In order to acquire all the skills that we want, our mind has to function well, and in order for our mind to function, our brain has to work. Your brain and your mind are different. The brain is an organ, and if it’s broken, you can’t function, think, and have the right access to the feeling, sensing part of the brain, focus, mood…

There is a mind-body effect, but there is also body-mind effect. Mark discovered how the body works and how the brain works. Often the body is not working, so the brain is affected by it.

There are 1.1 Billion Humans with brain disorders right now – depression, anxiety, addictions, Alzheimer’s, ADD, autism, dementia… they are not actually brain disorders, they are body disorders that affect the brain. But these are not irreversible problems. The problem with one of these disorders isn’t actually just one problem, there are multiple things that are deficient in your body (diabetes, leaky gut, lack of B12 and Vitamin D…)

The brain can miraculously change – that can be a bad thing, but also a good thing because you can recover it.

“I want to know how God created this world. I am not interested in this or that phenomenon, in the spectrum of this or that element; I want to know his thoughts; the rest are details.” – Albert Einstein

Functional medicine is about the root causes, it’s a roadmap. We figure out the ingredients of health and examine the body as a connected network of elements. We then use this map to correct the imbalances.

Sugar is the worst thing for your brain – it creates type 3 diabetes and other disorders that are mentioned above as well. Other things that are damaging are gluten, flour, refined vegetable oils (they are inflammatory especially if we don’t have enough Omega 3’s), trans fat, alcohol (one of the biggest brain damaging substances out there), then there are all the colorful things that aren’t really food – sweets that we give to our children, aspartame (in Coke, Pepsi which have 50 different names for it, even hydrolyzed vegetable protein which sounds healthy, but they are very harmful to the brain), heavy metals (mercury), drugs (almost all of them especially the ones that are prescribed the most create elements that happen when we get Alzheimer’s), sleep deprivation (over 30% of us sleep less than 7 hours/night, if you aren’t sleeping enough it’s like being drunk, brain cleans itself up at night, read about sleep hacking here), stress (causes inflammatory processes), no exercising (BDF makes your brain grow, and lack of exercise destroys it.)

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Food is the best medicine on the planet, it works faster, better, and cheaper than any drug (in days not in months), food is not just about calories, it’s information, it’s instruction – think twice before eating something, think about the quality of information that you are putting on your body.

Eat real food. It’s really simple – “Leave the food that men made, eat the food that God made.”

God didn’t make a Big Mac and Twinkies’. He did make Avocado, for example, it’s really not that hard. Eat a diet that is primarily plant-based. Phytonutrients & antioxidants, eat primarily vegetables, but in terms of calories it should be mostly fats (the good ones.) That means avocados, seeds, coconut and olive oil, omega 3 fats (we want fish for our brain…)

Most of our brain is fat, and if you don’t eat fat you will suffer lack of focus, mood swings, dementia… all of these are omega fat deficiencies that affect over 95% of US population.

MCT oil is a great solution to keep your brain sharp. The bigger your belly, the smaller your brain, the right diet will boost your testosterone, burn fat away and increase your brain capacity (it’s just basic stuff, nutrients, vitamins, insulin resistors…)

Inflammation happens because of gluten (bread) and dairy products (milk.) Dentists know about dangers of mercury fillings. The solution is to eat more broccoli & garlic, use saunas –

Just remember that brain is an organ that is affected by your body and if you fix your body your brain will function better.

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