The human being is the most interesting creature on the planet if you ask Sean Stephenson.

When adults ask children what their favorite animal is, they say puppy, cat, dolphin… For Sean, it was always a human. If you think that you are NOT an animal, then your ego has you on a crazy ride.

You are an animal that can drive cars, that has developed certain communication skills such as languages that makes you FEEL superior to other animals, but you still are an animal. The Imagination is an incredible part of being that animal.

When you are young, you are being rewarded with affection and good emotions for having the imagination. If a 2-year child would walk up to you with an empty teacup, and wanted to play with you, take your hand, and take you to “their tea party” you would go along with that. Nobody would think you are crazy for doing that. But if someone who is Sean’s age, or Sean would come to you and did the exact same thing – offering you an empty teacup, everyone would say – “that poor man in a wheelchair, what a tough life he is having.” They would start wondering what they should do – “Should I put money in that cup?”

That’s because we get serious at some point in our lives. We think that it’s all behind us now, we had imagined when we were 5, but that part of our lives is somewhere in the past, we think we don’t need it anymore. It doesn’t serve us.

That childhood imaginary friend that you had is still with you. Sean Stephenson says that the reason he is alive today is imagination. He has done a lot of things that other people would say are not possible for Sean because of his “condition” and “disability.”

If I ask you right now – who would you think of that has/had imagination? Would you think about successful or unsuccessful people? Happy or unhappy people? Most common answers to this question are Thomas Edison, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs… Imagination doesn’t really have a MORAL compass. People like Adolf Hitler also had imagination. You might have a moral compass, but your imagination doesn’t, it is strictly dependent on you – it will follow you everywhere you go.

Adolf Hitler imagined a world where he would create a perfect race – his vision was powerful but destructive and damaging to a lot of people. His imagination was powerful, but he also had insecurities when it came to who he was, which is probably the reason behind creating that perfect race. I will say it again – Imagination doesn’t have a moral compass, you do!

When you were young you perhaps had imaginary conversations with God about the meaning of life, or pretended to talk with trees, or pretended to have your own laboratory where you cured all the conditions and diseases… you didn’t think you were crazy, and nobody around you thought you were crazy either. But somewhere on the path from your childhood to adulthood, you passed a certain point, like an invisible barrier.

We look up to the people that had the courage to play with their imagination – we call the visionaries. We think of all these big people like Walt Disney and Steve Jobs because they were thinking outside of whatever everyone else is thinking – of most people’s logical reality. They were playing with their imagination.

Sean knows a lot of very smart people that are studying clinical hypnosis. He doesn’t like the term “sub” when it comes to our consciousness – terms like the submarine and subhuman imply that sub means below. Sub-conscious is NOT below, the subconscious mind is running the show! It is everything we are not conscious about. The unconscious mind is the imagination.

Sean Stephenson also like to give the analogy that our subconscious mind is like a big ship in the ocean and all of its crew, but the captain of that ship is your conscious mind. You could also call your conscious mind willpower. When you have a passion, a desire, a goal, or a vision, that is when the captain says to the crew where the ship needs to go. That’s when we feel good for “taking the control” and we have all these conversations in our mind about how great it will be, but most people fail until January 5th.

Self-sabotage is a mutiny of the conscious and the unconscious mind. The mutiny of the imagination and the willpower. Imagination is also well explained by the term – inner child. The society is constantly teasing this idea, but we all know there is a child living in every one of us. What does that make your willpower? The parent.

If you constantly self-sabotage yourself where you set a goal and then go into the opposite direction, it’s because that parent is beating that child year after year.

“You are no good, you are not smart, look at how fat you are, think about how many times you have failed in a relationship, just think about how much money you have lost, you realize how dumb you are? You realize that nobody cares about you? Everybody thinks that you are amazing, but you really are stupid. You don’t even deserve half of what you have right now!”

And the child gets scared. It feels ashamed. It starts planning its revenge in the shadow. The child is hurt now. It doesn’t trust now.

Now the child has all this power, it has the control over the entire crew, the entire boat, and you say to the child on January 1st – “Hey, we are going to lose weight, we are never drinking again!” And the child says – “Oh really, is that what you want?”

It’s not due to the fact that the imagination is demonic, that the child is bad… the imagination DOES NOT HAVE a moral compass, YOU DO! It’s the consciousness that does. Your consciousness knows the difference between what is right and wrong, it makes the decisions for you, but don’t even think it for a second that it gives you all the resources. The imagination holds all the power. It determines all the feelings that are summoned up in you. From now on monitor the way you talk to yourself.

Let your imagination know that you love it and that you love yourself. Imagination is NOT just preserved for who “the society” calls visionaries, it’s for everyone.

The question is – what are you doing to call out the imagination, to benefit you?

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