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Your Quantum Leap Action Plan:

  1. Growth
  2. Working capital
  3. Financing – Internal
  4. Acquisitions – External

The fastest Quantum Leap Advantage Action Plan that was done by Dan Pena himself was done in 5 months and made him 50 million pounds. One of his mentees has done it in around 7 months.

It all depends on how big your emotional bank account is – a few people are able to ask hundreds of people very quickly and get their chairman and the board fast! Others get discouraged because they were rejected once or twice by a few people that they respected.

It is not easy to find someone who will trust in your vision even when you have no money and track record but if you stay focused and move from one rejection to the next without any loss of enthusiasm – it will happen!

After you have the board, the most important step is to get the first deal – the first acquisition. After that, you have a track record and everything seems much easier.

The most important part about the board or “the dream team” is to get a credible chairman that you do NOT have to explain about because he has already accomplished a lot in the industry. People who already have the money can just buy a credible board which is a lot easier.


Dan Pena net worth - Brian Rose Mitja Dolinsek

Brian Rose from London Real with Mitja Dolinšek and Daniel S. Peña Sr.

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