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  1. – get rid of the subscriptions that you are receiving to stay focused. Do not waste time on looking and chasing shiny objects that won’t work. Even if you have no desire to buy, you might still be watching other people’s products. Only watch high-quality information!
  2. OMG Command Center ( – it has over 50 individual features. It pulls information through the API from different tools such as Ahrefs and Majestic. Instead of paying several different subscriptions, you only have to pay one which will save money.
  3. FCS Networker – for building Social Pages and Web 2.0 properties
  4. Grammarly – it will not only correct your grammar but also check if the content is unique. It will also show you where that content came from. Grammarly is also automatically embedded into Facebook, emails and WordPress websites!
  5. Semrush – it has a ton of functions, you can also check for positions for where exactly you rank, how much traffic people are getting and how much that traffic is worth. It’s also good for international projects because you can specify the country (Google UK, DE…) It is also great for checking expensive PBN’s – you will see how much traffic a certain site had each month in the past and know if it’s penalized.
  6. Screaming Frog – check for on-site errors and things to improve.

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