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Be a specialist, not someone’s secretary (whenever they have a problem with a plugin or web design). Specialize yourself in one area – SEO and don’t solve any other problems, don’t listen to their questions about the things that you are not offering. They wouldn’t ask a brain surgeon about heart surgeries and they won’t ask you to build a website for them because you are not doing Web Design.

Diversify as much as possible with keywords. Don’t spread yourself too thin, focus on a few things, don’t try to be an expert in everything. Tell clients you are going to need about 7-9 months now that Google has slowed things down – be upfront with information!

Be upfront with boundaries – if you only do SEO, don’t take web design questions. We have to send a little bit of traffic to our PBN’s so the links are more alive. Crawling means that Google bot followed a link and got to the site. Indexing means that site is worthy to be displayed in the search engine after it has been crawled.

Guru, freelancer, Upwork… Let them know that $100/month people will hurt their SEO, and you can bring value, but it’s more expensive – when people post projects, send them a message like that, and they’ll be curious about what you have to offer.

Have control on the phone right from the start like Kotton – let them know that you work with them, not for them, before answering anything or revealing the price redirect them to your application page and let them fill out your discovery form to make sure they’re the right candidate – go to to see what to ask in your discovery form.

Check if a specific page or a website is indexed by typing “” into Google. – provides articles

Then go to WordAi (Article Spinner) – you paste, click unique and spin.

Go with Super Unique Spin. Then you can paste it to Grammarly, let it do its work and also go to Plagiarism to make sure it’s really unique.

Get rid of all the errors, make sure everything is written correctly.

Also, go to and double check if its unique.

Create a new page and paste that article. Look for a YouTube video and embed the code in the text section of the page. You can do that also with pictures to have both (just go to Google Images.)

  • Then also fill out Yoast options for that page.
  • Customize – change static page (homepage).
  • Add social likes.

You can go to Video Sitemap – generate it and click ping Google (it will make sure that your website gets indexed by Google fast.)