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“Positioning yourself as an experienced specialist is essential for you to increase your perceived value to your marketplace. Once you have identified your market, become the authority in that niche. Specialize yourself for that market and be the best at serving it by creating the most value.” – Mitja Dolinšek

“Mitja Dolinsek has proven that his Search Engine Marketing knowledge is not limited to Europe, he can do just as well outside of it. Mitja did a great job ranking in the United Arab Emirates, and I recommend him in any market regardless of the location.​” – John Robinson, Digital Marketing Consultant ★ Dubai, United Arab Emirates


“If you are looking to expand your business by dominating Google, let Mitja do that for you. One of his main advantages is being one of the best Experts when it comes to ranking Internationally, Mitja is not only ranking in the US market but also in Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Dubai and many other countries outside the US. There are only a few people who REALLY understand SEO, and there are even fewer people who do that outside the US market.” – Bernard Derrick Lee, President of Charlotte Search Engine Consultants ★ Charlotte, North Carolina

“Mitja is a skilled SEO professional who I met in a highly recommended closed Facebook group of professionals and entrepreneurs to grow and accelerate their business through proven business strategies and innovations through digital and social media. Mitja as an SEO expert helped me establish position my company for increased sales. I highly recommend Mitja to any professional who’s seeking a boost and an increased presence for their company profile.” – Troy Fabien, Commercial Broker at Miami Assets Realty ★ Miami Beach, Florida


“Mitja has learned SEO and marketing from the best people in the industry, which I believe is one of the main factors why he is so successful in all aspects of SEO. Continual learning and daily improvements are making him more exceptional each day.” – Matthew Gardner, NLP Coaching & Hypnotherapy ★ Toronto, Canada

“Mitja is helping a lot of businesses to not only survive, but thrive by getting them on the First Page of Google so they receive more clients and expand their business. He is the best at what he does in his country (Slovenia) and specializes his skills to fit the needs across many European countries. He also has credibility inside the US by knowing some of the key people in the Digital Marketing Industry and learning from them.​” – Panisa Kuehm, Digital Marketing Specialist & CEO of Flamingo SEO ★ Newport Beach, California


Mitja Dolinšek International Digital Marketing Agency

  • Web Design (websites, web stores)

  • Graphics Design

  • Google SEO – Search Engine Optimization

    • Client and Affiliate SEO Marketing

  • Media Exposure / Press Releases – Mitja Dolinšek PR Method

Table of Contents

    Below is a partial list of channels you will reach:

    Major Search Engine Visibility

    • Google
    • Yahoo
    • Bing

    Content Partners and News Information System

    • AP Exchange
    • AcquireMedia
    • Dow Jones Factiva
    • ProQuest
    • Briefing.com
    • Thomson West
    • LexisNexis
    • MarketWatch
    • NewEdge.com
    • Gale Cengage Learning
    • Newstex Comtex
    • Outbrain Press Association

    Newsroom of Major US Newspaper

    • New York Times
    • Daily News
    • Star Tribune
    • USA Today
    • Houston Chronicle
    • Plain Dealer
    • Washington Post
    • Denver Post
    • Philadelphia Inquirer
    • Los Angeles Times
    • the Arizona Republic
    • Detroit Free Press
    • Chicago Tribune
    • Dallas Morning News

    Not all media outlet republishes a release. Most outlets will take content for their own consumption or develop stories from the content we send them, which usually brings more benefit than just republishing.

    Responsive and mobile friendly website

    Businesses are being represented by their websites and in 2017 people have the privilege to browse on over a billion websites. It is getting more difficult to stand out but it can be done using a responsive and fast website that looks great on any device and lets visitors know what the website is about in the first three seconds. It is getting harder to get and keep the attention of the visitors that are constantly getting distracted by thousands of commercials. The first impression counts more than ever! Mobile friendly websites might no longer be enough, which is why Google recommends AMP – accelerated mobile pages which ensure fast loading time on any mobile device regardless of the connection type.

    Google visitors from search engine optimization strategies

    Google is currently the most popular search engine on the planet and businesses with top positions on Google search results are getting a lot of visitors every day. Using search engine optimization strategies, businesses get a competitive advantage by showing up first whenever someone searches for services that they provide. Web sites that are located on the top few positions get most of the visitors that then become their customers if their website is properly designed to sell, while their competitors struggle to get any digital exposure. Search engine optimization can be done on a local level which is great for local businesses that only need to be found by people located near them. This strategy can be implemented in any city as the services are available for Beverly Hills SEO, Stockholm SEO, and even Dubai SEO. Search engine optimization can also be done on a national and even international level for big corporations that want maximum exposure.

    Social media marketing

    Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and similar social media platforms are now some of the most powerful websites on the planet, which is why businesses should implement them in their marketing strategy. Not only do they offer extremely powerful links to the main website of the business which helps with SEO but they also have an incredible amount of daily users that are using their services. Even if a particular individual on Facebook isn’t directly interested in a certain product, his group of friends might be. The power of liking and sharing content is limitless as the circle of friends gets bigger every day. Regularly posting quality content, offering promotions, coupons, and having contests while giving away amazing rewards for their loyal followers and customers are just some of the strategies that have helped thousands of business all over the world to increase their profit and revenue.

    Every business needs credibility. When people perceive a business as the authority in that market, the business can easily get more clients even with premium prices. Customers are desperately seeking for products and services that they can trust and once they find them, they often stay lifetime customers – that is the power of being the authority in the industry. Media exposure is one of the key elements that helps businesses achieve that goal because it uses the trust and power of big media websites and creates the authority bias, which is one of the cognitive biases that Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett’s business partner talks about.

    Digital marketing has been changing the marketplace and businesses for several years and it seems that it gives businesses one of the best returns on their investment because it can quickly reach the desired audience and effectively sell products and services.

    About the author: Mitja Dolinšek runs an internationally recognized digital marketing agency, which serves business owners by providing them more customers through social media marketing, website design, media exposure, and search engine optimization. With clients in the US, Europe, Asia, Australia, and contacts in major media outlets, his agency has successfully generated more clients for over 750 businesses. Mitja first started in a Slovenian agency called Splet99 – Izdelava spletnih strani and then expanded to all markets.

    SEO projects by Mitja Dolinšek

    Lifetime Svetila, trgovina s svetili, d.o.o.

    Razsvetljava.si je največja slovenska elektro trgovina s svetili v lasti podjetja Lifetime Svetila, d.o.o.

    Zagotavljajo kvalitetna LED svetila in LED žarnice. Na zalogi so prav tako LED trakovi, LED reflektorji in napajalniki, ki so vam na voljo po celotni Sloveniji.

    SPLET99, grafično oblikovanje, Žiga Pipan s.p.

    Splet99 je slovensko podjetje, ki se ukvarja predvsem z digitalnimi storitvami. Izdelava spletnih strani in grafično oblikovanje sta glavni dejavnosti, zaradi povpraševanja pa so se začeli ukvarjati tudi z ostalimi dejavnostmi kot so: fotografiranje izdelkov, izdelava spletnih trgovin in SEO optimizacija spletnih strani.


    Rabljena vozila so v Sloveniji zelo popularna, saj rabljeni avtomobili že v prvih nekaj letih izgubijo večino vrednosti in jih zato lahko kupimo le za majhen del prvotne cene. Ena najbolj popularnih slovenskih spletnih strani je avtonet. Avto.net je prav tako najbolj obiskana spletna stran z vozili vseh vrst. Odkup rabljenih vozil je zelo priljubljena dejavnost, ki jo izvaja kar nekaj slovenskih podjetij, saj je lahko zelo dobičkonosna. Odkup vozil lahko najdete tudi na naši spletni strani.

    HQ Solo Ads – Mitja and Domen

    Domen solo ads offer one of the best services when it comes to HQ solo ads that work for any business.

    Tai Lopez

    Tai Lopez is a Beverly Hills multi-millionaire, entrepreneur, author, and investor. Tai Lopez net worth is something that quite a few people wonder about him. A lot of people also search for Tai Lopez scam thinking, that he is a scam artist. It’s quite interesting that his Wikipedia page doesn’t exist yet, which is why a lot of the information about him is still unanswered.

    NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming

    Neuro-linguistic programming or NLP is an approach to personal development and psychotherapy that was created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. You can purchase NLP certification program and apply to become the trainer of NLP through our website.