How to fight hunger

How to fight hunger A lot of people who want to stick to their desired diet have problems fighting hunger. This article is going to teach you how to effectively fight hunger. First of all, we have to understand that our stomach does not count calories that are being consumed by us, it can [...]

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25 Cognitive biases

25 COGNITIVE BIASES WHY ARE PSYCHOLOGICAL COGNITIVE BIASES SO IMPORTANT TO YOUR MARKETING SUCCESS? You as an entrepreneur have to possess certain skills that are crucial to your success. One of those great skills is “investor mentality” which is directly correlated with success – a large percentage of self-made billionaires are investors! The number [...]

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Body language

    BODY LANGUAGE We are very easily influenced by our environment – people around us. If you spend a lot of time around “low-status” individuals that have bad posture and terrible body language, there is a good chance that you behave just like them! That body language that doesn’t get you power, respect, [...]

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