from a PPL – pay per the lead – plan that I’m an affiliate. So my real out of pocket expense is only $675.26 because I am able to subtract the revenue from the OTO sales and PPL plan from the overall sum that I have spent.

That comes out to a price of $0.53 per subscriber. This really is far lower than the $1 per subscriber average. So I’m pleased with my first round of adding subscribers since it was at an affordable cost.

I’d like to explain the concept of click banking as you have to know this if you would like to grow your list. Above I’ve shown you how I grew my list to over 1,200 subscribers by buying solo advertising. The trouble is this costs money. Click banking, on the other hand, is free.

Here is a picture of my funnel.


When people are taken to the download page, you may include an unannounced bonus section. This really is really where you attempt to entice them to click on the unannounced bonuses that will take them to your click banking partners squeeze page. Like a solo ad, you consent to deliver a minimum number of clicks to their squeeze page.

Allow me to supply you with a real life example of how this works. I get two to click bank with me. Since I am starting out the deal is that I send them clicks first because I don’t have any notion how man clicks I may be able to send them. I will strive to send them 100 clicks each. I put a link on my download page that goes to their credit crunch page.

They’re exposed to the unannounced bonuses of my click banking associates, as I purchase solo ads and individuals subscribe to my list. I expect they’ll click on the links hence enabling me to bank their clicks. Once I bank 100 exceptional clicks to my associates then they send me 100 clicks that are unique and will turn around.

When you have a list of folks then you definitely start e-mailing your list. It’s possible for you to send an e-mail that essentially says that you located them this great deal and they simply have to click here to get this deal that is free that is fabulous that you located for them. So I can drive clicks to my click banking associates through e-mails in addition to my download page.

How I ‘m Banking Clicks on my Download Page
Here is what my download page looks like. Feel free to click on the links – especially since I ‘m the links that are banking. Just click once though because I only count unique clicks so clicking will only count as one click.

Here are your downloads – Bookmark This Page Now!!!
Would you want to find out the best way to earn money by simply sending e-mail?
The UNDERGROUND SECRETS that teach you how to make money on the web!
Download your FREE report beneath

A Great Mastermind Group for Learning About Solo Advertisements
I’ve joined several Facebook groups dedicated to solo ads. In these groups, you locate people who are buying and selling solo ads. People will leave their feedback regarding how well a solo ad they bought performed. This enables you to discover who you ought to avoid and who you should conduct business with.

There is one Facebook group that I post in and read on a regular basis. It advertises itself as the greatest Facebook group dedicated to solo advertisements. Should you would like to learn more on the subject of solo advertisements then I recommend you join the Solo Advertising Supremacy Facebook group. The invitation is by invitation only and also everyone is approved by the owner. In case you screw others about on selling solo advertising then you get banned from the group and your name is added to the prohibited list. Before buying any solo advertising make sure that man’s name is not on the restricted list.

Here is a link to join the Solo Ads Supremacy Facebook group. Merely follow the signup instructions and you may be approved. I tremendously advocate this group.

What is My Next Step?
I am going to continue buying solo advertising this week. In addition, I shall continue banking clicks with my click bank partners. I’ll request them to send me 100 clicks back in exchange when I reach 100 clicks then. I’m assembling a brand new squeeze page or two. I’ll debut them in a future post to get everyone’s feedback.

This weekend I’m really going to write a speedy report showing how I went from $0 to $ 100 with online affiliate marketing. I am going to use this as my free offer on the brand new squeeze pages that I’ll be creating. I’m also going to post a free WSO on Warrior Forum marketing my report. In order to get the complimentary report, you’ll have to subscribe to my list. Lots of folks advise this as an effective way to get a high number of subscribers to your list.

The next thing I want to get involved with is a giveaway competition. In a giveaway competition, you’ll have 6 to 9 individuals involved. They can be all offering their free report. Everyone is required to send a minimum number of clicks to the giveaway page. They are taken to a page that shows all the complimentary offers from everyone when folks subscribe. They could then subscribe to as many lists as they would like to get the complimentary items. In the event you have 9 people sending 200 clicks each, there is a possibility of getting 1,800 potential subscribers. The reality will undoubtedly be much less because you could just get 50% of them to subscribe. Not a poor approach to cultivating your list.

This weekend I am really going to be putting together my numbers for April to see how I did with my online income. Right now the numbers look promising and I am fairly confident I’ve surpassed my take home pay from my day job! So be looking for my e-mail, I will be posting my April On-Line Income Report on Monday. You can take a look at my preceding monthly income reports here.


One of the very bothersome questions as a traffic provider is “What’s the average conversion rate for that I get?”
Folks think I’m supposed to know this stuff.
But worse, they consider there is such a thing as an average conversion rate.
Here you’re by asking such question dooming yourself to failure:
Anyone who clings to the notion of an average conversion rate is seeking reassurance. Before they get money in traffic, they need to understand their offer converts. Otherwise, they might lose a lot of cash (which many of them don’t even have!).
They’re looking for safety in numbers.
It’s a custom that’s rooted deep in our youth. The system which grooms us for adult life instructs us to seek average, to be average and to avoid risk. I’d assert it’s just why so many individuals neglect to run a successful marketing business. They sign up for a business opportunity based on how many folks make money with it.

Bulk in the $1,000-$10,000 range. And about a handful who are multi-millionaires. The typical that is “ ” marketers that make next to nothing outnumber those who do by a significant margin.
Does that mean you need to expect to make at least that much when starting an online business?
Of course not.
There is consistently going to be a couple of people that convert like crazy and most individuals who Won’t convert whatsoever. Not on account of the traffic (although that’s significant also), but mostly because of their inadequate marketing, follow up and positioning.
Why do marketers cling to averages?
They’ll give you average opt-in rates, typical sales conversions and they inform you the number of clicks should produce your first sign up.
Of course, they who tell you they’re giving you the numbers from their best affiliate. They’ll hide the fact these numbers are far-fetched for 90% of the company’s affiliates. And that they belong to a blue-blooded veteran with a giant list they nurtured for years.
Why would they do that?
They can do it because they’re giving people what they desire – assurance.
They’re trying to make the delusion of safety in the entrepreneurial journey that is unpredictable.
The just one area that you can expect an average is the average min wage you get when you work for someone else. That’s the only way to predict your income. However, this security comes at a steep cost. You are cemented by it into a dull life along with a low wage job.
You won’t need to figure you’ll make or risk your neck. But compose your own checks or you also won’t get to relish your life.
You have to accept that employee thinking (looking for averages) doesn’t work online. It merely works in the Matrix. By making a choice you leave the comfort of averages.
You can’t be thinking like an employee and expect to run a profitable company.
Should they believe to be an employee, one cannot expect to convert like a top earner.
You need to let go of what makes you an employee and you’ve got to adapt a whole new group of life rules.
You ’re asking battle.
The Way To Find A Winning Business Opportunity
Frequently, after an unsuccessful promotion, marketers jump chances.
They trade their old chance they failed with for an exciting and new one which may convert better.
They believe the opportunity is what is going to make the difference for them.
This isn’t an exception. This is the norm.
There are always going to be people who jump chances. Why they call them biz opp junkies, that’s. Because they jump from one plan to another sometimes within the exact same week.
They look for the winning plan that’s going to make them wealthy.
Most top earners I’ve found never soared chances to make sales. They do well with any software they join. Commonly with several programs simultaneously. They only reason they leap chances is to make an influx of sales from their list.
Here’s the matter though – none of them talk about average conversion rates.
Sure. They’ll let you know in the event you ask them what their average conversion rate. However, their averages mean nothing to you.
The averages don’t matter.

Ultimate Solo Ads Service

Calculating an average conversion rate for your chance is a waste of time.

Alternatively, you ought to seek out the people that convert your chance (you’ll see their names on your business’s leaderboards) and reverse engineer how they do it.
That’s what I’ve done for years to bring myself up from my knees in the online advertisement industry. I watched the gurus, while my peers jumped on the newest fads. I watched them. I didn’t listen to a word they were saying. Their activities were monitored by me. I studied their sales pages. I funnel hacked e-mail and their sales funnels follow up. The last thing I’ve done was to shift my traffic source. After all, I was using the same traffic sources they used.
The best advantage over your competition will be to never assume infallibility.
So before switching your traffic source or your chance… if you’re not converting
Challenge yourself.
Challenge your placement. Question your e-mail follow up. Challenge your closing abilities. Question your leadership skills. Question everything within your locus of control.
Top earners do because that’s what.
Doing that is an effort to warrant failure upfront. What you’re doing is you’re saying, “Okay this is what I’m assumed to get and if I don’t get this then the system is broken and it’s not my fault.”
Instead, choose extreme possession for your own numbers. Ask yourself what am I not doing that can improve my conversions by 10% in the next 30 days? This will definitely lead you to solutions unavailable to infallible marketers.
There are two schools of thought when it comes to buying solo advertising.
#1 – Get great sales funnel and expect to make some of your cash back instantly using a low ticket front end offer, while banking on getting the remainder over the long haul via your email follow up sequence.
#2 -If you’re not making all your marketing dollars back immediately, don’t squander your time tweaking, because you’ve been sold poor traffic.
Both schools of thought are wrong.
Truth is…
Most marketers have the erroneous notion about what it takes to break even with solo ads.
The key to breaking and pocketing a huge gain on your solo advertising lies in one of many single most forgotten and overlooked components of your complete company.
The Holy Grail of online marketing – having it pay for itself – is simpler than you think and getting traffic. But it’s challenging for most marketers because it goes against what they’ve been taught to consider.
It all comes down to carrying out several key strategies.
Shove The Cash To The Very Top Of The Pyramid
That’s a lot. This guy used to buy anywhere from 8,000 to 18,000 clicks per month from me. And unexpectedly he’s cutting that down to only a few thousand each month.

Premium solo ads company

He was forced to cut his advertising funding because of reasons not in his management.
He asked me about other ways of driving traffic which weren’t paid traffic. I told him that that’s the wrong question to ask because all he needed to do was to change his strategy that was backend. Close backend sales and create more cash flow.
Envision your company is a pyramid. It’s narrow and wide at the bottom at the top.
Most people attempt to amass the cash at the underside.
There’s some money in the bottom. Most of the cash is at the top. By offering a high ticket backend, you’ve got to push cash to the top of the pyramid.
That’s the only way you can manage to purchase your leads in lead generation costs improving.
The way you earn cash with solo ads and break even is not through anticipating tons and tons and tons of sales on the front end.
I often get these customers who reach out to me promoting something like perhaps JVZoo product or a WSO or a $7 tips merchandise.
They get an estimate and they’re like.
Dude, to break with solo ads I need to make 15 front end sales. This really is never going to work. You should drop your cost!
My answer:
No, dude, you’ve because you’re the person who needs to assemble a back end that is decent, merely got it all backward.
In the restaurant industry, in the event the restaurant owner runs an ad in the newspaper, he never breaks on the very first visit. He doesn’t make money by coming in to check out the lunch specials when you respond to the ad.
The restaurant owner makes money on the ad campaign weeks or months later when you come back the next time, perhaps with a buddy and can recoup.

There’s also a great chance of you recommending the place to a buddy and him obtaining a customer that is free in the next 6 months.
So he’s actually forced to wait at least 90-180 days to break even or earn money on the advertising.
Most marketers nowadays, with the web untrue-altering results and the time paradigm, can’t wait 90 seconds to break even.
So they’re essentially playing a losing game.
The sole way to break even is by building (or borrowing) a backend.
If you’re marketing your business opportunity choose to associate with the opportunity that’s a backend that is deep.
You’re searching for a product line which ranges from low entry thing of $27-$97 along with a back end graduation model with $497, $997, $1997, $4997 and $9997 products.
Refer just one sale and you’ve quadrupled your gross profits!
Such offers are run by all my successful customers at Igor Solo Ads.
Because of recall, there are no magic bullets. The formula to creating cash flow is high and good traffic converting offer with a scalable backend. High backend margins not only permit you to buy more advertisements but in addition, gives you considerably larger error margins. It also puts you ahead of your opponents who can’t buy leads because their funnels don’t produce enough cash flow regardless of the traffic source they’re using.

soloads for any business

t next week’s product start? Some marketers swear by solo advertising. And they’re not for every business while solo ads can function, and they are able to be a risky investment. Continue reading to see if they’re appropriate for you.

What’s a solo advertisement?

Anyone who’s been in affiliate marketing for a while will have heard of solo advertisements. But if that’s not your business, here’s the skinny: Solo ads are email-based advertisements you get from other e-mail list owners. They’re commonly sent as – that is emails that are dedicated so the whole message is really all about your promotion.

They work like this: A solo advertisement list you’re interested in is found by you. The owner is contacted by you or buy access to the list from their website. You purchase either by how many clicks your e-mail will get or by many subscribers your email message will probably be sent to.

Those subscribers will click if all goes well, and those clicks will convert well. Ultimately, you’ll end up with solo advertisement conversions that cost less than other kinds of promotion.

But it’s way from perfect. Solo advertisements, in all honesty, have a vague reputation. Many businesses do them reach. They usually work best for affiliates and data marketers.

Nevertheless, there’s additionally plenty of marketers who say they owe their business to solo ads, that solo advertisements were they got their start. So it’s worth your time to at least know the method by which they work.

Who solo advertisements would work for

Marketers who have a bit of funding.
If you’re in a niche where pay per click costs are through the roof. In this case, your cost per click from solo advertising may be so much less than what you’d get on Bing or AdWords that solo ads are worth a test.
If you’re in a niche that’s completely oversaturated with content (like internet affiliate marketing or weight loss).
If you’re in a niche with intense competition for search engine traffic.
If you’re about to establish a merchandise, or when you need traffic sent to a page fast. You’ve got no time build an audience to write guest posts, or do anything that takes more than a day or two to see results.

Solo ads are usually offered by one-man (or one-gal) sellers. To put it differently, you’re dealing with the list owner directly. Due to this, there’s some danger involved.

There more danger involved because some solo ads lists were assembled with less-than-perfect procedures. In a best-case scenario, the list might have been constructed by converting traffic from a website that’s in your niche. Or maybe the list owner converted it with a squeeze page and purchased advertisements.

But it’s also possible the email addresses on the list you’re about to use were acquired with “ scraping ” applications. That’s an application that simply goes from website to website, collecting any email address it comes across. As you can imagine, those email addresses often convert poorly.

It the list you send to will be somewhere between those two poles of good and awful. But consider yourself warned: There are a couple of shady people in the world of solo advertisements.

Fortunately, there are methods to tell if you’re dealing with a good list owner plus a good list:

In case it seems too good to be true, it likely is. Avoid people who make huge promises.
Use any on-line resource, friends and newsgroups you can find to check the list owner and their list are worth your cash. Do a handful of careful hunts for the list owner’s name and site. Take a look at their social networking accounts. Assess newsgroups to determine if anyone’s whined about them.
Begin small. As you will be allowed by the list owner begin smaller – preferably as small. Anticipate analyzing 3-5 lists in a limited manner before you move ahead with a larger investment.
Sad to say, but some sites are posting fake testimonials. Don’t think everything’s fine merely because you read 10-20 burning reports on somebody’s site.
Of course, they might not tell you the truth, but at least you’ve inquired. And hopefully, you’ll like “I build this list by sending them to a power play page” and buying Facebook advertising get a realistic response back. If that’s the response you get, consider requesting to view the power play page. Attempt to hit the sweet spot between asking enough questions to be assured, and asking so many questions that it becomes apparent you think they’re a scammer.
Ask them how often they mail to that list. They may say every day. That’s not an absolute red flag, as some lists as used to being sent to that often. But if I was purchasing a solo advertisement, I’d desire to learn they send to that list no more than 2-3 times a week.
Ask them which form of offers do well with their list. Is this a list that’s great for capturing email addresses, but not too ideal for high-ticket items? Is this a list that likes free ebooks, or free trials? Do they tend to like text autoresponders or video tutorials?
Ask them how they process hard rebounds. Well-managed e-mail lists remove subscribers after one hard bounce. Some will stretch that to two hard rebounds. In case you get an answer like “we don’t track rebounds,” move on.
Ask them what their spam complaint rate is. An “average” spam complaint rate is about 0.1%.
And finally – ask them what their list’s average response rate is. In the event you can, attempt to learn what the typical conversion rate is for, say an email opt-in power play page. Every email differs. And that’s authentic.
A number of the more friendly list owners say “ this and might point you to landing pages that recent buyers have used. They might even reveal to you the e-mail creative that was sent to their list. The additional information you may get the better… simply don’t go insane attempting the copy the email or the landing page.

Where to locate solo advertisement lists

There are quite a lot of sites that will sell you access to their lists. I’m not going to expressly advocate some of them to you. Why? Because what works for one person is not going to work for another. Say weight loss – the people who are really on the list and you’re targeting may possibly not be a match, if you’re in exactly the same market –. In other words, it’s totally possible two capable marketers could both send to exactly the same list and get extremely different effects.

While I just can’t advocate specific advertisement sources that are solo, I do urge you assess some of the bigger forums in your market. Post a thread and ask who they used, and if anyone has had success with solo ads. If you’re in affiliate marketing, the Warrior Forum is an ideal pick. Solo ads are there sold by many participants, and some people have had good results with them. And if a person is conning individuals with a terrible list because great newsgroups are communities, you’ll know from the newsgroup threads.

Of course, you can also only Google solo ads that are “ ” and you’ll get a slew of companies offering to sell you one. A couple of them may be great. Simply follow the suggestions above, and begin little.

You can’t afford to lose as with any company investment – don’t spend money. Advertising is always a danger. There are no refunds. Please don’t drop a bunch of cash simply because you’re feeling impatient. There are other (slower, yes, but other) means to get traffic, build an audience, and eventually begin making sales.

How to do the math on whether a solo ad will be worth it to you

This is really a crux of the choice about whether to utilize a solo ad or not. Here the math might look.

Channel Minimum buy Open rate Cost per conversion
Pay per click ads keyword #1 – – $0.75 $10.71 per conversion
Facebook advertising #1 to crowd A – – $0.32 3.5% conversion rate
Solo advertising A – buying 500 clicks – BEST SCENARIO
Solo advertisement A – buying 500 clicks – WORST SCENARIO $150/500 = $0.30 per click
1% conversion rate
Solo ad B – mailing to 1,000,000 subscribers – BEST SCENARIO 1,000,000 subscribers for $99.95 Would be 50,000 opens That’s 1000 clicks if one in 50 individuals who open the e-mail clicks 3% conversion rate = 30 conversions $3.30 per conversion
Solo ad B – sending to 1,000,000 subscribers – WORST SCENARIO 1,000,000 subscribers for $99.95 Unknown… they say 5% is realistic. That’s 600 clicks if one in 50 individuals who open the e-mail clicks 1.5% conversion rate =
I’ve comprised two scenarios for those solo ads. Because you never know what results you’re going to get, that’s. The best you are able to do is figure out a practically decent result, and see how that compares to your present cost per conversion. Then run the numbers with worst-case scenario results. This may be a solo advertisement worth the test if you can nevertheless get a cost per conversion that does you scare.

Please be warned, though. The quality of a few of these lists is mind-bending awful. I once sent a solo ad to 100,000 people. It got an ok click-through rate – 2% – but not one sale. Not a single sale from 2,000 clicks.

best solo ads

Desire to construct your email list quickly, or get the word out about

Check out ClickZ’s CPA calculator, in case you need help computing cost per conversion.

An alternative to solo advertising

If this all seems really tempting, but you’re too broke to examine it, there is an alternative. Create some tutorial series or a nice ebook. Set up a landing page and write some e-mail copy to sell it. Consider setting up a straightforward affiliate tracking system, also – you’re going to need to check the sales.

best solo ads in the world

buy solo ads

Now reach out to a couple of list owners in your niche. Here’s your pitch: You send my e-mail to your list, and I’ll give all profits from the sales to you. However, I get to maintain the email address of anyone who orders.

Here this works:

You’ll be exposing your little $5 product and your brand to a new audience.
You’ll be building your list, not with just everyday subscribers. You’ll be getting subscribers that are willing to put down cash for what you sell. That’s a subscriber that is considerably more valuable than someone who’s never purchased.
Your list associated stands to make a reasonable chunk of change.
You list associate may need the landing page and shopping cart to be on their website. You may even need to play around with how much your product should cost. Maybe the list owner wants it to be $2. Or $10. Run the amounts as you can and make as great a deal.

buy solo ads now!

After even a couple of deals similar to this, you’ll have constructed yourself a small but highly-responsive listing of buyers. That’s something a company could be built on.


For some businesses, solo ads work great. They’re an affordable method to blast exposure for a product launching or to build a list fast. But there are some sob stories of people getting burned. And there are several other sob stories of marketers simply not doing their homework and therefore getting really poor effects.

HQ solo ad

HQ solo ad company

targeted solo ads

targeted solo ads available!

solo ads that work

You haven’t, and if you don’t screen a list carefully decided on a list that’s satisfied to your organization, don’t complain should you lose money.

And please, start slow. You won’t actually understand the way your e-mail/landing page creative performs until you’ve tried it across 3-5 lists.

HQ solo ads that work for any business

What’re Solo ads?
A Solo Advertising is an e-mail send-outside/program that you just GET from solo ads sellers to advertise your service or product. The Solo Ads Sellers are ‘E-MAIL LIST OWNERS’ and they bill you PER CLICK to send visitors to your pages using their e-mail lists (using e-mail programs).

It’s a Pay-Per-Click kind of marketing where the CPC (cost per click) is determined in advance as well as a number of clicks are ensured. Here these advertisements work:

1. You pick a solo advertising seller, we advocate using for clear reasons.

2. You place the order and communicate together with the seller.

3. You develop a monitoring link and send it to the solo ads seller in order that he or she can begin sending clicks.

Would Solo Advertising Work For Me?
Brief Response:

In the event, you’d like visitors to your offer – YES! You should.
These advertisements are the single quickest method to get visitors to your offers. This is a rapid, foreseeable and scalable manner of driving traffic.

Long Response:

Yes! I really like e-mail traffic and solos. It’s predictable, efficient and quick. That’s all I need from a traffic source. But before purchasing the traffic you have to be clear about your amounts. And to do that you must compute your ‘Value Per Visitor.

The Most Cash with solo advertising is made on the backend. Thus ensure that your sales processes are solid.

For this reason, you have to be aware of what your numbers are before purchasing advertising. Don’t stress, all you should do is run a few hundred/thousand clicks to your offer, in the event that you don’t understand what your numbers are yet and you’ll understand.

Solo Advertisements are just one of my favorite ways of creating traffic online.

There’s certainly nothing like a solo ads that is free.

There’s absolutely no free lunch? Clicks are the money of the net.

Folks’ eyeballs coming to your sites is what makes you cash. Why really would somebody give away such an amazingly useful resource?

Nobody’s gonna provide you with a free solo.

They simply wanna get cash out of you if it’s $5 or $10.

Where To Purchase?
Seriously? You’re already on among the prime resources for solos but since you wish to test (at your own risk) you’re able to also locate vendors/sellers in solo ads associated FB groups.

Do a fast FB search for ‘Solo Advertising’ and you’ll readily where you’ll see sellers selling their solos discover several groups.

But I highly recommend using SoloAdsX because we filter out the scams and also the fluff in the marketplace and get you just the finest of the greatest.

Yet, that’s only my view, you’re free to do anything you would like?

Where Do I Purchase The Top Solo Ads From? We’ve in purchasing advertising safely been helping individuals for over 3 years. We (this site) DON’T sell our own traffic but we do purchase a huge amount of traffic and so we understand the nice sellers and the best way to locate them.

Everyone you see on the site has been completely studied and we’ve run background checks on all them.

Reduction on Solo Advertising?
Only approach some of the sellers listed below and let them know you’re a located them through and they’ll get you a deal.

We developed really strong relationships with these hardcore e-mail marketers for a long time and also you could benefit from the relationship to drive money making visitors to your sites.

Affordable Solo Advertising. Fiverr Solos?
Well, there are solos that are economical, but there are reasons why you need to avoid them.

It’s likely going to be a decent quality click in the event the CPC is an approximately 40 cents. As the CPCs improve the quality additionally improves (generally) for apparent reasons (Believe Toyota versus Rolls Royce).

Anything under 20 cents per click is most likely a scam.

100% Human Traffic IsN’t That Affordable.

I’ve been in the business for a long, long time we’ve been serving the solo ads marketplace as well as the email marketing space for nearly 3-.

Don’t squander your own time doing things that are unethical. You’re here to develop a company because 1000 clicks for $5 was too bloody tough to resist, not to fail.

You must truly have a perfect funnel in the event that you would like to make a significant income with solo ads.

Solo advertising traffic is traffic that is chilly that convert and then you have to warm up. With A STRAIGHTFORWARD FUNNEL, you won’t have the ability to do it.

solo ads that work for you
I want you the best success online!
Once You Order Your Solo Advertisements…
Checkmark8After your purchase is set by you for virtually any click package, you’ll notice the directions about what you have to do. Should you don’t receive these instructions (after the pay pal purchase), email us at In the email please create the PayPal e-mail you may have used on the market, the unique transaction ID along with your link where you want to deliver traffic to.
HQ solo ads that you will love!

You CAN deliver us to solo swipe duplicate if you’ve got it checkmark10. Should you do n’t, no worries, we will look after it for you. We hold copy to transform or entirely change it. We know our list and we understand what our subscribers respond to the best. Please keep your swipe fast and sweet.
Checkmark11 We could possibly begin sending visitors to your own URL before your scheduled run date. Please be sure your offer is correctly set up. We will contact you in case the traffic will probably be over 24 24 hours early or late in beginning.
Checkmark12 It’s your obligation to be sure your squeeze page is optimized & converts nicely. In case you’ll need a hand, we’ve lots of expertise creating funnels that convert well, we are more than quite happy to take a gander at it with you as well as make suggestions for improvements.

checkmark14 We hold the right to refuse ANY solo advertising. We will refund your hard-won cash quickly if you’re advertising something that simply isn’t a fit for our list.
Checkmark15 numerous clicks that are unique that you buy can be only merely guaranteed by us. How effective your effort depends upon your offer. In case you have a quality provider, you’ll get the pick ins and sales.
Are you currently running an advertisement for EN / IPAS2 or Electronic Elevation?
(Empower Community or IPAS2 or Digital Altitude Aspire)
Or Maybe You’re A Part Of Exit E-Lite, Professors,
OSP (Online Sales Pro) or the 4% Club?
We Can Do A Free Power Play Page For You and also A Sales Funnel Review
In the event that you’ve got questions regarding your page/funnel, looking for you’re given guidance on how best to enhance your conversions by us, only the way to construct a custom power play/capture page or anything else, shoot us an email.
Do You Have A Team? We Provide Coops!
(1000 – 10,000 Clicks)

International HQ Solo Ads For Sale

Should you do, you happen to be in chance! Coop is provided by us solo ads promotion in order which you can help everyone on your team get some quality traffic that is supreme, at a fair speed! From start to finish, we offer updates and consistent customer attention. If you’re considering setting up one on your team, contact us right away.

Are You Fighting Along With Your Present Online Software?
Have You Been Bound Without Success to Program From Program?
Most quality strategies work well, but a lot of online entrepreneurs don’t really know how to continue to produce actual success. We have your improvement to hasten in the majority of high-quality web advertising and affiliate strategies. Our team h- built hundreds of high-converting sales sent lots of top quality visitors to assist our customers to become successful online and funnels.
Let’s sit down and have a technique session and place you on the street to success.
FOSTER Your Listing With New DYNAMIC Subscribers
Our Solo Ads Get You OUTCOMES, Maybe Not Merely Clicks…
We’re going to send our Concentrated Solo Ads Traffic to your offer URL which means you can create sales and new leads.

Free solo ads that work anytime

Exactly what Is A Solo Ad?

A Solo ad Advertisement Is An Ads System (An Email List Rental) Where The Buyer (You) Buys A Solo Advertising From A Solo Ads Provider. The So-Lo Advert Supplier Sends His E-Mail Subscribers Or A Section Of His Emails Subscribers A Targeted Email Using The Buyers Internet Site / Affiliate / Offer Hyperlink In Trade For Damages. Usually, Solo Advertisements Are Purchased By Unique Clicks. Solo Ads Are Just One Of The Fastest Advertising Techniques To Push on Targeted To An Offer.
checkmark1 We GUARANTEE Over-Delivery in your solo advertisement between 10-15% on every order!
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