Why you are not making $30,000 per month with SEO 2017-11-11T20:34:31+00:00

Alex Becker is trying to eliminate bad Fiverr gigs – he created Source Wave, which is an SEO marketplace.

When you promote somebody’s services, you will get 20% affiliate commission. If the seller gets a client without any affiliate links, he keeps 100% of the money, there are no fees.

  1. You Have Not Picked A Path To Make Your Income

Pick one path instead of being all over the place learning a million things – FB Ads, Affiliate, Amazon, E-commerce…
If you are doing client SEO – do just that! Spend time on the things that make you money.

Being a Jack of all traits is probably the worst thing you can do right now. Master one trait.

  1. You Must Work 60 Hours A Week Until You Hit 30K

You will never get ahead with the 4-hour work week, or even 40 hours/week work week, it’s not going to work. Work as much as you can until you reach that goal – once you do and you are making 300k+/year you can work less, but for now, ask yourself – “How bad do I want this?”

Gregory Ortiz had to work a full-time job while spending time with his family and on top of that learning SEO, and he made it happen. A year later he Is making $2,000 every day! He was exhausted all the time, but he kept going.

I have to outwork people – when they are hanging out, watching TV, playing video games, partying… Are you working every possible hour that you can? Do you have an extra hour that you can work?

Remove all the distractions – “What can I remove right now that wouldn’t matter at all?”

  1. You Have Not Completed OMG Training!

This is pure laziness! You know it works and you still wait for other people to do it while you procrastinate – find your own answers, complete all the training several times and make it happen!

You are the only person who can change yourself – DO NOT LOSE any more TIME!

David Mills went through Greg’s videos 7 times and he’s advanced! Do not try to take shortcuts!
Be ashamed of yourself when you ask a simple question to Kotton that he has covered several times!

  1. Paralyzed By Too Much Information

Don’t worry about anything if you went through Greg’s training – just go out and do it, you don’t need to learn every single video before doing your first step.

No matter what you do – go through 4 Pillars of SEO (that’s the best SEO training) and then pick a path and stick to it – execute! You will learn more by trying and failing than you will by listening to hours and hours about someone explaining it to you.

I refuse to be paralyzed, I refuse to be stuck – every day I will watch videos and take action! In 5 months everything will be a joke to you – small daily victories will change your life.

Done is better than perfect!

There are people who know more than the coaches and aren’t making any money – YOU ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WANT TO BE IN THEIR SHOES!
Only go back to the training if you need to – the training is not for everybody, it’s just for some people who don’t have a specific answer.

Horrible PBN’s will still work – just get them going and the experience of getting them up and running will be far more valuable than any lesson.

  1. You Want To Be A Guru + Too Much Time On Facebook

Ask people where they rank when they try to answer your question – 50 people will answer your question, but they don’t make any money.
Other OMGers are thinking they are gurus and are arguing with each other, and they made less money in the entire year than Kotton made in a week. THAT IS SAD! Don’t spend any time on Facebook.
People who answer your questions don’t have the credibility – don’t learn from them.

Ask them – “Where do you rank and how much money do you make?”

  1. Entitled Attitude

Do not think that your time is more valuable than the time of OMG coaches because it’s not – they don’t owe you anything, you already have all the training that you will ever need.

Kotton spent a lot of time working on his proposals, he won’t just give it to you if you don’t deserve it! Stay Humble and Get Ready to Work!

  1. Taking Shortcuts

This is the #1 Guaranteed way to fail in this business – learn everything!
A lot of people just want to do this without understanding it to make money – you will need to understand it first! Results without training don’t exist – luck will run out eventually.

Develop skills to get the results, not the other way around. In order to close a client (result), you need to develop all the skills to be able to do that.
You don’t need any other method than Greg’s method – PBN’s is all you need.
Everything is explained in Iowa City SEO (Over the Shoulder Series 2015.)

If you are not making money Kotton will ask you – “How many hours are you working and how much are you linking out?” It’s just common sense – you don’t stop linking until you get to where you want.

OMG is the shortcut, don’t skip anything else.

  1. Creating Problems, You Do Not Have

When you have 2 clients, don’t be asking questions about how to handle 80 clients, same things apply for having hundreds of sites while people have 5 sites.

If your site gets deindexed – buy another one, think about credibility when you actually get in front of people, don’t waste time!
9/10 times the problems that you think will happen, never will! There is always a positive in every negative, just don’t let your mind stopping you from doing things!
“What if I link it wrong.” – Well then you do, what about it?

It doesn’t matter what Google does, SEO will never be dead – never discuss these things, it won’t happen. It doesn’t matter what they do, we will always win.

People were worried that SEO will die when Maps came out and it turned out to be even better than before. Google is a link based engine, and you worrying about when the end is coming is ridiculous!

  1. You Are Not Uncomfortable/Being Too Comfortable

People are fine where they are and they are not motivated to change, they are comfortable.
Every person who joined OMG came because they wanted to change their financial situation – some were completely broke, some just wanted to be above average. Some people just make $5,000 and they are happy because they can order all the TV channels and have nice meals, but if you want a Ferrari and buy your mom a house you will have to put yourself in a massive pain and STAY HUNGRY!

Everyone in OMG is comfortable because they had $7,997 to buy OMG – they have nice cars and houses, they are not broke.

Kotton was broke last year, and now he is still extremely hungry, he wants to make as much as he can because a year ago nobody believed in him and he cried himself to sleep because of the lack of money.
What kind of a life is that? Making no impact, being scared, being average, being a sheep…

Nothing drives people faster than pain. Those times will define your character!

  1. Show Me Your Friends And I’ll Show You Your Future

Most coaches isolated themselves from bad people – only count on yourself!
Most of their friends are people from OMG (Kotton talks to other coaches every day) or people who are crushing it with SEO. These people changed their lives!

Your friends probably make a similar amount of money, so they don’t push you – find people who will challenge you to make more out of yourself!

You will raise their level if you are spending time with successful people. When you are on that level, you will not want to spend any more time with people who are complaining about their dead-end jobs and spending their evenings drinking at the bar. You will be unable to relate to them.

Remove yourself from all the people that aren’t supporting you.

David Mills is 45 right now and all of his best friends are people that he met less than a year ago.

The goal is to reach 30K per month in the next 12 months! Laser focus!

Remove yourself from all the other Facebook groups, stop buying other products and just focus on this!