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Turn on the digital baby thermometer. Be sure it touches skin not clothing when you put the thermometer under your child’s armpit. Until the thermometer indicates that it’s done, hold the thermometer tightly in place. Remove the baby thermometer and read the number.

Whilst forehead thermometers are mostly pretty accurate and might be used, if you are at all concerned that they may have a fever, double-checking using a rectal thermometer is ideal. You should check with your physician before you use one of them for the first time to be certain you’re doing it.

Ear canal thermometers are a common option as they are minimally-invasive and user-friendly. They are placed in the ear and provide a temperature reading for children over 12 months old. But they are difficult to use, as you have to set them in the ear in exactly the perfect place to get an accurate reading. As their ear canals may be too narrow to get a reading, they aren’t optimal for children younger than 12 months.

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But wait, mommy! You can’t just run out and from any thermometer that is old! A thermometer that is made for them is especially needed by infants, and some types of thermometers are way more accurate than others.

Oral fever. Turn on the digital thermometer. Place the tip of the thermometer under your child’s tongue and ask your child to keep her or his lips closed. Remove the thermometer when it indicates that it’s done and read the number. If your child has been eating or drinking, wait 15 minutes to take their temperature orally.

When reporting a fever to your child’s doctor, give the reading and clarify how the temperature was taken.

3 weeks to 4 years. You are able to use a digital thermometer to take an armpit temperature or a rectal or a temporal artery thermometer can be used by you. However, wait until your baby is at least 6 months old to use a digital ear thermometer. You are in doubt about the results and if you use another type of thermometer to have a child’s temperature, take a temperature.

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The ideal type of thermometer — or the best place to insert the thermometer, in some cases — depends on your child’s age.

Imagine having the flu and being totally unable to do anything about it except cry. It’s heartbreaking, and it can be pretty dangerous.

Plus, why would you want a thermometer that can be used both rectally and in the mouth? It is just gross.

Most children will get sick in their first year, and the sad thing is they have no means of telling us they don’t feel well. It provides an accurate reading and just turns off and on. Temporal artery temperature. Remove the thermometer and read the number.

Axillary (armpit) baby thermometers are the least accurate but are also the least-invasive. These are generally the last resort if you’re unable to use a different kind of thermometer, and not recommended. An under-the-tongue electronic thermometer is a much better choice if you want to choose something cheap and non-invasive.

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Oral thermometers are safe and easy to use and give generally accurate readings. They simply are put under the tongue for a few minutes. These are a good selection for children over 4 years old.

If your child has signed, like a cold you may call your child’s physician.
Not all thermometers are suitable for all ages; here’s a general guideline to follow when choosing a thermometer for your infant. Our manual will show you exactly what to look for when buying, and tell you everything you will need to know to make a smart purchase.

Your child is age 3 to 6 months and has a fever up to 102 F (38.9 C) and appears unusually irritable, lethargic or uncomfortable, or has a temperature higher than 102 F (38.9 C).

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Best For Infants: Rectal Thermometers (3 Months & Younger)
Temporal artery (forehead) thermometers are the newest on the block. They are also the reason. They use infrared technology to scan and measure the temperature of the artery on the brow. They’re even used in hospitals, but they’re very accurate, although they’re not only the safest and most convenient since you don’t have to touch your baby. Research showed they were accurate for any age, although it used to be that these thermometers were older and used on children 3 months. For children under 3 months, it is advised to double-check with a rectal thermometer.

Age guidelines

Rectal temperature. Turn on the digital thermometer and lubricate the tip of the thermometer with petroleum jelly. Lay your baby or child on his or her back, lift her or his thighs, and insert the lubricated thermometer 1/2 to 1 inch (1.3 to 2.5 centimeters) to the rectum. Never try to force the thermometer beyond any resistance. Hold the thermometer in place until the thermometer indicates that it is done. Remove and read the number.

By age 4, most kids can hold a baby thermometer under the tongue for the time it takes to get an oral temperature reading. You may also use a digital thermometer to take an armpit temperature or use a digital ear thermometer or a temporal artery thermometer.

Pacifier thermometers are thermometers built into a pacifier, intended for young infants. The doctor doesn’t recommend them because they don’t give readings while this might seem like an ideal option. These ought to be avoided.

Ear temperature. Turn on the thermometer. Gently put the thermometer in your child’s ear. Follow the directions that come with the thermometer to make certain you insert the thermometer the distance into the ear canal. Until the thermometer indicates that it’s done, hold the thermometer tightly in place. Remove and read the number.

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Has a rectal, ear or rectal artery temperature of 100.4 F (38 C) or higher
If you would like to give your child medicine to treat a fever, stick to acetaminophen (Tylenol, others) until age 6 weeks. Until your baby has been seen by a physician for children younger than age 3 months, don’t give acetaminophen.

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Never give more acetaminophen than recommended on the label. Bear in mind that some combination drugs might contain acetaminophen as an ingredient.

Your pediatrician will likely suggest using a rectal thermometer for your first 3 months of their life; they are undoubtedly the most accurate, especially for infants. It’s crucial you could get and it just won’t cut.

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Types of Baby Thermometers: Compared & Contrasted

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When they’re older, you can upgrade to a thermometer!
We would recommend the Safety 1st Gentle Read Rectal Thermometer.

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There are several types of thermometers for infants, and the best one for your child will depend on a few different things. The different types of baby thermometers are:
The Best Baby Thermometers: From Age): it is very inexpensive, provides a fast reading (5-6 seconds) and is easy to wash and clean compared to other rectal thermometers. It meets our safety recommendations all: it has a flexible tip and a guard to stop insertion.
A thermometer should be in any parent’s arsenal and don’t have one yet, well, you need to get one.

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In general, contact your child’s doctor if:
Remember that an armpit temperature might not be accurate. Use another method, if you’re in doubt about a temperature reading.

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Birth to 3 months. Use a digital thermometer to take a rectal temperature. New research suggests that a temporal artery thermometer might give accurate readings in newborns.
If your child is age 6 months or older, ibuprofen (Advil, Children’s Motrin, others) is OK, too. Read the label carefully. Do not use aspirin to treat a fever.

A fever is a frequent sign of illness, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, fevers appear to play a key role in fighting infections. If your child is older than age 6 months and is currently drinking plenty of fluids, sleeping well and continuing to play, there’s usually no need to treat the fever.

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Among the best (and really, the only reliable ways) to tell if your baby is sick is by using a good, accurate baby thermometer.

You may cringe at the idea, and yes, they’re uncomfortable, but they are vital for assessing the temperature of infants. If you buy one of them, start looking for one that has a base and a flexible tip; these features keep you.

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