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Matt Pocius

Matt Pocius, the youngest highest paid internet marketing consultant in the world, who has made his first million at the age 18, has sold 10,000s of products on Amazon, ranked hundreds of pages on the first page of Google, traded Forex, sold 1000s of information products and ran a newsletter with over 1,000,000 subscribers, did all of that while staying behind the scenes and keeping all of the secrets to himself.

However, for the very first time, Matt Pocius is now ready to share his knowledge with the public and developed various programs designed to deliver top entrepreneurship strategies and tactics to run a profitable business.

He attributes most of his success to his mentors – Tai Lopez and Dan Pena (The 50 Billion Dollar Man).

How Matt Pocius Built 6 Businesses & Charged $5000/Hour

  1. Sold more than 30,000 items on Amazon (books, TV’s, computers, refrigerators…)
  2. Collected over 1,000,000 subscribers (e-mail list)
  3. SEO – Search Engine Optimization (Click bank affiliate commissions)
  4. Consulting
  5. Currency Trading – Forex (similar to stock market)
  6. Founder of Millionaire Mentor Academy

At 7 years old he had a strong conviction that he wanted to be a CEO.
He started his first business at 13 – there was always someone that guided him.

The difference between a coach and a mentor is that mentor guides you through all aspects of life, while a coach helps you in one specific area.

If you are doing Forex trading, you have to remove all of your emotions, otherwise, you will make rash and emotional decisions that you will regret in the long run.
If you like celebrating your wins, Forex may not be for you, because you will more likely make a mistake when you are in a very positive and happy emotional state.

After that, he learned that you can earn 50-75% to sell someone else’s product – Click bank (informational products.) It took him 5 months to make his first $5 commission.

If you look at everything that Matt has gone through from 13 years old, you can understand why he made his first million by the age of 18.

One of the mistakes that he made was not getting mentors soon enough – he had Dan Pena and Tai Lopez, but he would have done it sooner if he got them sooner.
Every successful person had a mentor, find one that made it on his own, and Matt will give you $1000.
This is almost a law – you absolutely have to do it through mentors.

Before getting to a million dollars, an average person goes broke around 3 times (2,7.)
One of Matt’s visions is to make a million millionaires, that is the reason why he didn’t go to Silicon Valley and started a tech company.

Financially, the academy might be a bad decision because you can make a lot more money if you don’t teach others (you make a lot less money with coaching.)

Matt thinks that there are a lot of billionaires, but nobody made a million millionaires before, so the status would be so much greater that way – even if his vision of becoming a billionaire gets postponed.

Your ring finger shows you how much testosterone you have if your index finger is longer you have more estrogen which makes you more nurturing/caring.
Matt is more caring than most of the high achievers.

When the academy was created there were only a few people, now there are around 250 members, but the number is still small enough to have 1 on 1 support.
There are very few people that teach the masses. If you want to make billions, that’s not the business you should be in, but it can get you up to $100,000/month.

Billionaires start big corporations or go to Wall Street, so when you are picking a mentor, you get left with people who haven’t really done as impressive things, or are pretending that they have done them or people who are caring/having goals that involve you (creating a million millionaires or Dan Pena’s goal to be the most successful coach.)

Matt Pocius – My First Million Mentor Academy

Most of these coaches will just give you a video course without any 1 on 1 support, while you can talk to Matt every week and send him an e-mail daily.
Millionaire Mentor Academy right now has 20 employees – that number will increase in the future.

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