How to fight hunger

A lot of people who want to stick to their desired diet have problems fighting hunger. This article is going to teach you how to effectively fight hunger.

First of all, we have to understand that our stomach does not count calories that are being consumed by us, it can only count the volume of food that we consumed. Vegetables such as broccoli or lettuce are filled with water and fiber which will make you feel full earlier than eating unhealthy snacks such as potato chips. Fiber actually slows digestion and keeps food in your stomach longer. A lot of foods that will help us effectively fight hunger will be able to fill us up while not having a lot of calories or slow down digestion.

The size of the fist is approximately the size of the stomach. The stomach also has stretch receptors. When stretch receptors detect that the stomach is full, they send a message to the brain and we stop feeling hungry.

When we consume a lot of fluids, we quickly feel operation fluid overload. Choosing a fluid that does not have any calories such as water will give us the ability to stop hunger without consuming calories at all!

A practical implementation would be to drink 15 ounces of water before each meal. The feeling of fullness will come before we have finished our meal rather than wanting more food even after we have finished the meal. When feeling hungry between meals, repeat the process by drinking another 15 ounces of water. By drinking so much water we must also get enough sodium into our bodies by salting our food or we risk getting hyponatremia which might be even more dangerous than dehydration of sodium level is too low.

Fibers are found in plant-based foods – high-fiber foods include whole wheat bread, oats, fruits, and vegetables. Fiber slows down digestion, increases the level of fullness and stabilizes energy level longer. Beta-Glucans are a unique type of fiber, also considered super fiber that is found in certain grains, oats, and barley. It slows down digestion and nutrient absorption.

“There is evidence that beta-glucan (from oats or barley), or a mixed high-fiber diet, may decrease appetite more frequently than other fiber types.”

Eating bland food is also better to fight hunger than eating extremely tasty foods that taste buds love. Eating sugar on a regular basis will make taste buds become accustomed to it. When we set the tasting bar high and then stop eating tasty foods, our taste buds don’t like it! We tend to get strong urges to eat just about anything that has a strong taste. By eating bland food, we decrease the number of sugar cravings that will inevitably prevent our ability to follow through our diet plan. Our brains get flushed with dopamine when we eat extremely tasty food. Dopamine is associated with reward and pleasure. It has a major impact on addiction because it is the same hormone that drug users experience when using drugs.

When our taste buds love the taste of unhealthy food and the dopamine gets released in our brain, we keep coming back for more and become addicted to those types of food.

Ever had an intention to just eat one chocolate cookie and then after eating one actually eating the entire bag? Now you know why!

The desire to replicate that feeling is so strong when we see that food again that it just overrides the feeling of being full that your brain and stomach are telling us – we also call this “the dessert effect”.

Eating bland food may seem unappealing but if we commit to it for a few weeks, the results will be very compelling! Unflavored oats, raw vegetables, and Greek yogurt are just a few examples that we should start with.

Only use salt for now rather than spoiling taste buds with spices and dips. Stick to eating the same foods and the same meals until it becomes a habit. Stop eating at restaurants. They constantly improve the taste of the food they serve which is the exact opposite that we are trying to do right now.

Vegetables incorporate all the previous strategies at the same time – their water intake is very high, they have a high amount of fiber, we can eat them raw and they taste very bland.

A lot of books and articles that talk about losing weight focus a lot on what and when to eat. It is also very important to know how to eat. Become more conscious about how you eat and slow down the process. Eating speed has a massive effect on our appetite and a number of calories we consume. It takes quite a bit of time before our brain gets a signal that we are full which is why chewing 15 to 20 times per bite will help you eat less food while savoring the flavor!

Whey proteins are milk based known for fast digestion and muscle building benefits. Whey increases production of appetite-suppressing hormones which is exactly why they should be included in our strategy to fight hunger.

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