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SEO is about where you rank. When you are positioned higher on Google, you get more traffic, more money and you do that by having anchor text links pointing to your website – you need to have your sites (Google trusted sites) talking about your site!

My anchor text has to be natural – everyone will look at a picture and say something a little different about it. If someone has anchor text for your picture on “happy cute baby”, you will rank for all of those words – the power of that site will be transferred to your picture.

You will need to purchase PBN’s, not make your own. Gregory Ortiz will sell you high-quality PBN’s – he searches for them to save you time. Also, always redirect old page to new one. PBN is an expired or auction domain that has trust with Google that we are going to use to talk about our money site.

Done is better than Perfect!

Here are some of the ways to make money with search engine optimization:

  • lead generation
  • affiliate
  • cost per action (opt-in form, sales)
  • online reputation management – 10 times harder than SEO and probably the hardest on the list
  • web design (and then redirect them to SEO)
  • Amazon
  • consultant offering reports and specific solutions
  • launch jacking
  • PPC – pay per click

Social media management outsourcing –

You are worth more than a guy working at McDonald’s and he gets $500 per week! Do not work for a minimum wage, let other people do that. If someone wants to rather go to a foreign digital marketer to do all of his SEO for $100, then so be it! But that guy doesn’t know what he is doing and will certainly do more harm than good.

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